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Unison Enabled

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Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

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UAD User

December 13, 2016

Great amp simulation

Cut through the mix every time! Great presets!


December 13, 2016


Very precise, a perfect tuner to use with the Apollo console to tune perfectly your bass or your guitar!


December 13, 2016

Excellent for a modern sound!

A very nice plug-in, very realistic. I often use it with Unison and it fits perfectly. It has a very modern sound that makes my Ibanez with active pickups bass sound the way I want it to sound!

A. Kamel

December 11, 2016

Le son Ampeg !

Je trouve le SVT-VR convainquant au niveau sonore, on a vraiment la sensation d'être sur un ampli basse. Les réglage permettent un choix satisfaisant par rapport au style musical, avec une prédominance pour les styles "vintage", comme le rock, la soul, le funk et particulièrement le reggae.
Je l'utilise en tracking ou après une prise direct. Dans ce dernier cas, j'utilise un lecteur de cab ( Pulse de Rosen Digital ) avec des IR's de cab Ampeg, le son est encore plus réaliste, d'où mon impatience à ce qu'UAD nous sortent un plug-in à la Kazrog Recabinet ou Rosen Digital Pulse et profiter ainsi de l'Unisson avec un cab autre que celui d'UAD .

k. z

December 10, 2016

Real Ampeg sound

I can get sound of yearning. This sound is so strong, and exciting.

k. z

December 10, 2016

Real Ampeg sound

I can get sound of yearning. This sound is so strong, and exciting.

T. Tobin

December 9, 2016

Loving it so far ... warmth, body, and definition

See also my review of Ampeg SVT-VR. I bought the SVT-VR and the B15N at the same time. B15N is the more classic tone, the VR more modern. Currently using the B15N for beefing up a mic'd bass track, then through the Audio Assault XCTR plug to add more saturation on selected bands. Perfect for cutting through a busy rock mix.

S. Sinclair

December 9, 2016

One Stop Shop for Bass Tone!

I've tried a plethora of bass amp emulations out there, and THIS has been the tone that I've been searching for! It sounds great and it responds wonderfully.

T. Urban

December 8, 2016

I like the Softube Bass Amp room, but this takes it a step further!

The b15n is the ultimate thick vintage sound. When I need to track motown or full bass lines, this is the way to go. I love having it available in unison. The SVT-VR is great, but I do not see me pulling it out much. however, the SVT-3 is the way to go for a modern sound. With my NS Radius bass, I can get most of the sounds that I get on stage , especially when I am tracking effects based sounds. I've defended the Softube Bass Amp Room in the past. I think it works well when you learn to use it. However, these plugins instantly sound good with just minor tweaking. If you are looking at both bundles, I would say that this is worth the extra money in the long run!

J. Banfield

December 6, 2016

Love playing the bass again!

First off, I am not primary a bass player. I own a fretted and a fretless J-basses, mostly for fun and demo purposes. So I am not at all familiar with the world of bass amps. I wanted to pick up some sims to start practicing with. I couldn't afford the bundle and this was the one I'd heard raved about the most so I went for it. It is amazing! I was instantly getting the classic Rush tones that I love so much. This thing can growl or purr like a kitten. It is very flexible and sounds great. I can use it to practice all sorts of music and it works just fine. I am still getting the feel of it with other effects but I don't have a desire to pick up another amp any time soon. The sounds are classic and amazing, a great place to start. It has made me really enjoy playing the bass over the last few weeks and I might even start tracking with it.

S. Vassilev

December 6, 2016


Oh WOW! Thank you UA!

j. osorno

December 4, 2016


siento como si en verdad hubiera comprado un amplificador análogo, su sonido es increíble y vale la pena la mejora en el bass

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

My go to bass amp

Compared to the other two UAD Ampegs this is definitely my favourite. And far better than Amplitube bass sounds. Depending on musical taste and genre of course (for me this is mostly sixties / britpop stuff). For tracking I put a Fairchild and Pultec behind it. Sounds great! Haven't even tried the new Unison feature. Sounds great already!

J. Banfield

December 3, 2016

Awesome Classic Tones

I don't own a bass amp so this plug-in is a true blessing for me. I have used it on every recording for several months now. It can do everything from clean jazzy to dirty metal. Very classic tones. I play with a fretted and fretless J-bass. Both sound fantastic though this amp. It also doesn't use a ton of DSP so you can really stack up some good effects for jamming. Very pleased with this one... Just wish I could get a real SVT now!

W. Gall

December 2, 2016

Rock Solid

Amazing Bass tones with an awesome workflow. My new Go-To Bass processor. Love the fat punch tones.

L. Angulo

December 2, 2016

Awesome Plugin to track bass lines live

I saw this on youtube while they reviewing an Apollo 8 sound card and had to have it!

M. Jones

December 1, 2016

Sweet bass tone.

Great classic rock sound in a click!

l. burger

November 30, 2016

Hate the tight sound, prefer solid state sound if tight.

It's my own fault, should have demo'd it. Not 1 preset sounds good to my ear. I might like it later after messing with it a lot on my own. Right now I wish I would have got the one that modeled its predecessor.

E. Bureau

November 29, 2016

Sounds great!

We've been trying to get the bass-sound that I'm looking for our recordings with my band for a long time. This plugin gets us closer to any amp+mic+di combo we've tried so far. Also very helpful in the hunt for perfect vintage amp setup, as it makes it possible to try many combinations of cabinets, mics etc. which would be impossible to get near.

J. Santos

November 28, 2016

SVT-P3 is now my favorite.

I demo'd all 3 UA Ampeg bass amps and this one came out on top for my type of music. Definitely a more modern sound than the other two, it really cuts through some of my dense rock song mixes. Happy to have a bass amp with Unison. I own a lot of bass and guitar sims and this one is the best yet.

661-680 of 964 Results