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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

541-560 of 4569 Results

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A. Escribano

September 18, 2023

Really Nice

Specially the rev. A. Awesome compressors

O. Musetoiu

September 18, 2023

Sounds really nice

This collection is a must have. You will have 3 different models that sound different from each other. Works great for me in processing overheads and room mics.

P. Pereira

September 18, 2023

Etonnants et musicaux

Chaleureux, leurs sonorités sont tout simplement musicales. Une référence sonore!

A. Tsalko

September 18, 2023

True sound

I am very pleased with the results of the 1176 from UAD. I liked the very truthful work with attacks, as well as the density and clarity of the sound. The three compressor revisions complement each other perfectly. Plugins from UAD need no introduction, their sound is always at a high level. I'm really glad that I can finally use these plugins without the UAD audio interface. Looking forward to new plugins and promotions! Best wishes! Andrey Tsalko, composer, performer, music editor

M. Ertürk

September 18, 2023


They are so useful for vox. Thx

j. schnitzer

September 17, 2023

1176 Classic Limiter

need some glue and punch? go no further for the 1176!!!

D. Finck

September 17, 2023

Finally found it!

I remember my first encounter with 1176 compressors back in my broadcasting days. They were the "secret weapon" that many radio stations used to get a loud, clean, distinctive sound. To be able to pick up the "three pack" of 1176 plugins was what I had always hoped to be able to do! And the price made it a "home run." All my memories came rushing back the first time I loaded the AE model. They are now my go-to plugins on all projects. It's a perfect example of the old cliche, "What's old is new again!" Love 'em!!

O. Barnes

September 17, 2023

smooth vocals

great parallel compression especially the blue

C. Schedler

September 17, 2023

Great job

I use them in the morning and evening.

C. Tate

September 17, 2023

Must have!

The 1176 collection is a must have! These compressors are the closest to the real thing on the market and a workhorse set of tools I use on pretty much every job

H. Cupec

September 17, 2023

Unable to use

My ilok account is broken and will not connect with UA, so I am unable to install

D. Creasey

September 17, 2023

A High Quality Collection

I've used 1176 plugins for a long time, and have extensive experience with emulations produced by multiple different companies. I particularly enjoy the sound of 1176 compression/limiting on drums, and the way in which it modifies the tonality, adds punch, and controls longer-term dynamic variations. I also use the 1176 on other instruments and voices. What sets the UA version apart is not only the high quality of the plugin, but also the ability to select different revisions in the collection for changes of character. That makes it a cut above the competition, and allows me to achieve a deeper level of control that I really appreciate.

S. Munsen

September 17, 2023

Simple, Simple and Simple!

I have both plug-in and analog rack compressors in my studio and this gives me options. It’s as close as you can get to the original 1176’s without the spending a ton of money. That being said if you’re a diehard analog user you’re never going to be happy with a plug-in but this is worth the money if you do any kind of mobile recording.

I will say that UA gives you plenty of presets to get you going in the right direction and very easy to use. I got the 1176 package on sale and I couldn’t be happier.

a. johnson

September 16, 2023


A definite must have. Native ability a great bonus too

d. ruiz

September 16, 2023

El mejor de todos

Hay muchas emulaciones de este compresor maravilloso, y use muchos, pero los de UAD están a otro nivel, aportan de verdad y hacen muy bien su trabajo pongas donde lo pongas, muy contento por haberlos comprado


September 15, 2023

Cool Plugin

This is too cool plugin!!

A. Kostasenko

September 15, 2023

1176 parallel comp

Using more like parallel compressors on my drum parts and vocals. Sounds amazing

A. Cengic

September 15, 2023

A Great Collections

Whether I'm looking to add subtle glue to a mix or crush drums for that aggressive, in-your-face sound, the UAD 1176 never disappoints. It's a must-have for any serious producer or engineer seeking professional-grade compression in the digital realm.

J. Freeman

September 15, 2023

Must-Have Secret Sauce

I have used other simulations of the 1176 but those days are over. Who better than the folks at UA to know what an 1176 should sound like? I am having a lot of fun with these and love what they bring to the table. To me, the 1176 sound is a staple in my sonic bag of tricks. I'm guessing Mr. Hull might agree...

T. Don

September 15, 2023

Love it

There is alot uad plugins that I like but 76s are a must have i have also a hardware 76 i like to work with both if i need it, I am happy with the uad plugins but it's to expensive sometimes. My favorite is the AMS Neve Rmx uad version sounds really nice!

541-560 of 4569 Results