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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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J. Melvin

January 21, 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

I cant say on how much im amazed at this product! it really blows my mind when it comes to vocals these are you GO TO tools if one of these compressors don't work for your vocals they simply need to be RE-TRACKED! plain and simple! these things have me going to past sessions and throwing them on vox just to see how sweet they can sound and the REV A (Blue Face) had the NO attack mode your also getting a distortion plug too! its like 4 plugs for the price of one.

A. Ryabchenkov

January 20, 2013

Great Stuff

Great plugins. I'm still learning them. But what I've heard so far is great. Rev. A is my go-to compressor on vocals

L. Malaguti

January 18, 2013

Just Perfect...

Yes, these plugins are amazing!!
a palette of 1176 for all occasions...
for me, the best emulations of UREI; (for my taste) beautiful on acoustic guitars and drums!!

UAD 1: 0 rest of the world

K. Nesheim

January 18, 2013

Killer compressors

I must say these compressor plugins sound amazing. I've been using the competition for years but they do not come close. The ability to use as many of these with my Apollo quad helps too.

F. Fraikin

January 18, 2013

I was skeptical

But waow you guys did a great job on this one! This is a great buy! I have the original plug 1176 from UAD that I didn’t use that much.
This one is on a totally different league especially the rev A my favourite on vocals, bass, guitars, drums. I’m a happy owner of an original UREI and the way this one reacts is very close, in fact it’s like having a second (heuu many second ones lol ) at hand with a slightly different colour (which is good) it's so “real” good job UA I wish you could do the same with ShadowHills, I do have one (Hardware mastering compressor) that I use every single day and your emu is way too far from the original, bad advertisement for the hardware…in fact I am using the plug, but only as a recall "sheet" ;-)

A. Joseph

January 15, 2013

1176 Collection is INCREDIBLE!

The sound quality of these plugins are INCREDIBLE. They respond perfectly!
I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone who uses a UAD-2 card. They are a bit DSP intensive but that is what you have to sacrifice for quality! I think a UAD-2 Octo needs to be in my near future. I LOVE UA plugins!

C. Soulos

January 9, 2013

Thanks for the reviews

This is pretty much what I hoped it would be.
Thanks for making plugins of this quality.
I'd be very happy if UAD released a full suite of all the retro UA and UREI hardware units in plugin format.

R. Fernandes

January 9, 2013

1176 Classic Limiter Plugin Collection

To the disbelievers: Go and try them now.
They are really that different from the Original 1176 LN.

The original was good, these 3 new babies are on a completely differente level. I know its a common place to say this but they do sound "Analog" :)

I just wish Universal Audio would do the same to the LA2A!

M. Scarafoni

January 4, 2013

Excellent sound. Exce

Excellent sound.
Well, if you like the 1176N, you'll be in love with the 1176 Classic Collection Limiter Plug-In.
It sounds fantastic. Add character and color to the sound. Very useful. Recommended.

Excelente sonido.
Bueno, si te gusta el 1176N, quedarás enamorado del 1176 Classic Limiter Collection Plug-In.
Suena fantástico. Añade mucho carácter y color al sonido. Muy útil. Recomendable.

S. Rennie

January 4, 2013

UA vs Other Plugin creators

I used to think the UA plugins must be special compared to other plugin makers due to needing the special card to run them. Now I have used them I see there is nothing special about them. They are not any better than say Waves or any of the countless other makers making these exact plugins. The only difference I find is these are way more expensive. Why is UA plugs so expensive considering you already bought expensive gear to run them.
They are good plugins but so are all the other companies version of these without the high cost.

A. Pizza

January 3, 2013


I LOVE the sound quality of these plugins!
I want more and more UAD plugins and hardware!

A. Pizza

January 3, 2013


I LOVE the sound quality of these plugins!
I really would like to get artist pricing on some things ;)
I want more and more UAD plugins and hardware!

O. Vehert

December 18, 2012

too much comp will kill you!!

when i use another 1176 plugin from another brand, i never reach this quality of emulation... less cpu and it will be perfect!!

O. Oting

December 13, 2012

Great 1176!!!

The old 1176 was great , With these new versions they seem to be more true to the original hardware units. Now I can't imagine how snares, guitars and vocals would sound without them in my mixes.

A. Anyn

December 13, 2012

Must Have!

Are good, good and are once again good! To make a voice bright? Yes please! Sharp and shorting? Not question! I like to apply it on drum loops, it is pleasant as it works with a bass, creating sometimes an easy and surprising overload or slightly changes a color. It seems to me these are quite universal a set for application. It gives flexibility for creativity and power of professional studio instruments at my place. Thanks of UA Team for opportunity to have it!

K. Dudley

December 11, 2012

Most accurate plug yet!!

I have the actual hardware unit and these are scary close. I still prefer the hardware most of the time (not all) but just by a hair. At this point I use the hardware on the way in and use the plugin during mixing. Best of both worlds. For how low the price on these are its a no brainer. Best soft 1176 on the market

M. Gustafson

December 6, 2012

Best Yet!

You think you have a real 1176 sound out of other manufacturers plugins? Not even close. These are the reel deal. the price for 3 revisions of this workhorse may be the best part. You owe it to yourself to try them.

A. Tapia

December 6, 2012

Close to the originals

Although they're not still as good as the original boxes, these new versions are outperforming the old 1176 emulation. Highly recommended!

S. Hitchell

December 5, 2012

Authentic emulations to the core.

I very seldom find myself so engaged by software but with emulations like these it's hard to deny the unique tonality and characteristics software bring to the mixing equation. I'll still always be a bit of a push over when it comes to hardware units but with plugin's like these it's no wonder people are thinking inside the box.

With love from Echospace.
Stephen Hitchell

P. Ayuso

December 2, 2012

It's like having the hardware in my room!

I really liked the original since I've been a UAD user since 2006.
When I bought these and used them for Vocals, bass and drums, all i can think was, "WOW". I feel like I have the unit in my room.
Thanks for another hit and tool that makes our lives easier to get that true analogue sound!

4501-4520 of 4569 Results