API® Complete UAD Bundle

API® Complete UAD Bundle

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Customer Reviews

API Complete UAD Plug‑In Bundle

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C. Coffie

January 13, 2021


Great plugin, the api vision channel strip enhanced my tracks that I use it on

A. DeShawn

January 12, 2021

Great On Drums

This is a must have for getting that hot drum sound not your mixes. Not bad on vocals too!

G. Charles

January 10, 2021


Great type of plugin

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Exremely near the original wooww!!
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everythink of UAudio!

J. Geary

January 9, 2021


The 2500 is a staple and while im a bit late to getting this plugin its by far the closest to the gear out of any 2500 plugin. Just listen to the body in those transients. I remember when this was released it truly speaks for itself in the advancements UA has made over the years.

J. Geary

January 9, 2021

Thanking myself for this one

Impulse bought this for a session expecting never to use them again and boy was i wrong. By far the closest plugin around when it comes to standing up vs the hardware. The 550A is wonderful on claps, snares, synths, etc while the 560 always swoops in to save the day when youre in need of a precise eq but want to keep things sounding natural. High end too busy? Throw a 560 on your cymbals and solo it with the lead vocal. Flip through all your monitors in mono and you'll come out the other end with some clean results

P. Rackley

January 8, 2021

Hot channel strip to make your mixes Hot!!!!

This unit is Killer unit for adding life to lack luster mixes as well as adding polish to you drums, vocals, etc. Especially for Pop and dance music. I waited a long time but glad I added this unit to my arsenal. Just get it!!!

A. Ogarev

January 6, 2021

API 2500 Bus Compressor super+

API 2500 Bus Compressor plugin wonderful )))

S. Vasiľ

December 31, 2020

Best API plugins on the word!

Super replica !

S. Nascimento

December 26, 2020

Amazing Eq

Amazing color eq! So much true than others clone api eq.

Y. Baribeau

December 23, 2020


I use this to create separation between tracks and trust me, it works like butter on toasted bread at morning time.

Z. Mo

December 22, 2020

No Gimmick !!

OK the question everybody asks is : versus the Waves (witch is great by theway) BUT that said , waves is kinda vulgarous and exagerate the transient snap to mimick punch of the orginal HW : this leads to some cliky transient that are NOT here on the HW , thks to Transformers ... there come the UA one : Punch / body , without being vulgarous , and the timing is just on point , react like a HW simple as that .... MUST HAVE with the SSL G comp , the rest is bonus !!

J. Markunas

December 22, 2020

Must Have For Guitar/Drums

I made an entire API Vision console in my DAW with this plugin for drums and guitar, and it turned a dull/crappy mix into something you'd hear on the radio. Definitely worth buying if you're doing rock/alternative/metal.

J. Markunas

December 22, 2020

Guitar Players... Buy This!!!!

There's nothing like an API 500 on a distorted rhythm guitar. If you don't own this one, you're severely missing out. The gain staging is weird (I guess all analog gain staging kind of is), but this definitely sounds like the hardware gear would sound, and adds some nice, silky harmonics.

H. Holzheu

December 22, 2020

My favorite on the Kick

Makes a BIG kicksound.

H. Behrens

December 22, 2020

great plug!

very versatile bus compressor! replaces the SSL bus compressor in many situations and works just as fine on single channel guitars and drums. first choice!

L. Bates

December 20, 2020



J. Kynoch

December 19, 2020

Depth, Punch, Width and Clarity!

Great tool for adding amazing depth and punch to drums and the mixbus!

S. Dufour

December 18, 2020

The sunset sound ... wow !

When I saw a video on YouTube saying that you’ve modelled the chip in the sunset sound console , I was interested to say the least !!
The gain knob , the EQ , the compressor ... everything sounds great and precise ! I’m new with the unit but so far , i love it ! Great job UA !!

F. Pittenger

December 18, 2020

Current Favorite

I've enjoyed using this channel strip in Unison to record both acoustic and electric guitars. I've found that increasing the GAIN to the edge adds a pleasing hint of distortion, and employing the HI-PASS filter on the acoustic reduces boominess without losing body.

341-360 of 1563 Results