Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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C. Colgate

December 16, 2004

I've only briefly used this so far, yet it instantly blew me away. I've not used a plugin yet that i can push hard and get a nice sound. This plugin just made me smile more and more the harder i pushed it! Attitude definately, yet it just has that 'sound'. The sound of quality, that sound that used to come at an extortianate price, until now.

Thanks UA!

D. Thompson

October 12, 2004

I swear by this plugin for evening out vocals..Allowing me to close mic many vocalists, apply a de-esser and the LA2A..A godsend!

J. Wirtz

September 29, 2004

It´s unbelievable good - VERY smooth EQ. Another holy grail for digital mixing.

J. Wirtz

September 29, 2004

You need that smooth in-your-face sound? Compressed sound without squashing transients. I´m using it mainly for vocal, bass and guitar.

M. Thorne

August 5, 2004

Absolute class... Once you've have a UAD card you will wonder how you ever managed without one. If you dont have one buy one... NOW !!!!!

It really is that good...

Professional mixes are a wheeze.All you need are ideas and inspiration. Shame they dont make a plug in for the human brain !!! God knows we all need it sometimes.

You take care of the music and it takes care of the end results.

Thank you guys ( and gals ) for a great product.

J. Ginsberg

July 13, 2004

Best compression plug-in I have ever heard,I own two hardware 1176's and the plug sounds spot on!!!!


G. Dayal

July 4, 2004

I write a lot of dance/pop music in India ,also score background music for short films. The best and unique sounding plug in for vocals!!!! After I track through my drawmer 1960 pre amp compressor, the pultec brings out all the warm highs!! Clients always love the vocal sound I give them!

A. Dairocas

May 2, 2004

I'm a producer who caters for all genres and the Pultec pro just blew me away. IT IS 300% BETTER SOUNDING THAN ALL THE WAVES PLUG-IN LINEAR EQ'S. WHY? WARMTH, AIR AND FATNESS!!!!!! WITHOUT KILLING YOUR CPU!!!!!!!!


J. Harrison

April 18, 2004

The bass drum will never be happier.

Common knowledge for every kick was/is to go through an EQP1 or a GML8200. Now with the additional MEQ section, the Pultec-Pro might just be the end all kick EQ's.

Recorded with good A/D converters at 48khz/24-bit....

A good filtering EQ into 1176LN (4button) into Pultec EQP-1/MEQ-5 = patchbay go bye bye

T. Frisk

April 5, 2004

Sounds good, especially for the vocals. Agree with the review before this one - 1176LN gives attitude.

T. Frisk

April 5, 2004

As the first one to review the Pultec Pro I can state that it works very well. It's no necessary, but very good for the Mid range. Use it for vocals at radio programs, and it gives an extra clarity to the vocals. Midrange is a hard thing, but with Pultec Pro its a little bit easier to handle

T. Johansson

April 4, 2004

There is one really good term that could actually describe what this compressor does. ATTITUDE!! Inserting this on a track is like writing a big F***Y** between the speakers. Snare drums get an unholy snap and vocals get that jump-out-of-the-speakers-and-chase-you-around-the-room sound. Of course it's also great for the little things, but if you need to turn something boring into something fun.. this is THE piece of gear!

2821-2832 of 2832 Results