Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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Customer Reviews

Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

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D. Aster

February 20, 2017

Really impressive...

Did a few mixes with it from the beginning on the master fader. It is a little bit scary what this plug in does for the whole mix in the end. You have to check it out.

T. Gustafsson

February 20, 2017

Thomas Gustafsson

If you want a little something extra in your mix put this on the master bus. It does something to your mix that when you start using it you can't stop.
to me it sounds like the best tape plugin on the market period
Well done UA.

M. Adrian

February 18, 2017

Can not imagine how I could work 2 years without this Tape Recorder

This Plugin is just amazing. With 15 inch/second tape speed the saturation and smoothly bass boost sound perfect for my ears. Mostly the "auto cal" works fine for all my needs. For my EDM-tracks I use it very subtle and this is exactly what my tracks need for their finish. Perfect. Thanks UA for this great Plugin

S. Jazrawy

February 16, 2017

The only one

This plugin is the only one will take your mastering to the finial level,if you own UA plugins you have to have,not easy to use but still you can start with presets .

D. Webb

February 16, 2017

Amped ATR-102

I've never laughed at the sound of a plugin, before. This one did it! For years Analog Tape recordings literally tuned my ears to the sound only tape can create. Until now! I added the plugin to a completed mix, found a preset and hit the space bar. The sound was ANALOG TAPE!!! I couldn't believe my ears. Beautiful, breathing and the full sound of analog washed over every wonderful decibel of tone. Everyone needs this plugin!!

Thank You UAD folks! You restored a sound I thought was lost forever. Absolutely EXCELLENT JOB!! You all deserve FIVE STARS for the work you do!!

l. lyun

February 16, 2017

Excellent mastering tape emulator

Excellent mastering tape emulator
It is an excellent mastering tape emulator
that can increase the sense of space and adjust various tones. (0:44~ 1:24") (24:45~25:55")

a. possis

February 16, 2017


for me that's a top plug in. i use it in different situation. Vocal, guitar, kick and snare. It's simple to use and if you search some particular delay effect or doubler it's perfect. Sound is real analog. not invasive in the mix. great sound in the master.

L. Hawkins

February 15, 2017

Subtle but pleasant!

A subtle but pleasant tape plugin. Good variety of options under the bonnet (hood) to refine it to your needs. Impressive!

G. Samraj

February 4, 2017

Must have

I have the studer and this... this thing is my go to for the busses or master track. Must have this on your track for making your track warm and musical

L. Kopanski

February 2, 2017


There is no tape emulation on this planet that can do same thing as this plugin.
Well done.

C. Horsethief

January 28, 2017

Quick results...

I went back to a couple projects mastered with other suites. There were aspects I always I thought sounded thin, even when they were boosted or EQed. So I used the ATR-102 on the individual problem tracks, recorded them to disk, then used the 102 a mastering tool for the whole mix. Seemed to fill out the thin areas nicely.

g. cudjoe

January 25, 2017

Ampex Atr-102

I wrote a review on this product but it should of been a 5 star so here it is, well done again uad.

c. kestner

January 22, 2017

Excellent Plug-In!

I love this on the master but I also love using it to create a dual effect on vocals. This is a must have plug in!

F. Gamas

January 21, 2017

Fantastic tape emulation and all around tone machine!

can't even begin to describe how awesome this sounds when inserted on the master bus. Adds body and warmth yet has plenty of sheen and shimmer. Love this on acoustic guitars, bass, electric guitars, and of course my master bus. you really can't go wrong with this one!

J. Marcovitz

January 20, 2017

That Extra Something

The ATR-102 plugin is one of the best tape plugins on the market. On one end, you can go super deep into how you want your processing done, or just throw it on your Stereo Mix for extra color. More often than not, it adds that extra bit of color, that extra "something" that can give a song or a cue a touch more character.

S. Savacool

January 16, 2017

Tape goodness!

So, I have never recorded to real tape, but I have listened to plenty of records that were, and this plugin really gets it. But, never mind all of that. What I want to talk about is how good of a plugin this is for the mix bus. I find that it adds a great level of color, glue, and sweetness to my mix. I usually add it at the very end, after I get the track how I want it, then let the ATR-102 give it that tape warmth and glue and use the eq to tweak the very top and bottom. It sounds great on a drum bus, as well. You can get some great tape delay effects for guitar and vocals, as well. I think this plugin is a must have for people who want their tracks to not sound like the modern "pristine" thing that's all over pop music, but want their music to have character and a more "human" quality.

S. Dawood

January 14, 2017

The best

Best tape emulator... specially for mastering

M. Palma

January 14, 2017


Great for every important master

g. cudjoe

January 8, 2017

My comments on this plugin.

Love it,love it, love it I remember hearing one back in the 80s, those days you can as a engineer if you sit in and watch and usually they would say that as long as you were quite, anyway after demoing the uad version I was instantly hooked so I purchased it,I tell you what? Uad are a force to be reconded with! If I ever won the lottery I think I would be purchasing 98 percent of there plugins, well done uad.

M. Hernandez

January 6, 2017

Tape On! (In the Box) Wow!

The classic Ampex on your tracks! The plugin without limitations not only for mastering, you can use on anything, put in your guitars, on drums or whatever that you wanted it!
Thanks Universal Audio another bite the dust!
#TheRealDeal #ElRockNoTieneLaCulpa

201-220 of 674 Results