API® 500 Series EQ Collection

API® 500 Series EQ Collection

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API 500 Series EQ Collection

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M. Bolton

July 27, 2013

Crisper Than Clean Sheets

Before having owned these two, I had been using the UAD Manley Massive Passive as my main go-to EQ. I used it for most all purposes, and I thought I was well off. In the past, I had demoed these a few times, but barely listen to them.
Then I got an API 512c preamp, and I loved its sound. So, I gave these another try in shootouts against the Massive Passive. They both made me find the Massive Passive to oftentimes be downright muddy in the low end.
The overall character of these — especially the 560 — is exactly as advertised: punchy and tight. Their top end has a specific sheen that takes a lot to get harsh. Heck, they'd be great for mastering, even.
I run a small home studio, and this was the best upgrade I've gotten in a long time.

H. Nakanishi

July 17, 2013


560 is my best EQ!!
Very easy to access to good point, also sounds AMAZING!
It works for EVERYTHING!!

C. French

July 14, 2013


Sounds and breathes just like the hardware! THE best two EQ plug-ins currently on the market. Makes everything bigger, fatter and more open. The stereo image just explodes in front of you. UAD definitely raising itb mixing to new levels - my current mixes have so come to life with the API 550a (fantastic on vocals and bass) and API 560 (across the 2-bus).

S. Simmich

July 12, 2013

fantastic lo end !

As an owner of the Waves API bundle I had to think more than twice before buying the same emulation again.

After doing some mixes with the demos I had no other choice...
These plugins absolutely shine on drums, my personal favourite is the 560 for kick and snare and 550 for drumbus and bass.

Especially the tight and fat lo-end impressed me, there is a certain tone that no other EQ i own ( and that's quite a lot !) has.

The question if it sounds 100% like the original is not so important to me, but I have worked with HW 550s and I own a HW 2500 comp, so I can confirm that these plugins have the familiar API tone !

Great tools, great times for ITB processing !

T. Meagher

July 5, 2013

Great Eq

These plug-ins really did capture the essence of the original hardware.

B. Horsfield

July 1, 2013

H.View Studio

Total hats off to UAD on this powerful copy on the API classic EQs. The demo had me won over in minutes great job but still I think it's very dear for a plugin bought in on the sale. Thank you UAD 5 Stars all the way

S. Navel

June 28, 2013

best EQ plug in so far

Every time UAD released a new plugin its closer to real things
I A/B with a(not vintage) real 550A and it was so close that honestly I couldn't tell the different it was more like every module sound a bit different
Mixing a track only using the API make you mix sound really analog not like most other plugins
I does make the NEVE (even if they are also great) a touch less exiting

I. Papagiannidis

June 26, 2013

Best EQ !

the warmest, smoothest EQ i ve ever heard in the software world...

nothing compares to it's sound!

low end- so warm without make the sound boomy ...
middle range brings the sound in your face and make it so clear and full of life and power
top end is a miracle .the soft distortion makes the sound so sweet and gives such character and opens up the sound

and a last thing ... it makes the sound sounds more stereo in a way...more open...with more definition ...

John Jeff Touch

Producer /singer/ songwriter


L. Franchi

June 13, 2013

Super EQ

excellent EQ I was waiting for a long time
great job as always !!

R. Bluemner

June 13, 2013

Problem no problem no more

i did solve a problem mix with API 500....no problem!

D. Carter

June 7, 2013

Stupid Awesome

These things are stupid. What they do for guitars, drums and bass is incredible. I put the 550 on the mix buss and it sounds amazing. I really believe these are the best eq's the UA guys have made and UA has made some really good ones. AU Rocks. I'm ready for the API 2500 Comp !!

L. Chard-maple

June 2, 2013

Incredible EQ's

These EQ'S are a real workhorse pair. It's so quick and easy to find a good sound with either of these, I tend to use the parametric to shape tone and the graphic to find unwanted frequencies and they play very nicely together. Just by enabling the plugin things start to sound a bit smoother! Really nice on guitars!

F. Fraikin

May 18, 2013

I need to share this!

Astonishing is the word that qualifies this API emulation by UAD!
Close your eyes and listen to…it just it!
It works even with no eq gain, just drop the plug on your track and you get the API mojo sound.
I do have a pair of the hardware sitting in my rack and they happen to my favourites until now.
My only wish is that they weren’t so pricey on top of the a DSP Accelerator.
Half the price and I jump to the store to get it and get the magnificent Lexicon 224.

Thank you for such a great work!

T. Crystal

May 17, 2013

Flawless Emulation of a Classic

We compared our 550's & 560's in our API Lunchbox to the UAD plugins and found that UAD has delivered another flawless emulation of a classic. 5 stars!!!

G. Chase

May 10, 2013

API eq

The Pultec Pro and 1073 were my favorites but now the 500 series is my "go to" EQ for its sweet & articulate sound and its easy operation. It has character & attitude whether on orchestral WW or drums. I love my UA plugs and the support i get from their team!

A. Theakston

May 8, 2013

560: My favourite UAD EQ

Couldn't really be more impressed with the 560 EQ - as others have mentioned, it's completely transformative. You can put sweet air back into anything, like a subtle little swiss army knife; but you can also do big broadsword cuts and boosts - and it just plain sounds good doing it.

A major usability tip I've not seen mentioned is the benefit of using a mouse with a hardware scroll wheel with the API plugins. You can HOVER the mouse over the dial and just click-roll the mousewheel to adjust the setting. Super easy and tactile to use.

But yeah, it kills me; I have a track I'm working on with 560 on the master bus, and though all good sense and reason says take it off to mix, I just can't. Without: dull. With: sweet, polished, done.

N. Afflitto

May 2, 2013

Nailed it.

These just kill. I demoed every eq in the UAD line and these were my favorite by far. The fact that you get two different eq's is also a big plus. It's hard to describe how exactly these compare to the other UAD eq's, but they are just fantastic. And compared to my vst's there is just no contest. So glad I have these.

S. Elston

April 23, 2013

Best for adding Edgy Color

API 500 Series EQ is perfect for adding a little edge that’s missing like no other UAD eq can. I record and mix mostly metal and rock projects. For a long time I have been looking for equalizers that had a certain energy in the middle frequencies that could enhance guitars/drums that were lacking without ruining the original sound. The API sounds great for this on drums, guitars (especially at 500 1k freq), bass. This eq has really saved me and I use it on half the tracks in my projects. I haven’t tried it on vocals but I'm sure it works there as well. I spent a week using the demos for all the UAD equalizers and me and my band mates came to like the API, Manley Massive Passive, and the Cambridge the most.

D. Henry

April 18, 2013

API makes sense

Warm and punchy! I really like these plugins. Great on any source!

B. Jester

April 8, 2013

The Real Deal !!!!!!!!!

This will give the API 2500 OP feel all day long. The sound of rock n roll.

221-240 of 257 Results