Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System


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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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I. Valladares

July 12, 2020

Excelente producto

Un gran plugin 100% recomendado

M. Marketsmüller

July 11, 2020

The Final Tape (Machine)

This thing replaced all other Tape AUs/VSTs - yes it's that good!

M. Marketsmüller

July 11, 2020

The Final Tape (Machine)

This thing replaced all other Tape AUs/VSTs - yes it's that good!

B. Schumacher

July 10, 2020


After finding out how great this works for me on the master bus, I simply had to buy this.

N. Bryce

July 6, 2020

Amazing slap back echo on vocals!

I play guitar and sing and didn’t really think I needed this plug-in till I slapped it on some vocals and wow! The delay effects on this are magical!

J. Marshall

July 6, 2020

Sweetens up everthing

I have been using this in my mastering chains, and it adds a subtle colour and sweetens up everything I have used it on.

Y. Gorobets

July 6, 2020

very good for drum bus

perfect tone saturation on drum bus.

C. Gabbianelli

July 1, 2020

Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions. Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this issue after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.

UAD User

June 29, 2020

Ampex over studer for mastering

Had the studer for a while and thought it was good in mastering. Demod the Ampex and was sold in 20 seconds. It's a lot more colourful sounding, and adds a really pleasant saturation to the entire mix. Studer sounds too subtle for Mastering in my opinion. But as its less dsp heavy its good for subtle smoothing in mix.

M. Mchangani

June 28, 2020

Powerful Machine/Analog Mojo

I tried this in 2019 and was very impatient so I did not purchaese and thought it was not doing forward to 2020, date 26th of june! I inserted this plugin on my master and tweaked it for 8 minutes....Damn!!!!!!!! had to buy it on the 28th of June after an extensive trial period! luckily it was on sale!!

G. Polito

June 27, 2020

My master tape

That's on every master buss of my mixes. A lot of flexibility! You get that tape compression and that eq sound. All in once. It sounds amazing. So powerful!

D. Berriman

June 24, 2020

Adds so much flavour

This really does add a lot of depth to an otherwise 'lifeless' track/mix. This is quite a unique plugin. Highly recommended!

E. Irarrázabal

June 23, 2020

TAPE TAPE TAPE clean and jerk

This is nice. It can be a bit tricky but the presest list is a good guide

UAD User

June 22, 2020

Thick chewy goodness

Look, I’m not a “pro” guy, but damn this is nice. I’m old (66) and old school, but this plug is doing what I’ve been missing in digi land. The old “make a thick bottom end stew” trick that tape naturally did.
Makes a mix SIT DOWN AND STAY.
Nice job fellas

B. Carter

June 22, 2020

Perfect Plug-in

I use Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder on EVERYTHING! It's the perfect plugin!

D. Trufan

June 19, 2020

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

WOW Use it on my 2 track master. What a significant change. Great saturation plugin....

L. Cuman

June 18, 2020

Must Have!

Always in my mastering plugin chain!

G. Porrino

June 17, 2020

Ampex ATR-102

Very happy with the results.

b. village

June 16, 2020


I’m glad I picked this one up and spent some time learning it. You don’t need much else if you can use it well.

E. Ferreira

June 15, 2020

Perfect Tape

Favorite tape plugin ever!

21-40 of 766 Results