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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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J. Park

April 24, 2012

Awesome Quality. better than legendary old 1176LN UA Plug-in.

K. Sheikh

April 24, 2012

These three plugs really do improve on the already great 1176LN emulator. I've really enjoyed hearing these on my recordings. The effects are a big grainier, or dirtier than the original plug-in, but in a good way. They sound more "alive", for want of a better phrase. I've never used the original hardware, so I'm only able to compare the new collection with the original plug and I love the new versions! From this example, if UA are refreshing their older plugs and offering upgrades at this price point, then this should only be good news for UAD2 users.

D. Carter

April 24, 2012

the old 1176 plugin was great but the new one is crazy sweet. been using ua plugins since 2001. all the plugins ua has are superior to the other brands. don't let anyone talk you into anything else. their worth the price.

B. Jester

April 24, 2012

I've used many 1176 emulations and been ok with there sound also I've used many hardware 1176's over my time in the music world. After using this collection of Classic Compressors I felt like I was in the studio using a real piece of hardware! They have all the great things to love about the 1176. The Rev A is warm, Bright and loud just like the hardware. The Rev E is fat full and smooth just like the hardware and the AE is fast and smooth with a mid character that is only to that unit. Universal Audio has given 5 1176 units to use in the UAD2 platform for tracking, mixing or for live sound with the Apollo! Thanks UA

D. Pearson

April 24, 2012

i will get a real review in once support can get the thing working for me...

A. Gabrys

April 24, 2012

I think these are great. Individual colors, greater range of controls than the old UAD 1176 plugin. Being able to finally access compression "off" is great addition.

A. Starostin

April 24, 2012

Great job!
PS: when did you make any synthesizer? Moog ... :)

I. Batista

April 23, 2012

For those who have had the chance to experience the hardware 1176 LN, this Universal Audio 1176 plug in collection is unreal. The Rev A “Bluestripe” and Rev E “Blackface” are truly amazing. Even the needle response in relation to distortion characteristics is like the hardware. I was doing direct comparison between a LN hardware and the plugin. Congratulations UD.

M. Harrison

April 22, 2012

The 1176 Classic Limiters are Great!
They are now my goto compressors for everything.
My favorite is the 1176AE
But you get 3 for the price of one!

S. Laurendeau

April 22, 2012

The closest thing to the real thing!After many blind test it was very hard for me to tell the difference.

A. Bakshi

April 22, 2012

All UAD plugins are the best..but they need to be 64 bit for most other DAW's and provide render in audiosuite in pro tools. In these days of loudness war, the winner is compressed ( but not squashed ) music. UAD plugins can get you there..I like the 1176 collection for that reason. But we need to go 64 bit native option to keep dynamics when compressing audio with UAD. UAD can help you keep it in the box. I hope UAD developers are listening. You may also like to add a comressor with -100db threshold going even better than the slate digital plugin. Also a declicker, decrackler needs to be added to UAD2 collection..Even waves has gone 64 bit with v9. Developers - keep up the good work! Cheers !

M. Ortega

April 21, 2012

These Classic sound amazing. At first I thought "why another 1176?" but then I had never heard these revisions. Quite impressive!

C. Mcdonald

April 20, 2012

Once again UAD has crafted a masterpiece. This is truly hardware on a card.

A. Bertone

April 20, 2012

Having owned and used several hardware UA 1176's in the past i was blown away by the new plugin versions, The way they behave and the sound character is exactly how i remember them and to have three distinctive models to pick from is fantastic. With the added addittion of bypassing the compression and using the 1176 as a pre amp for distortion just opens up so many tonal possibilities, The 2:1 ratio on the AE model is another welcome addition, all in all id have to say that this is a must have plugin for the serious and not so serious sound engineer out there wanting that classic 1176 sound.
Universal audio just get it right they did in the begining and there doing it now.

B. Jefferson

April 20, 2012

Superb! These are my new favorite software emulations/replications of the 1176 pedigree, hands down. I've tried them all and though I still really like the "classic" UA 1176LN/SE, Softube FET and Waves CLA-76 emulations...these new UA models raise the bar...a lot.

Each model is equally impressive, with a great sound and realistic response ballistics. They range from subtle to characterful but detailed sounding, instead of blurry and cloudy sounding like a lot of software that attempts to sound "warm and analog". However, the Rev A is the favorite of the bunch, to me, as it does such a unique and delicious things to certain sources that were hard to attain, for me, with previous software compressors. They sound very very good, to my ears.

J. Cummins

April 19, 2012

Due to the workmanship on all that you make all, I can say please make more!

D. Baynham

April 19, 2012

I purchased a UA 6176 last spring, and have been working it with tremendous results on every project since. I’ve also used the 1176LN plugin for several years, with really excellent results. So, when I saw these new 1176 plugins, I wasn’t sure if I was as interested as I’ve been in other UA offerings. I was dead wrong.

These plugins are simply amazing. I have found their combination of attack and release variations to work with an incredible variety of musical material, and each of the different models has distinct characteristics that make it amazingly easy to find one that has worked with whatever I’ve put into them, from a great variety of instruments, to vocals to full mixes.

And then there are the different sonic colors and various distortions that you can get from the different models—they each truly have their own character. From brighter to darker and moodier, from a little thinner and tighter to fatter and more complex, I have found that these models deliver in ways that has me looking forward to each new track I put into them. Thanks again, UA. I’m a huge fan.

J. Ferraro

April 19, 2012

A spectacular bump from the old plugs, amazing depth much more in line with the Fatso. I'm loving using these sans compression mode for the amp/trans section's distortion characteristics especially. Really these are bargain and one of UAD's best offerings to date. Hoping they do the same now with the LA-2A and LA-3A! :)

R. Santmyer

April 19, 2012

Got the new plugs the day they came out. Thankfully still had little voucher sitting in my account.
I'm in the middle of finishing up a mix.. I'm brave or stupid. Most people I think would wait till they are done before playing with something new.. Not me.
I started one by one listening to these new comps where I had the old 1176LN.
I think first was Ld Vocal then the Bass.. Then Acu then I went to Snare.

You can't really set them the same they are different units. And right away it was like listening to hardware. There was feeling to them. of course they use more power :(
But the trade off is they sound so awesome.
On vocals and bass it has a grit in it like hardware where you can feel it more.
and on snare and kick it had a nice punch and on both kick and Bass it retained it's lowend much better then the older versions.

This song has a Acu gtr that's not really the focus it lays under Elec gtrs and Wurli.
But it's more like a texture. Had I had it sounding pretty good.. I can't remember for sure but I think I had the LA2A on it. and it was fine.. But I put the new LN on it and squeezed it pretty good to just even out the strumming under the whole track.. Then I could actually push it back more..yet still hear every note. It felt great and the client loved it.
so this tune I ended up with the Rev A on Ld Vocals and LN on Acu, Bass, Kick and snare.. I know I use more but can't remember and I'm not in front of my DAW. Didn't use the limited edition one this time.. But hate to say it. But I guess I'll be buying the new version of LA2 and LA3 or Fairchild whatever if they all have this sort of vibe going on. It's pretty cool how close the plugs are getting. I like it.. I had doing recalls and this sort of thing makes it so much easier and keeps you from reaching outboard.

K. Britt

April 19, 2012

Absolutely, top notch plug ins. So close to the original and actually in some situations better. Its great as well because I can put one on every channel if I felt like it....hahaha.
Great job with these classics.

3681-3700 of 3716 Results