Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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G. Gonzalez

December 2, 2018

This is a "Must Have" for Voice Over

As a VO actor, I can't be happier with this plugins. They are the secret weapon in my chain to make tracks really shine. If you have a good microphone, use the Neve Unison Preamp, an 1176 (Ratio at 4:1, Attack at 3, and Release at 7) and then the Silver or Gray Teletronix with peak and gain knobs set in a way that the needle moves between -3 and -5 and you hardly must do anything else to your VO recordings.

M. Vliegen

November 30, 2018

Mid Side

Mid Side it's Ding Dong Yeah love it

M. Marton

November 29, 2018

They sound good

I know it's not a glowing report but to be fair, I'm still getting used to using Pultec type EQs. I like that the Mkii of these has more "weight" and dimension to my ears when used on a track.


November 29, 2018

This bundle is very awesome for the price !!!

I bought this bundle with a Satellite Quad, I had a good price because I had a $ 100 vouchers. Thank you UAD for all these welcome offers.
The sound is great, I loving it this bundle.


November 29, 2018


nice on many sources, this plugs is really good for a lot of things, drum, piano voice, guitars. I have the collection version, I love the rendering they release.


November 29, 2018


This plugins is very very great !!! I loving it, for my voice and my guitar is very great !!! Thx you so much UAD

D. De Pauw

November 28, 2018


Like the title says, no words for this Analog Classics Pro Bundle. I'm not that big of a fan of the 610's, but maybe one day, I will be. But all the other stuff in this bundle is just amazing. Demo and you will buy! Be aware ;-)

E. Lee

November 24, 2018

La couleur brillante.

Fairchild fait le son élégant de piano.
Si vous voulez la coloration luxueuse vos piano, utilises ça.
Alors je le utilise tous les jours, c'est mon préféré.

A. Pinto

November 21, 2018

I liked

great limiter, I recommend it

M. Casa Rara

November 16, 2018

Unique character - A truly emulation!

Bass and drums tracks will explode with this little baby! Used almost on every track I mixed. Thanks UAD for this amazing emulation!

K. Morris

November 13, 2018

Absolutely stellar

If you're already familiar with these devices or other emulations, dive right in. If you're not, spend some time with the 5-minute tips channel and discover what you're missing. Indispensable for tracking and mixing!

S. Thomas

November 13, 2018

best vintage limiter in town

you have to use it once and your hooked...i use it on my final mix or to shape a drum track...dont try the 14 days free'll buy it garantee

B. Palmer

November 8, 2018

Can’t live without ‘em

I’ve used real 1176 compressors, and these things do exactly what they’re designed to do. Everything sounds better through an 1176. The AE is great on vocals, literally a game changer. After years of using hardware, I’m convinced that the old studio model has been rendered obsolete by these UA plugins.

T. Laegen

November 8, 2018

Worth the upgrade

Definitely worth the upgrade. I have a lot of UAD comps and these are especially good. Love the buttons in combos.

B. Waligoske

November 5, 2018

Excellent Compressor!

Love it. Initially bought it for a mix bus comp but I keep finding more and more uses for it. Can be very subtle or juicy - I use it in almost every session!

J. Jungkyun

November 3, 2018

Just No.1 Plugin

BEST Plugin in UAD

J. Bekyarovich

November 1, 2018


Best compressor plugins I’ve ever used. Love the 2:1 option on the anniversary series. The distortion on the silver unit is beautiful.

E. Lee

October 30, 2018

C'est un plug-in essentiel.

Normalement je le utilise pour le coloriage, il l'exécute magnifiquement.
LA-2A a 3 version Ils sont différents pour couleur de sons, vous pouvez choisir que selon le caractère d'instrument. bref, je le utilise toujour !

L. Black

October 22, 2018

New world of mixing

All of the plugins have really warmed up and brought life to my current mixes. I can't give it a five start simply because I haven't the knowledge to use them to their full potential, and so it isn't amazing to me yet.

J. Poole

October 19, 2018

The Scoop

I have the same plugins from Waves, minus the 610's, and there is no comparison to the UAD emulations. My mixes have gone from decent to professional as a result.

181-200 of 3120 Results