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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

421-440 of 4569 Results

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l. ariel

October 9, 2023


el mejor sonido por mucho universal audio los mejores

k. čonkova

October 9, 2023

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Excellent equalizer, beautiful bass and treble, brilliant, the best plugin and the most faithful from Pultec, I can only recommend it, I love UAD

C. Lema

October 9, 2023

Los mejor plug ins

Me encantan estos plug ins de UAD en mis proyectos son los primeros

H. Cruz

October 9, 2023

Great Equalization Trio!!

If you are into any kind of Rock Music, don't forget to get these! They are perfect for any kind of music if used correctly.

J. Woods

October 9, 2023

Awesome EQ


S. Franchi

October 9, 2023

Round, smooth and musical

Big round bass, silky and airy top end, difficult to screw up. Was able to repair a really bad vocal. Become one of my go to plugins for voice.

P. Toth

October 9, 2023


after years of using the legacy version, its a real pleasure to have the full collection. the filters are my favourite - a really classic way to shape sounds of intruments for artistic reasons, or fit invthe mix

K. Péter

October 9, 2023

Great fat sound

It sounds fat, a better gear than the old version which was damn good too. Very clean basses, absolutely open and not harsh highs. Only con it comes in 3 separate plugins and not together as the old, pro version.

B. Spence

October 9, 2023

Pultec on Drums

Recently Purchased Pultec EQ and found how great it is a Drums and Drum samples. Clears up muddy sounds sample to very usable sounds. Can't wait to try it on vocals.

T. Russo

October 9, 2023

Simply the best!

Simply one of the best emulations, in my opinion. I've been using them for years now, and I can't replace them. I've tried so many other plugins, but UAD's Pultec is the one that I know the best and the one I work with the fastest!

J. Hibberd

October 8, 2023

Best Pultec Emulation available

One of the finest Pultec emulations available, it closely matches the actual hardware. Works very well on the low end bus.

A. Zegers

October 8, 2023


Just great, this sound exctly as you would expect from AUD

J. Romero

October 8, 2023

The best pultec emulation.

It offers a warm and deep color in the bass frequencies. . Highly recommended.

R. Juniel

October 8, 2023

Nice high-quality EQ

Fits in with almost any vocal instrument that you can work with

H. Bennison

October 8, 2023

Top Quality

100% Worth It

D. Vazquez

October 8, 2023


A must have without a doubt!! A pultec modeling that goes with everything, the presets are a good starting point!! Also available in native!!

C. Walton

October 8, 2023

Desert island plugins!

The UA 1176 collection sounds great...on everything! I picked these up in the UAD Tuesday promotion and they've swiftly replaced my previous go-to 1176 emulations. The 1176AE is great with the added feature of the SLO attack setting which gives an extra clarity when used on a vocal bus. I use these on vocals, drums, bass. Desert island plugins for sure.

C. Walton

October 8, 2023

Can't live without this plugin!

I recently picked up the native UA Pultec collection in the recent UAD Tuesday promotion. Up until then, I had been using a well known Pultec emulation from another company who permanently have their plugins on sale! I decided to go for the UA Pultec whilst on offer and....WOW!!! This is like a breath of fresh low and high air has been injected into my mix bus and template! It sounds truly great - Thank you UA

K. Oforha

October 7, 2023

Body, tone, and depth

Just the right sound for me. I have bounced around lots of emulations of this passive eq but this right here does it for me… hands down

J. Backes

October 7, 2023

New Believer

I'll be totally honest. I always thought the UAD hype was just that. Hype! Im a hardware guy. So I figured Im sure they had good emulations of hardware but couldn't be that much better than others I have! Maybe different, but not necessarily better. Well I was! The UAD plug-ins are the only plug-ins that consistantly keep the 3-D sonic quality of a raw track where others companies fail. I still will take quality hardware any day over any plug-ins. But when I do use plug-ins UAD are definitely the best option!

421-440 of 4569 Results