API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

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API Vision Channel Strip Collection

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R. Rütte

June 24, 2021


UA Plugins sind leider keine gute Geldanlage! Gerade erst den APIChannel Strip bezahlt und schon alter Kram! Kundenverachtend.
Ich kaufe mir vorerst keine UA Plugins mehr.

I. Turner

June 23, 2021

inconsequential update for $150? think I'll pass.

First, let me say that I've been using the API Vision Channel strip for years and I have always loved it, especially on drums and synths. It is awesome to track through, and excellent for mixing. It has a very authentic API sound. My one star rating is for the update, which absolutely should have been given to owners of the original API Vision Channel strip, since it is barely an improvement. The only noticeable addition is an alternate Graphic EQ (personally I prefer the semi parametric EQ), and modeling of the fader output. In all of my experimenting with the demo it sounds the same to my ears as the original Vision CS. They already had made this channel strip well. I already paid for it. now I have the option of paying an additional $150 for basically nothing that I want, or continuing to use the channel strip I already bought, which has now been labeled "Legacy", which feels abstractly like a demotion. Whats the matter UAD? Its not like you have run out of cool gear to model. I normally never write bad revues, but this $150 update just stinks of bad business. I happily join the chorus of complainers who say, "Innovate!!! don't just put a new name on something I already own and expect me to pay $150 bucks for it." Also, it is a "collection" of one plugin with two eq options.

E. Delpech

June 23, 2021

Shame on you UAD

How can you look yourselves in a mirror when you are asking to descent and honest customers to pay twice for AN UPDATE ! How dare you.

Change quickly or you will sink. Nothin is eternal and you should remember it.

So many plugin creators are reaching the very same level than yours without being greedy.

T. Turner

June 22, 2021

The best investment.

My Luna daw is now an official API mixing console. The sound is amazing and well worth the investment if you want to take your sound to the next level.

M. Mueller

June 22, 2021

Sorry UA!

Sorry, I am not paying 150$ for such a minor update. I love the API-vision channel strip and use it in almost every project for years. But I am not willing to open the pocket for such minor changes. UA should have at least included the new API-preamp and not asking for additional 100$. It is a shame. New plugins please and respect your longterm customers!

S. Mgele

June 22, 2021

Understand your customer

The new version is definitely sonically better but the idea of paying $149 for a product you already own is not acceptable. I do understand the cost of remodelling and development but to price an update at the same price as a new plugin purchase is a little misguided, especially for those who have already purchased the now “Legacy” model of the plugin.

The update pricing model for existing owners definitely needs to be reworked, as the current value proposition is not enticing enough for existing users. Taking nothing away from the work that has gone into developing this plugin (which is great; for anyone who does not own it).

M. Cheng

June 21, 2021

Be careful

If you own it, you can only use the legacy version when it is update, if you want a new version, you have to pay one more time, i'm so disappointed.

W. Krol

June 21, 2021

No upgrade!!!

No update for owners of API CS old version!!! Is it the time to change UA brand? :(

A. T

June 20, 2021

UAD is on the wrong path!

My previous API Channel Strip is rendered useless because it's now a legacy version, which means that all my old presets can't be opened with the (NOW) legacy version!!! What the Hell UAD???
Is this the path your company is choosing? Mistreating costumers that build your business?

A. T

June 20, 2021

UAD is on the wrong path!

My previous API Channel Strip is rendered useless because it's now a legacy version, which means that all my old presets can't be opened with the (NOW) legacy version!!! What the Hell UAD???
Is this the path your company is choosing? Mistreating costumers that build your business?

L. Lenhardt

June 20, 2021

Pricing is illoyal to loyal users

Minor update in sound (if one can hear it), nice update in workflow (changing EQ module), absolute garbage in service and loyalty. I do have the now legacy channel strip, the API compressor AND the EQ modules and am supposed to pay 149 Euros for this mini Update? I would like to use the EQ switch function and the plug in itself is good (I guess - the legacy one is). But this move from UA makes me wonder about alternatives to their stuff.

P. Pivetta

June 19, 2021

Another owner of legacy product...

Upgrade should be a quarter of the price listed at least! or FREE of course!

T. Keppler

June 17, 2021

The best Channel Strip on the UAD platform

The API Channel Strips for UAD have always been really good. Really easy to dial in to get what you want. Gate on this is awesome and can be dialed in for any situaiton. Especially if you want an all-purpose Unison enabled channel strip, this is the way to go in my opinion.

UAD User

June 15, 2021

API Vision Console Gone?

"UAD Ultimate 9 is the most comprehensive UAD plug‑in bundle available. With all 107 UA‑developed plug‑ins, including top‑sellers from Neve, SSL, Fender, API, Ampex, Capitol Studios, and more — you get a fully‑stocked analog studio at huge savings."

The UAD Ultimate copy needs updated if you really mean to withhold this API Vision Console update from UAD Ultimate owners.

D. Wilson

June 14, 2021

Even better!

I had the MK1 version of this collection and loved it. This new version improves upon the previous one by making the overall layout and workflow much more accessible. The sound is still stellar and punchy, and the ability to offload the console to native DSP is just icing on the cake! Try slapping the console on every track in a project. Highly recommended from a sonic and workflow standpoint!

J. Moore

June 14, 2021

Game Changer

Incredible, Push the Pre. Happiness.

B. Hamilton

June 13, 2021

Dumpster fire decision UAD

The best way to get back at UAD for doing this is to start buying Warm Audio products and quit buying into the gimmick of these plugins. The emulations are good but they are missing the warmth and fatness of real analogue outboard gear. Try a WA76 and ask yourself why you need to spend another dollar on a plug-in ever again.

K. Kim

June 13, 2021

too bad.

It is a collection because it is a collection

J. Henderson

June 11, 2021


I've been backing away from UAD for the last couple years. Why am I re-buying stuff I've owned since the first versions came out? $150 for a very subtle sound upgrade (which is highly subjective, anyway) is stupid. Computers can hack lots of native plugs these days, and UAD is being matched and surpassed in quality at every turn. You're not the only game in town any more, UAD. I'm running out of reasons to stick with you. I got onboard with the UAD platform at the very beginning. Nothing gold can stay.

s. mcclintic

June 10, 2021

wait, i get to pay again for it...?

as with the Neve plugs we get to pay the same price as the sale when we've already purchased these no legacy products? C'mon Avid...I mean UA. And while id love to have the graphic EQ in my Vision strip its not worth another 150$. SHould be a way deeper discounts for "leagcy" customers!

241-260 of 1077 Results