Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced


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Customer Reviews

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime Advanced

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p. plante

June 21, 2020

This Plugin is remarkable.

I have tested it on vocal tracks and it can make a huge difference in pitch correction and vibrato reduction too. I am having a significant problem as it keeps shutting down Logic Pro X 10.5. However there U.A. tech staff are helping to rectify this situation.

S. Mungur

June 20, 2020


Does what he must do thumps up

A. Pashka

June 18, 2020

Excellent for its intended purpose.

Lots of people bombing this plugin. This is a REAL TIME plugin. This is intended for live use. If you expect to slap this overtop of a poorly sung vocal and have it come out sounding radio ready, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Do not forget that plenty of people use their Apollo for live performances. If you want to fine tune a vocal, buy Melodyne or purchase regular Antares. If you have someone who is a decent singer and put this overtop of a live performance I promise you it works as intended. An ever better application I have found is if I have a singer in the booth, I put this on the chain (not printing) and it makes everything sound a bit better for the singer, bringing confidence and ergo a better performance.

I don't think it is quite fair to bomb something because you aren't using it for the reason it was intended.

M. Reizer

June 14, 2020

Needs throat and formant update

It sounds great and has the classic autotune goodness, if you add formant and throat in an update I would definitely give 5 stars.

J. Geary

June 6, 2020

The Burger Is Missing A Bun

Kinda feel like I bought a happy meal and they forgot to give me the fries. All in all great plugin, but calling this "Advanced" is a stretch. Would love to see some of the features the standalone advanced version has added like formant control. The EFX insert and styles would be sweet too. 10/10 for tracking, 5/10 go buy the standalone when it comes to mixing

K. Malone

June 5, 2020


I had to make the Antares Pro purchase to get what I wanted. If you don't care about controlling the amount of Tune on the vocal then go for it. You will get a Generic sound that works well but you could have bought Waves Tune for that.

S. Allí

June 5, 2020

I would prefer aviable the pro version


A. Badali-Baghal

June 4, 2020

Sehr gut !

Habe das Auto-Tune Realtine Advanced Plug von Antares direkt und mich dennoch entschieden es erneut für meine Apollo Twin X zu kaufen. Beste Entscheidung ever ! Sehr cleaner Sound und null Latenz.

A. Gallab

May 28, 2020

Not useful

Don't bother with this one. Go big or go home. Unless you want your auto tune to sound weak and choppy in a bad way. It's not that strong of an auto-tune plug in.

N. Sirois

May 26, 2020

Can't use after recording

Plugin works great for recording but cannot be used for mixing so get the real autotune. Really disappointed.

UAD User

May 14, 2020


It’s for beginners. It’s not the full auto tune. Real producers and engineers avoid. Wished I could give a lower rating.

H. Gaeckle

May 8, 2020

Easy to use...

Must have. I don‘t think you‘d find any singer not using it.

C. Ramsey

May 3, 2020

Not Auto-Tune Pro, missing important features. UA gives no refund or support!

Very disappointed…this plug-in mainly works well for wanting the vocal rap T-Pain effect. If you are wanting to get a more human-sounding pitch correction tool you will NOT find it here. “Auto” is the keyword to this have no surgical control over the pitch! Melodyne, though requiring more attention, will certainly do a much better job. This plug-in is missing some of the important features that Antares Auto-Tune Pro will give you. Like formant, transpose and graph support. The purchase of this plug-in really revealed the poor response or support you get from UA. After no response to several emails and calls to UA, I will certainly not be investing in any more of their products without deep consideration of their value. My bad for not reading the reviews on this plug-in more thoroughly and demoing the plug in before the purchase. I am stuck with a $300 plug-in that I will use very little and have gone back to using the Melodyne plug-in to get the job done.

B. Senter

April 30, 2020


Grabs the spots needed!

o. fashanu

April 28, 2020


I love this plugins , it does the job

N. Lomas

April 22, 2020

Bugs remain

Doesn't seem to keep key settings when changing tracks or closing the plug-in window. Keeps switching to Soprano setting at will too. Leads to a lot of excess clicking, slowing workflow.

D. Mascarenhas

April 19, 2020

Great plugin! Exactly what I wanted.

I had an eye on this plugin from 2 years. Thanks to UADs sale. They always come up with sales and eventually you will get what you wanted. Patience is the key if you're not rich, Lol.

L. Hester

April 19, 2020

Real Time Tuning

I’ve been used to working with PTHD and Auto Tune for 2 decades now and I can honestly say that the apollo and real time AT gives me what became so accustomed to when tracking my own vocals. I can fly the tuning in and out so quickly and track I to it if I want!! It’s brilliant!!

P. O'Connor

April 17, 2020

Great plugin for singers

I've never owned the original Antares AU/VST plugin but this version works for me. Being able to retune vocals in the Console mixer saves me a lot of time adjusting and fine tuning the recorded vocal using the built in Logic Pro X pitch correction, which TBH wasn't any good. Antares Realtime adds confidence when tracking vocals and seems to bring out the best in vocalists. I was also very pleased to get a huge discount on the original price.

P. Jacobsson

April 16, 2020

Helps me out

I am a (very) bad singer, helps me out in the way that i can demo my songs.

81-100 of 290 Results