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Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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B. Busch

August 13, 2013

Totally Worth It

I have found the orig Pultec was decent, but it had a fizzy texture that often just didn't sound right to me. I'm pleased that the newer models have a bigger, more refined sound, and much smoother texture. While I'm not an authority on the sound of the orig hardware, I have owned and used many clones, and the new Pultec collection sounds closer to and more interchangeable with the hardware.

I'm grateful that UA has revamped some of these earlier plugs that just aren't as good sonically as what they're capable of today. So get over it folks! They're not trying to rip you off, just give you improved options. That costs them time and money.

I'm also happy they did the HLF 3C. While not as sexy, it sounds good and is very useful.

R. Fantini

July 26, 2013

Great sounding piece of gear!

Dialing in low end with the Pultec sounds fantastic ... retuning a kick drum, getting rid of mud in a bass guitar. The color of the pultec is nice, but keep in mind by default the signal gets boosted around 1.2 db, you'll have to reduce the output to get a fair comparison.

S. Grush

July 4, 2013

Great start.

I felt this was a great starting point for my ear to settle into the UAD line. I hit the Pultec on a hi-hat and guitar lead and loved what the subtle EQ moves did for the mix. I don't think I'll use this EQ to do a lot of heavy lifting for my mixing, but it has its purpose.

B. Armand

May 12, 2013

hot sound

much more colored than the old UAD LA2A, thoose ones bring warmth, vibe, lively harmonic saturation. I usually use sonnox limiter and inflator, wich are nice for analog like saturation, but the new LA2A collection make things more irregular and more charming I think.. just used them on vocals, guitars(electric and acoustic) and bass, following the advices (gray or old one for vocals, silver for guitars). Sounds really get in front of the mix with thoose ones.

T. Taylor

April 28, 2013

As close as it gets

I've had three top engineers come in and tell me that they could not tell the difference between the hardare and this plugin. I'd say that's as close as it gets!

D. Jefferson

April 22, 2013

pultec pro plugin

this plugin is very useful when it comes down to certain drums bass and snares i use in my hiphop productions. i give it a 10 out of 10! its very easy to use too.

M. Weiler

April 3, 2013

For real!

Probably my single most used plugin. I'm a proud owner of a hardware 1176LN, so comparing the two was amazing. If it wasn't for nostalgia, I could easily live without the real thing. The UAD 1176LN sounds jawdroppingly real. I'd give 6 stars if I could.

R. Johansen

March 26, 2013

Pultec Pro EQ Plugin - Smooooooth

A great plugin to smooth out the edges of a digital recording (or any recording for that matter).

F. Rottier

March 24, 2013


Après quelques balbutiements, j’ai enfin lu le manuel pour comprendre comment utiliser les réglages.
Contrairement à la Lexicon 224 que j’ai vu dans de nombreux studios, je découvre cet appareil qui se révèle très efficace. J’aime les aigus précis et clairs de ce plug-in.

M. Halle

February 21, 2013


Now we talk about emulations not only being a desperate alternative to the hardware but finally, its mate. THANK YOU UA!!!

C. Visser

September 27, 2012

Excellent Limitier Collection!

These are my new go-to limiters when recording and mixing.
I really like how they sound different, each has it's own character.
The 'No Ratio' and 'Attack Off' are especially useful for just adding the character of each version without compressing anything. Just to add a bit of dirt to it.
I only need to further experiment with the new 'Multi Button modes', but the 'All Button mode' is excellent by it's own. Sounds great on vocals.

And as a sign of customer dedication the collection is reduced in price for those who purchased the original 1176 in the past, very nice!

J. Kim

August 9, 2012

this is the best emulation of 1176 limiters ever released!

J. Romero

June 29, 2011

Sientes el poder de elevar al maximo la señal RMS y oyes como te pone el sonido
en la cara , ademas del color que añade es maravilloso,Ojala algun dia la tenga
en mis manos. IS VERY VERY HOT¡¡ jajaja Me encanta

A. Oberholz

January 31, 2010

I bought this plug in a few years ago and it was one of my goto compressors in all mixes. But time went on and I have to say now we have in the market better native emulations of the 1176 when it comes to compare.

I will not name any other brand here to be fair.

This plug in is still good if you wan to have things up front in your mix.
But for me it does on some sources some crazy release things...

I miss since the newer modeling by other companies a bit the stamp the character which the competitive plug ins have...they do something special to the sound.

I hope for updates by UAD for the classics 1176/LA2A/Pultec/Fairchild.
I know UAD can do it they have shown what is possible with the Fatso and EMT 250 ITB today.

It would be nice to find a sonic stamp even in the older plug ins!
It would make much more fun using those plugs not only for compression but also for tone shaping.


P. Woodlock

January 15, 2004

The Fairchild ROCKS! Buy it now or I'll come over and insert a large spikey bratwurst into your...

N. Lifschey

June 14, 2013

These sound amazing, but again I'm only giving two stars:

After years and years, we STILL can't see the values as we change settings for vintage-style plug-ins like this, and we also can't ENTER IN the values as we need to.

Why hold on to a completely useless part of the past, guys? It's maddening, and I won't be buying any more UA products until this changes. There are other options out there. There are so many times in my professional work that I need to lower things by a specific amount, and to enter in specific amounts. I can't with UA like I can with almost all of my other plugins. So, I'm done with UA until this changes.

N. Lifschey

June 14, 2013

These sounds absolutely beautiful, but I'm only giving two stars because...

...Universal Audio STILL refuses to join the 21st century and let us SEE the values as we change settings, and also to let us ENTER IN the values as we need to.

It's mind-boggling to me how ancient and far behind the times they are with this. Why hold on to a completely useless part of the past, guys? Maddening, and I won't be buying any more UA products until this changes. There are other options out there.

J. Olley

August 2, 2012

I am a little disappointed with the UA Pultec eqs. They do not have any of the magic the hardware units do. It seems to add some crispy distortion at the selected frequency. I have found the plugin useful, however, in some circumstances.

H. Tarvenkorn

January 12, 2015

Great sound

Now, I am not a professional mixing engineer, I only do this as a hobby but I am a professionally-trained musician with good ears. And I can say that this is a huuuuge improvement over the legacy plugin. The legacy version used to be quite harsh and bland in the highs. This is different now - totally smooth and "analogue", even without turning any knob. I only give it 4 stars as I would have wished for a one-rack possibility. I find it quite a hassle to load the three plugs into three different slots, then opening them up one by one to get an overview.

M. Carr

May 29, 2014

Needs work on playground skills

I put the plugin plus a LA2A up against my actual LA 610 mk 1 unit (with equivalent settings), and liked the 1 to 1 comparison, so I sold my physical 610 unit.
However, when I added the 610B plugin/LA2A combo into same place the signal chain that my physical 610 used to occupy... with my exact same mic, settings, and additional plugins; the sh@t hit the fan in a screechy, unappealing way- with destortion that I could never entirely eliminate.
Very frustrating.
On its own, the plugin is great. It doesn't appear to play as expected with others.
I have a quad core that never maxed out in these tests.

I'll help you troubleshoot, if you throw in a 1073 preamp because you feel that, as a Nevana Quad owner, it would look nice in a family photo.

181-200 of 4196 Results