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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

441-460 of 1369 Results

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B. McNitt

December 3, 2021

Upgrade path from legacy needed

Add an upgrade path from the now legacy API channel strip and I'll buy.

g. roberti

December 3, 2021

Great sound

API vision channel strip sounds really good.
It sounds good on everything especially on bass and vocals.

M. Bennett

December 3, 2021

UAD cashing in as usual

I already brought this, which UAD to now consider a legacy product. It's so insulting, and UAD should offer this for free to people who parted with so much money the first time round. It's essentially an update to make it better. I don't pay for updates, especially since it wasn't that long ago since I brought it. I feel like using insulting language to emphasise my anger and disappointment.


December 3, 2021

My Drum Recordings Now Punchier With more Depth

I Love the Tone Vibe Punch and Depth of my drum recordings lately, with very few tweaks i can get great-sounding drums. Using it with the Unison Tech in my UA hardware. let's not forget the 2 different EQ options to choose from. Thanks UA

J. Neves

December 3, 2021

Awesome API Sound

I've always been more of a Neve person myself but after trying this guy out quite a few times I decided to finally pull the trigger on it and I don't regret doing it at all! Perfect Luna integration, great sound. Perfect from drums and bass as well.

A. Stepanian

December 2, 2021

API vision channel strip

I just purchased this plugin and it is freaking amazing, just the use of the gate to reducing the background noise is a winner for me and the two choices of EQ. My flamenco guitar has never sounded so good. Thanks!!


December 2, 2021

What a nice colour...

This one adds really nice api colour to my recordings, eq is fantastic..Love it..

G. Koukounaris

December 1, 2021

Instant smile!

Hands down, this might be the best software channel strip I ever used. All the API goodness and features are packed right here! Tried it on vocals, drums, guitars and bass and everything comes alive and musical with no hassle. Got it for 74€ during the November sale and the Legacy version is also included. I understand the previous owners complaining about never getting an upgrade discount to this latest API Vision. UAD has to look into this policy, I wouldn't like this happening to other plugins too.

M. Petrillo

December 1, 2021

Incredible Multipurpose Plugin-Sounds Like Gold!

This channel strip is an amazing tool, everything you need for real API sound in one plugin, great for the Unison slot as well as mixing. The preamp and EQ are especially awesome. Love it!

L. Magda

December 1, 2021



D. Healey

December 1, 2021

Supreme channelstrip

Absolutely love this thing. It’s amazingly versatile and has plenty of punch and openness. It absolutely slays competition from other developers sonically. Superb filters, EQ and the compressor is star of the show for me.

A. Stepanian

December 1, 2021

More discount after Black Friday

Just bought the API Vision channel strip collection yesterday for $149.99 and today the for the Holiday sale it went down to $ year I know to wait until the last day of all sales although they tell you "Don't wait until the last day"

F. Petry

December 1, 2021

Excellent channel strip. Great preamp, great EQs and very good dynamics.

Excellent sounding plugin. Very very versatile. One of my best buys.

A. Etienne

December 1, 2021

Great channel strip

This has become a favorite of mines along with the SSL strip. The API sounds big and clean. And the EQ is also amazing. I always find myself using it in unison mode.

J. Metzger

December 1, 2021

Not the same

This plug in like most uad is a digital skin non analog variant . Takes dsp to work , wish this had the mojo I was promised .

J. Delgado

December 1, 2021

Nice !

Nice !

M. Bilderbach

December 1, 2021

Dang, why y'all gotta do me like this...

So I bought the OG vision channel strip, and this came out like two months later. I trialed it, thought, its really good, but not THAT much better.

I lied to myself. It is that much better. 100%. The functionality, the mic pre, everything about it. Its punchier, and yet cleaner, without losing mojo or vibe. Thankful to have picked this up!

R. Hemrika

November 29, 2021

feels like a disappointment

Take away an allready bought API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In feels like a disappointment and lowers the trust in the uaudio brand.

N. Brown

November 29, 2021

I Already Paid for This ...

I already bought this, and I'm being offered ZERO loyalty discount on the update. Why should I have to pay for it a second time just because it's been repackaged? So you added the graphic EQ. So what? That's not nearly enough of an improvement to justify moving my already paid for software to the legacy bin.

P. Garcia

November 27, 2021

Great sound, Annoying fader scale.

The console emulation and summing are very good, but I cant understand the "feature" that changes the fader position and scale when you insert the console or summing emulation, this makes my workflow much worse, nonsense!

please allow the users disable that useless "feature".

441-460 of 1369 Results