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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

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P. Bonifazi

June 28, 2024

Hermos pre se siente lo analogo

De verdad tiene todos los maticez que un propio hardaware, con la facilidad que nos trae el software, de verdad se recomienda para todo.
Sobre todo para voz, acusticos etc.

J. Liberg

June 27, 2024

UA6176 vs. LA-6176

I have owned the UA6176 for many years and this is the best preamp/limiter of all so I was quite surprised how well the new LA-6176 performed and how easy it suddenly is with settings and all. With that said, there is no doubt that the "real thing" is sounding better. The warmth and subtle distortion when gaining and tweaking it and how it performs in "British Mode" is the reasons I will keep it in the studio. However, if you need the second best thing and on the road so to speak, the LA-6176 is outstanding among all plugins I have tested so far so big up for the team at UA for making this great product. By the should be mandatory to use both these units in "British Mode", it will blow you away! :)

O. Brown

June 26, 2024

You have got to be KIDDING ME!!!

This is the smoothest mic pre I have heard in a long time. Simply adding it to the channel performs magic! It has the 610 B warmth, and the 1176 limiter add brightness, while the LA2A Opto seriously controls powerful vocalist on a bright condenser mic! Bravo! This is my new favorite toy!

E. Rosaleny

June 26, 2024


Espectacular en la voz. Enhorabuena

S. Shin

June 25, 2024

Great EQ!!

Finally, I bought Pultec EQ!
This sound is so great!

c. cowie

June 25, 2024

This Was A Major Surprise - The LA2 & Pultec Combo

I needed an affordable soundcard for some laptop work outside my main studio, so I opted for the UA Volt 1, the cheapest option available. That turned out to be a great purchase, well worth the price. Along with the soundcard, I received a bundle of free plugins, including the LA2. and the LA2A Gray and Silver compressors and the Pultec EQs. Over the years, I've accumulated numerous plugins, but I don't even install most of them anymore. For the past seven years, my go-to EQ has been Fabfilter, which is functional and does the job. For compression, I usually rely on Ableton's stock plugins simply because all my other comps are no better. I spent years searching for plugins with that elusive "mojo," and I had basically given up and made a decision I wasn't even going to bother downloading the bundle.

But one evening after using the soundcard for about two weeks I thought, OK I will check them out, expecting the usual underwhelming results. Plugins downloaded, fired up a session and to my major surprise, I found myself very quickly impressed. I started applying the LA2A compressors and Pultec EQs on various tracks and very quickly replaced all other comps and Eqs in the session with the LA2s and Pultecs. Just initiating the LA2's without adjusting anything seemed to hit the mark every time - and still does.. The EQ;s I was pushing to max and still track elements sounded good. However, I told my self its just my imagination, after all I've been here many times before and its probably just that placebo effect of thinking something sounds great and the next day I will know its just my imagination. But the next day the session still sounded good, and what I was hearing suspiciously sounded like Mojo. I was beginning to realise the plugins had genuinely helped me improve the sound. The mix had a vibe reminiscent of what I used to achieve with analog consoles, and the compressors added a cool, pumpy quality to the tracks. Even when over pumped, still sounded good - It was just more vibe.

But because years of reality hitting and the ultimate come down I was still thinking this newfound enthusiasm will wear off because that's what always happens. But, that's not what happened. I've continued to use the LA2A and Pultec plugins in every session since. I'm actually enjoying EQ'ing and compressing stuff - Imagine that!. Yes, I also hear that 3D thing others talks about in their reviews.. Coming from someone who had grown jaded with plugins over the years, believe me, this is a significant endorsement.

I don't know what magic the UAD coders have worked, but to me these plugins are very musical and have legit Mojo. And you know what's also great about them - no fancy flashy distracting Guis which force you to mix with eyes. Needless to say the coders have done a 10+ star job. I've never owned the original hardware, but have owned some emulations in the past and these plugins outshine others by all others I have tried or owned by a huge margin. The fact that I got them with a £100 soundcard, which also included a decent Plate Reverb, an Echo (not really my style), a channel strip, and a Synth, is incredible. But its the LA2A and Pultec plugins that are the true stars of the bundle though and its well worth picking up the Volt 1 just to get the plugins.. They are now my absolute and only go to EQ and Comps and only if I need to get very surgical will I fire up the Fab.

B. Banengola

June 25, 2024

LA 6176 Signature Retour vers le futur

L’authentique LA-6176 Signature Channel Strip donne du caractère à mes enregistrements et mixages, merci Universal Audio !

J. Moya

June 24, 2024


I love it! Best of both worlds combined into one.. like the rack version

H. Thomas

June 24, 2024

Doesn´t appear in my plugin list...

I bought it and have installed the actual Software Update. I find it in my plugins online at your UAD-Homepage. I also find it in my "UAD Meter & Control Panel Software. But I don´t find it in my plugin list of Nuendo an Samplitude, but i find there all other plugins. Help is just by a bot, now, that doesn´t help. Sad.

K. Purwin

June 24, 2024

Mega Pakiet

Świetny zestaw Polecam Gorąco!

K. Purwin

June 24, 2024


Wspaniały! Jestem Bardzo Zadowolony!

L. Kagenaar

June 22, 2024


I had the universal audio LA-610 about 20 years ago, and sounds and feels very familiar, like a good old friend that you meet again after a long time. It is another great tool for sonic sculpting in the digital virtual realm.

G. Hulley

June 21, 2024

Freaking Awesome!

Freakin' Awesome; quick to dial in settings that just work!

P. Fiore

June 18, 2024

Me encanta

Suena prácticamente igual al hardware, lo uso en modo línea siempre, debido a que no tengo unison, pero cumple con lo que promete y aplica un hermoso carácter y color al sonido.

S. El Hammami

June 18, 2024

The Color

I really love the color. Using it on top of API Preamp sounds just amazing. I did while testing LUNA which seems to be really interesting in terms of workflow. Good job guys !


June 18, 2024

I have the hardware 610 la2a

Having the real thing I think I like this plugin better . The choice of the La2a or the 1176 is great . Thanks UA


June 18, 2024

I have the hardware 610 la2a

Having the real thing I think I like this plugin better . The choice of the La2a or the 1176 is great . Thanks UA

D. Black

June 17, 2024

Fairchild Duo

Great compression and modified sounds that only the Fairchild can add. It's still king of the compressor family for good reason.

D. Black

June 17, 2024

Pultec EQ bundle

Excellent EQ bundle, they're much more useful than you'd think. No regrets here. This is the best one I've heard. And it's doing the Pultec boost attenuate punch quite well.

T. Blanch

June 16, 2024

I LOVE the LA-6176 SCS!

This little ripper must have been amazing in the rack but is better than I thought it would be in the box. Subtle tone changes make a huge difference, but when you run it though a Pultec first, then bus it to Sound City Studios reverb, it is quite amazing what you can achieve very quickly. Great plug-in, thank you.

21-40 of 4569 Results