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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

Overall Rating

1321-1340 of 2183 Results

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B. Whalen

December 8, 2018

Character Aplenty

When I’m tracking a singer or bass guitar that needs extra saturation and life this plugin is my go to. What I love most about the API workflow is you get to make decision quickly, find the sound you need and move on to getting the work done.

p. rolland

December 8, 2018

Great great great plug!!!!

Control and change the sound in a very musical way. The only problem is maybe the CPU but i don't care. The sound is very good!!! Very happy!!!

p. rolland

December 8, 2018

Great great great plug!!!!

Control and change the sound in a very musical way. The only problem is maybe the CPU but i don't care. The sound is very good!!! Very happy!!!

D. Celia

December 3, 2018

Just glue it

A little bit can go a long way. Definitely take the time to find what works for you, but is a go to on my master bus. The mix knob is a great addition and find myself just mixing in 25%-50% for a little extra fat.

T. Drake

December 1, 2018


With relatively low DSP usage and myriad tools available, this plugin has been my goto for most applications where I don’t want to hear the channel strip. The preamp provides clean gain and when it starts to saturate, it provide them right grit to bring our harmonics. Besides drums, I use this on banjo, harp, cello, uke, fiddle, ... Easily the best gate in the collection.

M. Vliegen

November 30, 2018


In feedback it's wow

S. Simmons

November 28, 2018

API 2500 Bus Compressor

The API 2500 has so many other features, aside from hi-end compression. I use this on drum mixes, acoustic everything, and mastering. The color and the characteristics of the audio/compression are jaw dropping, this became one of my go-to compressors. The ability to shape the audio with additional controls aside from typical compression controls make the API 2500 a surgical device, for sculpting audio.

D. Whittington

November 7, 2018

Just wow

I have the Vision Strip plugin and still find myself using the 560. I find they are both similar in sound quality but the 560 has a cleaner more rounded and magic to it. Of course that is because it has 11 bands but I really think UAD smashed it on this and all other API things. After being introduced to API plugins, I have to say, API will be the EQs I turn to the most.

r. sveinungsen

October 29, 2018


This compressor really work well on my busses , and on drums . It gives a fat and thick sound that is very solid. Very good.

K. Morris

October 26, 2018

My go-to Unison plugin

I love the detail on this plugin. Just placing it on a track sounds great. The EQ and dynamics sections are brilliant, and the sweepable LPF has become indispensable.

D. De Pauw

October 22, 2018

My favourite strip on rythm!

I had the Precision channel strip and wanted something with more caracter. So I bought both the SSL and API Channel Strips. For me, the API finds the most use. I've tried to love the SSL as much, but I always end up switching to the API again. Killer on rythm. Love just about everything on it. The EQ takes a while to get used to, but once you get it, it works like a charm. Excellent plug-in! Now... Shall I get the buss compressor as well...? I believe I will!

D. Dodds

October 20, 2018

Bus Comp Magic

Absolutely love this plugin. I’ve used the hardware before in a studio I mix in, and the plugin has the same glue and versatility as the real thing. I mix a wide variety of genres, from modern trap stuff all the way to good ‘ol rock and roll. The thrust modes allow me to pump an 808 up in a mix without my buss compression going crazy. On any mix, it imparts a certain warmth that’s hard to explain until you hear it. It lives on my mix buss for everything. Wonderful job UAD!

J. Russell

October 19, 2018

API Vision Strip is a classic

This channel strip has that API classic smooth brightness with great clarity and punch. So far I really like it on drums, guitars, piano and any vocal that needs to cut through. The plug in has added high end quality to my work. Great channel strip...

R. Spiegel

October 18, 2018

Usefull plugin.

Usefull plugin. Nevertheless, three stars deduction due to the highly overpriced hardware (UAD satellite,...) necessary to run all the uad plugins. It's also no comfort to get additional plugins with the purchase of the hardware if you already have these uad plugins or the ones of the alternative list. Therefore, i'm far away from applying all the uad-plugins I want to insert in a project and more and more I'm forced to use native plugins.

S. Kavlentakis

October 17, 2018

Amazing Sound!!!

Thanks UAD!!!!...
Really this sound is like analog sound!!...

s. Mars

October 13, 2018



s. Mars

October 13, 2018



M. Stokes

October 5, 2018


By far the best API 500 emulation...hands down!

J. Connolly

October 4, 2018

New User Apollo Twin

Great EQ, best one for a wide range of instruments...highly recommended!

直. 塚原

October 3, 2018

Legendary API 2500 Bus Comp

Best 2500 modeling ever
Super natural and punchy

1321-1340 of 2183 Results