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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

761-780 of 4569 Results

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D. Groulx

May 13, 2023

Wonderful EQ

Hard to make anything sound bad with this EQ. Owned other Pultec plugins prior to purchasing this one and I am not disappointed one bit. This one replaces them all. Thank you UA!

J. Lewis

May 11, 2023

Different flavours, all rather good

I've never had the pleasure to work with a real LA-2A, so my only experience is with plugins and I've been an avid user of other developers LA-2As for many years and have a small collection of them, so although a friend had waxed lyrical about these UAD versions, I was sure I had all I needed and I was very happy with what I had. So why did I bother to take these for a test run? I obviously needed to find out for myself that these variations are well worth using within my work and add a wee sprinkle of magic which is a slightly different kind of magic from the others I already own. Such a simple compressor to use, yet such wonderful results as long as you don't push too hard. Despite now being poorer financially, I'm happy to say these variations are finding their way into my work on a regular basis along with my other favourite compressor the U73. My only bugbear with the LA-2A and U73 is the release times may not suit the track rhythmically, so adding an ability to change the release times would be wonderful, although I'm aware that this would be taking it away from its origins, but we've moved on from horse and carts, so..? Regards these particular LA-2A, I'm not a fan of the gain being turned up as default (I'm not a fan of any plugin having its gain set higher than unity as a default) and, unless I've missed something, being unable to type in figures for the controls, or even see any figures, is disappointing. Yes, I want to use my ears while adjusting, but if I want to make very small adjustments it is a lot easier to adjust by inputting numbers.

A. Portillo

May 7, 2023


I love the sound it produces. Nice for coloring your sound.

S. grzybacz

May 3, 2023



S. Blecher

April 30, 2023

Super Compressor

Einfach schöne Compressor Plugins , Dreht man mehr am input Regler, wird es analoger, mehr Saturation . Das Compressor Verhältnis ist auch super. Ich liebe dieses Plugin

S. Blecher

April 30, 2023

Best 1176 Collection

great that you get so many 1176 plugins and each has its own charm of compression and analog saturation. Great in combination with LA2A. Brings the signal forward in the mix

S. Blecher

April 30, 2023

Super Collection

these compressors work great and push the signal forward in the mix. Great if you want to bring something forward and of course great compression. for me the best LA2A plugins. Also great that there are three pieces, perfect for almost every use. Great for vocals with an 1176

S. Blecher

April 30, 2023

I love this EQ

nice eq with warm bass and no annoying highs

D. Groulx

April 29, 2023

Best 1176 out there. Period!

Don't bother going through endless reviews of 1176 plugins. Just download the trial version of this UA 1176 and you won't be disappointed. It will immediately become your go-to 1176.

D. Groulx

April 29, 2023

The LA-2A plugin of all LA-2A plugins

Used as a native plugin in cubase and does what it does better than all the rest.

A. Guardia

April 29, 2023

Teletronix® LA-2A

Plug in molto utile e molto realistico e simile al vero. Si possono guadagnare decibel introducendo armoniche naturali senza distorsione del segnale unendo una compressione morbida e lineare. In Mix e' veramente indispensabile. Eccellente!!!

M. McCormick

April 28, 2023

Unable to download

Teletronix LA-2A comes with the Volt 4 that I purchased from Sweetwater. I am considering returning the unit because when I tried to download it, a message stated that Mac 10.15 and later is required, but the Sweetwater site stated 10.14, which is what I have. I can not write a review and I can not afford to buy a Mac with 10.15.

P. Fiore

April 26, 2023


cómo vocal producer que soy se podría decir que es mi arma en las voces, nunca me falla no solo por como comprime, sino por el hermoso color que brinda, creo que no requieren más palabras porque todos sabemos de lo que es capaz esta sencilla y poderosa herramienta

I. Radic

April 23, 2023

Must have

The best set of upward compressors in the world,UAD did a great job,its set of unique sound characteristics makes any sound musical,warm or crystal clear.

D. Burt

April 21, 2023

Not sure Inhave this plug-in

I do not show this plug-in in my download. I need assistance with this plug-in.

D. Burt

April 21, 2023

Need assistance

I have been looking for my second product and I see it is Teletronix, but I do not show this plug/in I. My download. I need assistance!

L. Carlos

April 20, 2023

Mandatory Tool

If you want to give your element or mix as a whole a high end feel, this emulation should be at hand. Any signal that passes through them becomes more beautiful and gives a boutique feel to the final result. I'm fascinated how these plugins manage to add such wonderful treatment to fonts. Congratulations to UA for bringing cutting-edge science to our reality!

P. Fiore

April 17, 2023

El mejor fet

sin dudas el mejor fet, por algo será el original no? A decir verdad es un sonido que no tiene comparación, pesado, caro, redondo, suena a hardware, nada para agregar es pues excelencia

A. Cengic

April 15, 2023


The Universal Audio Fairchild Compressor plugin is a true masterpiece in the world of audio production. With its stunning attention to detail and faithful emulation of the classic Fairchild 670, this plugin brings a touch of vintage analog warmth and character to any recording.

From its silky-smooth compression to its harmonic distortion, the Fairchild Compressor plugin delivers a level of sonic excellence that is unparalleled. Its intuitive interface allows for easy control over the compressor's threshold, ratio, attack, release, and more, giving users the ability to sculpt their sound with precision and finesse.

Whether used on individual tracks or in a mix, the Fairchild Compressor plugin delivers a level of depth and richness that simply cannot be replicated by any other plugin on the market. Its authentic sound and unmatched versatility make it an essential tool for any producer or engineer looking to take their audio to the next level.

Overall, the Universal Audio Fairchild Compressor plugin is a true game-changer in the world of audio production. It's stunning sound quality and unparalleled versatility make it a must-have for any serious musician or audio professional.

f. scolfaro

April 14, 2023

another classic

For the triumvirate of modeling plugins, this one is a swiss army blade of compression. Doesn't really work on mixbus or too complex busses, but can be the ticket on rear buss techniques. For spiky instruments that need a bit of distortion with the compression, it's up there with the best of the best.

761-780 of 4569 Results