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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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81-100 of 3716 Results

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A. Thierry

June 12, 2022


Best émulation i’ve heard .. just amazing on Drums . Thanks for that

D. Van der Merwe

June 11, 2022

Multipurpose workhorse

Does everything. Soft bass compression, slammed parallel drum bus, master bus glue. Or get really creative and put two of these back to back and slam them to max db on drums/Lead. No vst reacts like this thing at extreme settings. Only LA-2A I'll ever need

J. Corredera

June 10, 2022

Sencillamente perfecto

Calidez, brillo y un rugido para las voces.

P. Sierra

June 10, 2022


El complemento perfecto para Avalon 737

L. Russo

June 7, 2022

Swiss Army Knife

I use the fairchild through my Apollo on every mix. Just give it a shot and see for yourself, gives you so much without sacrificing quality

S. Neron

June 6, 2022


For transparent voice this compressor is excellent i used for basse guit and voice now for all

J. Forry

June 6, 2022

Smooth as silk

The Fairchild is as smooth as silk and as punchy a prize fighter when pushed. Brilliant

N. Smith

June 6, 2022

I love it!

I use it on the the master bus.

s. gilliver

June 5, 2022

Couldn't be happier !

Does everything I hoped it would.

J. Rojas

June 5, 2022

El clásico hardware dentro de mi UAD!!

El mejor plugin Fairchild sonando como el hardware análogo, EXCELENTE!!

E. Ananda

June 5, 2022

Absolutely Brilliant

Love the sound on my guitars, had to get it! Compared it to others but nothing could match the feeling.

p. rabinovich

June 1, 2022

Te Best!

UAD's Fairchild 670 is my first choice of compressor in my mastering set. The realism that this version achieves is impressive!


June 1, 2022

Absolutely incredible

So subtle, yet so powerful, some serious in the box equipment, a must for everyone who is serious about music.

House music for me, but still one of my most valuable tools. More colour for everyone is the way to go.

I. Connelly

May 30, 2022

Must Have

The 1176 is super versatile, I use it in combo with the LA-2A collection for insane results. Even on its own, this thing is a beast. I use it on anything from vocals to drums to electric guitar. The fact you get 3 flavors is an added bonus.

R. Thomas

May 30, 2022


I’ve had this plugin for a few years now and can’t stop using it. I use the 1176 Rev on my vocals and it sounds amazing. I really hope the UA team create the (Pink) 1176 and add it to the collection I would most definitely buy it

M. Indovina

May 30, 2022

Magic in a plugin

There's a real sort of magic to these plugins. When you put them on your vocals (especially the Gray model), all of a sudden they just sound so much more warm, polished, and smooth.

S. Kim

May 29, 2022

What could I say more?

This is it. What makes perfect to your mix. This sound is the one I've always heard in all the hit records in history. You can do the same thing in your room with the small UAD Apollo gear. Get one and Use it. You'll never disappointed.

D. Gonzalez

May 28, 2022


I used to be an intern at Ocean way studios (now back to united) and they had about 4-8 in each studio (A-B-C) and I had a chance to not only dial these in but to see the guts of this thing. AND LET ME TELL YOU....YOU CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES.

I used the plug-in and real versions of this unit and the saturation is almost identical. (These plug-in are emulated from a unit in there factory or something and each piece of gear HAS ITS ON CHARATER AND SOUND) GET THESE. DONT HESITATE. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

k. king

May 26, 2022

Fairchild is insane on everything

Hands Down 1 Of The Best Plugins ever.. It works on everything see for your self you will be pleased..

E. Shacham

May 16, 2022

nice color

The fairchild is always a colorful option. I got to test it on 2-3 trarcks.
the results are sometimes 2 aggressive.

81-100 of 3716 Results