Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced


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Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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M. Mehr

April 13, 2021

I don't understand the upgrade, it's just cosmetic.

I love everything UAD, but this isn't their fault. This upgrade is a waste of money, but hey it does look better than the original version.

C. Li

April 9, 2021

Best real-time pitching plugin in the market

Good prices and easy to use! It's the best real-time pitching plugin in the market if you don't need the graphic mode, otherwise pay more money to get the pro version.

e. schlosser

April 6, 2021


Most important- the result is very good.
Best if you work with it at the beginning of a mix before the end-of-mix plugins overload, it will be very quick to act weird when the chains are getting big.

J. Pedigo

April 1, 2021

It's ok?

It works some of the time. What it severely lacks is an editor to nudge the notes yourself - you can only let the algorithm do the tuning for you by setting parameters. So it's not always ideal, because it misses things or changes the note to where you don't want it to, etc. In that case, Melodyne and WavesTune are better. For a straight tuner that grabs most of the things, it works ok.

a. gurung

March 27, 2021

Best auto tune ever

I’ve worked with a lot of autotune in my life as an artist but this one is worth the money. I just wish that UAD gave me a free plugin after I bought the autotune because due to COVID it's really hard to even buy 1 plugin especially when a 24 year old guy like me don't have much money to buy any UAD plugins and most money goes on bills and rents :/. It's hard to live alone and still do music. But even so I love this plugin.


March 13, 2021


amazing i love it i feel like post malone

N. Gomez

March 4, 2021


I have to much fun on this thing

F. Lamarre

February 25, 2021

Such a shame

No graphic mode.
It realy feels like a waste of money !

L. Luong

February 22, 2021

OMG !!!!!

i love this plug in

S. El Hammami

February 19, 2021

Create more !!!

I have the auto tune pro version. So I had a doubt on how I know how to use it. So I've contacted Antares compagny and they confirmed me that this UAD version was defently more real time than the "normal" ones. Damn I confirm this. It's been a while I did not take that much pleasure while recording !

B. Hardin

February 14, 2021

much needed

in the music world we live in today, I had no choice but to buy auto tune fr recording. I wish it was more simple to use and less heavy with the processing. It's still a great sounding plug in.

N. Gomez

February 13, 2021


The easiest most confident way of using Pitch correction! Thank you UAD.

T. Urbonas

February 11, 2021

It helps, it works.

It's a great tool, and like all great tools, you have to learn how to use it. For me, it's worth the time.

N. Tew

February 6, 2021


I already had autotune real-time by UAD and i bought this plugin thinking it would have the graph feature that the original antares autotune advance has, but it doesn't. This version doesn't sound any different than the original autotune real-time that I bought from UAD.

S. El Hammami

February 5, 2021

Perfect for real time

Now I can create melodies thanks to this real time effect. I load it in UAD console and it's done ! It is a different approach than using it while mixing. With my pro version I have that latency that I don't have with that console UAD compatible real time version

A. Yaskevich

February 3, 2021

Not bad (thanks to the old version).

The old version of Auto Tune works better than the new "Advanced". The "Advanced" version of Auto Tune slows down the graphics (both on Macbook and Imac)

B. Waller

February 2, 2021

Full Range AutoTune

I have lesser version of AutoTune however this really get the game accomplished. You don’t have to worry too much about the octave or scale with this plug in, it will cover the full range. Great on instruments too.

J. Nixon

January 23, 2021

Can't save key in plugin

Plugin reverts to default settings every time you close the project and reopen. Key is not saved making this quite the chore to use. This is in Studio One both on mac and PC and v3 through v5. Please fix!

r. barber

January 18, 2021

Easy and transparent

Tune your vocals on the way in and get those melodies down faster without worrying about pitch accuracy.


January 14, 2021

Auto tune

Great product . Use it in every session and will make your client happy . Great job guys

1-20 of 259 Results

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