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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

141-160 of 4570 Results

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F. Arnoldi

April 29, 2024

A "Must have"

I won't say much. Only, when I tried this compressors on my tracks, I realized , it was the sound that I had in my ears, and in my mind. That sound I had listen in my favorite music. I was chasing it...Here it is.

F. Arauz

April 29, 2024

List to take to an island_ Nro 1. Fairchild 670

Fairchild has all the sound and tail that I love. I use it on the mixbus and sometimes on the drumbus. its harmonic distortion makes all the music sound amazing! Mastering? boooom!

J. Hernandez

April 29, 2024

Un gran compresor , gran respuesta , por un excelente precio !!

Este Plug In es de lo mejores que puedes usar para trabajar , 100 % recomendado , gracias por ponerlo a mi alcance ,,,

c. tales

April 28, 2024

Ou est le'make UP gain

j adore le son mais je galère avec le rattrapage de gain est ce qu il ya une astuce? Une technique ?

y. kanda

April 24, 2024

best sound

The bass is thick and the muddiness is eliminated. The high temperature makes it sparkle brightly. wonderful.

G. Prama

April 20, 2024

big, fat, warm

lovely pultec style. great for every instruments

G. Prama

April 20, 2024

the best 1176 plugins

I'm hunting 1176 emulation and anchored here. since I used the hardware unit before it's worth for me and I can be more flexible right now. what an awesome engineering behind this 1176 emulation, love it.

G. Prama

April 20, 2024

it's perfect

one of the best so far especially for vocal and guitar

G. Prama

April 20, 2024

it's superb

beautiful sounding. somehow I need spice to my drum chain and vocal and I always end up using this fairchild

j. juju

April 20, 2024

The Cleanest Compressor Ever.

I used to use mainly Waves Plugins for the CLA-76, when I first switched to the 1176LN, I was very surprised on how big of a difference it was. Nothing is able to emulate the real sound of a 1176 better than this.


April 17, 2024

The sound quality is good, but the UAD support service experience is terrible!

The Input Gain on the Fairchild 670 causes all MIDI Learn functions to fail when using MIDI Learn, which has never happened with the hundreds of other plugins I've used. I've recorded video and provided system information to the customer service team, but they said they couldn't reproduce the problem and froze my ticket.

I'm giving 2 stars for the complete 660 and the sound performance of the 660/670. Remember to use the Trial version of UADx to make sure everything works before buying!

F. Nguyen

April 9, 2024

Versatile !!!

Nice texture of this plugin.

j. david

April 7, 2024


muy buen sonido de emulacion me a sorprendido espetacular saludos desde peru

E. Fellah

March 22, 2024

des monstres

la meilleure emulation des pultec en plugin a ce jour
vaut peut etre meme mieux defois que certains clones et pour le prix y a pas photo

E. Sedrick

March 15, 2024

UAD > competition

There are a million competing Pultec emulations out there. Most of them will get the job done as far as EQing things goes. But as far as using them like one uses the hardware, for their extra special sauce and gentle shaping, the UAD's are leader of the pack. You'll notice it within seconds of playing with it. They are also a pleasure to use, don't wreck the integrity of my signal, and the GUI is the best Pultec GUI out there. I use these all the time, for every mix.

E. Sedrick

March 11, 2024

If you find yourself asking, "where's the beef?"

Then this will do you nicely. This thing is phat in tone, with a lot of vibe. Aside from the tone, it has very interesting compression characteristics that are hard to describe. Some sources sort of "bloom" out when you strap this thing on, it's nifty.

S. Inwards

March 10, 2024

Audio icing

A great collection for adding analog warmth. As with all UAD plugins, they are easy to operate with excellent preset starting points. And if you need help dialling in the sound you want, the manual is comprehensive and clear.

D. Jackson

March 10, 2024


I upgraded from the legacy modelled version. It’s well worth the upgrade.

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Still the best 1176 plugins!

These are almost as good as the hardware, and more authentic in the short attack time behavior than competing emulations. Great stuff!

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Best ITB LA-2A

Unlike other plugins trying to emulate this hardware, the UAD version is very close. Very smooth. The 3 different revisions all have quite different attack times, meaning this collection is a lot more flexible than it seems with just the two knobs.

141-160 of 4570 Results