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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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P. Liksza

May 26, 2021


Die Plugins klingen super, aber das geht nicht: Geld Geld Geld, schade.

C. Azarcon

May 26, 2021

Awesome plugin!

Sound quality is incredible!


May 25, 2021

UAD API Channel Strip

Amazing sounding channel strip with the addition of the 560 eq and the pre amp. Very soon I'm gonna get the console version for Luna.

D. Hamric

May 25, 2021

Windows, not so much of a deal.

For Windows, a little on the expensive side for a PreAmp upgrade. Then they want you to buy the PreAmp again, as a separate plugin? It does look like a great plugin, if I could only run LUNA!

K. Hall

May 25, 2021

Money Grab

Seriously, just note moderators to your supervisors, I am done buying UAD after this "update" renamed the vision channel and forced me to update as it broke instances in my session... Thank god for Acustica Audio and Plugin Alliance... (BTW Acustica doesn't make you pay for updates and they sound better)

K. Hall

May 25, 2021

Money Grab

I owned all the API plugs before this new channel strip update... What a waste of money to "upgrade" to the bundle in order to add the same plugin (560 and pre) in a different location but sonically function the same.

R. Brubacher

May 25, 2021

Amazing sounding plugins.

Obviously a lot of current API customers are upset with the upgrade price vs perceived added features and value. With that aside, I can honestly say the API Vision is hands down my fav channel strip plug-in period. And the 2500 emulation is fantastic as well as the individual 550 and 560 offerings. So my rating is based on plug-in quality and not perceived fairness of the upgrade cost to us current customers. If I were a new UAD customer I would buy this bundle first and foremost. Quality wise, this is why I bought into UAD in the first place. If you already own the individual plugins and now-legacy version of the vision, only you can decide if the few features added are worth the cost up upgrading.

Z. Martin

May 25, 2021


The original API strip was a recent purchase, and already I’m being asked for $150 for a minor update to keep it current. This should’ve been a free upgrade for owners of the original. Truly disappointed in UA’s customer service on this one.

E. Obreiter

May 25, 2021

I'm done with UAD. Goodbye!!

Since UAD still hasn't restored my license, I've now decided to stop investing in the UAD platform. It is a mystery to me how a company can distribute the trust of the customers like this.

A. Fontaine

May 25, 2021

better workflow gets better sound !

I'm very happy with the Api console emulation bundle. Mixing is much more efficient and I get better results in less time. Sounds awesome and much more dsp free for others Effects This put Luna to an other level !

D. Sposato

May 24, 2021

Ripping off your customers

I purchased the API Vision Channel Strip back in January for my stream. The product sounds great but then I see that they recently updated it and demoted my current version to legacy. WTF is this!!! There are companies like Presonus who do right by their customers. I bought Studio One Version 4 and less than six months later they came out with version 5 that had a lot of new features. You know what they did? They upgraded me for FREE!! I really appreciated that considering that I spent upwards of $400-500 0n the software. Universal Audio has gone to the darkside and want people to pay $150 more for a couple more knobs on their channel strip. I was literally comparing the legacy the current channel strip collection and it DOES NOT warrant the $150 price tag. I wrote their support about it and they then escalated my ticket which I didn't ask them to do and got a response from their manager Dan that they were not going to upgrade me for free and that the new API Vision Channel Strip Collection included "all these new features". Plus, if you are Windows user, some of the features only apply to Luna which they do not make for Windows which is a foolish decision on their part considering that that they are leaving out customers on one side of their market. I stand by everyone here who feels ripped off as well. Well we know what you are going to do, create fake customer accounts, give it 5 star reviews to bury our angry responses.

F. Benvenuto

May 24, 2021

ABUSE on the plugin upgrade price!

Come on guys ! No love for your customers ?!

D. Porter

May 23, 2021

Love This API Channel Strip

The technology which underpins the addition of this API Chanel Strip to Luna is nothing short of amazing…it’s like having a full-blown API desk in one’s studio at a tiny fraction of the cost of owning one!

T. Harpel

May 23, 2021

Essential for LUNA users

Used with LUNA, the API channel strip and summing extensions sound great, simplify tracking and mixing workflows and really do provide the feeling of working with an API Vision Console, all in the box. An outstanding product and delivery on the promise of Console integration. Bravo Universal Audio.

G. Engst

May 23, 2021

For real?


I. Heo

May 22, 2021

I didn't update yet. I saw this plugin reviews.

UA comes update this plugin for free got this plugin before renewal.

E. Biscoglio

May 22, 2021

Can't believe they stole my license back... UAD major fail - no loyalty!

Stole my license back after upgrading UAD software... I am a previous owner of the API vision plugin - this is unacceptable... Losing my business. They need to follow the example of companies like Acustica-Audio who give free upgrades, as well as customer loyalty discounts

R. Kaloti

May 22, 2021

Game over....

Can't believe I'm saying this, but the excitement that once propelled me into the UAD world has come to a full stop. The recent boring and expensive releases coupled with a total lack of customer respect has me re-thinking my path moving forward with UA.

J. Harmes

May 22, 2021

Disapointted to this kind of policy

I’m quite new with Ua, but I’ve already noticed that the balance between good business and good customer service isn’t always what I expect. Ua s . products are good and I’m willing to pay for them, but this upgrade isn’t worth it. I bought the Api vision channel in December. Now it is marked as a legacy version . I’ve spent a lot of money to improve my ua experience, but all of these separated Luna plug-ins and their prices have made me think that I am only the moneymaker for ua. Business is business and product improving needs money but for me this is starting to be too much.

M. Verschelden

May 21, 2021

Update? Never. Cheating your clients

You changed the name to legacy, so that it is useless in other applications like Softube Console? Then you ask €150,- for a new cosmetic changed version? Shame on you.
Gonna wait a long time for investing more in UAD.

581-600 of 1917 Results