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API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

821-840 of 2009 Results

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s. azevedo

December 12, 2020

Wow, Punchy Drums

Finally broke down and bought this after reading all the reviews and got to say I’m loving this on the drum kit already. The gate is very smooth on the kick and snare. Even the preset sound good from the get go. Definitely worth every penny.

h. mat talip

December 11, 2020

Warm & vibe

As usual this plugin from uad give my mixes sound warm & vibe fullness after overall my mix setting cannot leave without this plugin.

J. Boes

December 11, 2020


Just the right touch on bass.

r. parrish

December 11, 2020

Perfect for mix bus

Great experience so far, glues mix together in a nice way

B. Johnson

December 11, 2020

Great Colorful EQ

Love this EQ. Has tons of color and is easy to dial in great tones. A little goes a long way!

d. perez

December 11, 2020

Todo lo que esperaba del 2500

No te podes equivocar. En el Drum Bus funciona muy bien!

P. Johnson

December 8, 2020

Didn’t know I needed this......

Was (and still am) in love with the SSL E channel. Did a bundle purchase, and figured I’d like this channel strip for kick and snare. This has quickly become my “go to” on drums. Punchy, tight, big, everything you’d expect from an API piece of hardware. It’s receiving 5 stars across the board for a reason. Well done UA!!

V. Kaczinski

December 8, 2020

Punch and clarity

The Gate was the first thing that blew me over! Really fast and precise! The whole combo with ist punchy eq, great compressor and versatile gate/expander brings presence and sparkle to drums, vocals and a lot more. Love the preamp on me flutes and saxes!

F. fournot

December 8, 2020

Complémentaire et prioritaire

as owner of an old Raindirk Concord, which is still efficient, the use of this API, or NEVE , OR SSL plugs, all from UAD, both together they bring me a complementary touch

D. Pezzati

December 7, 2020

Great unison pre

I love to have many options and I own almost all the unison plugins but this one is my first try when I have to experiment with something strange (but not only)

F. Aulich

December 5, 2020

Great compressor with a classic sound

To me, this is a great compressor with that classic API sound. Sounds and feels pretty much like its analog counterpart.

B. Delton

December 5, 2020

The Biggest Baddest Gate

This gate is better than the wall trump built. When i want no background noise only vocals of the artist i'm recording this is i must. You can not do without this. Buy it now.

A. Tyulenev

December 4, 2020

Excellent EQ

Good for mix & mastering

s. jun

December 3, 2020

Good plugin

Real real good!!

Y. Nadeau

December 1, 2020

Great saturation

Use it often to bring saturation in vocal

E. Fossum

December 1, 2020

Long Time API Fan

I often find working with a channel strip to be rather cumbersome. Not so with Vision. I'm able to quickly and accurately dial in the sound exactly as intended. Crisp, clean, and vintage. Now off to find some drums to track!!

A. Thierry

November 20, 2020

A must in compression

This plugin is with no equivalent in the world of plugin... it has the real sound of the beast .. incredible on drums and bus.. thanks

J. Kuittinen

November 20, 2020

'Clean as a whistle'

Really clean sounding compressor in my opinion. Doesn't color the audio too much. It also can be used in many instrumens. It glues mix together. It is exelent.

C. vonSneidern

November 18, 2020

I own the hardware

...and still use this plugin because I like it, I like pushing it, and it sounds great on different sources. Drums, guitars, group busses. It's not a crusher, it's smooth. Very musical.

G. Balistreri

November 13, 2020

I like

very good... my favorite.

821-840 of 2009 Results