API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

API® Vision Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

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B. Hastings

March 13, 2015


The API easily sounds like the very best channel strip I have ever heard. It is a musical miracle. Best purchase I have ever made. Thank you!!

D. Holt

February 27, 2015

My go-to channel

I tried this plugin based on positive feedback from other users and I am certainly glad that I did! The expander/gate alone is worth the price. It really is that good. I plan on purchasing enough DSP expansion so that I can use this plugin on most tracks like a virtual console. The only downside is it's very resource-intensive. Sounds incredible though!

C. Bundy

February 19, 2015

Flex Your Ears

After getting my API Channel Strip and using for one day... it became clear to me how useful it can be as a BenchMark. There are many pieces of gear that I can add together to clean up a mix quick, but not many that come in one well working package.

It's very colorful. When making cuts/boosts trust your ears. Not the knobs... but you know that.

M. Abou-Alfa

February 13, 2015


I have the Apollo Duo for my Mic Channel. I love to use the API for my Vocals it sounds very well. Comparing to the other Preamps there is so much difference and the final recording is very athentic.

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B. Miranda

February 12, 2015

Sounds so good!

I have a small lunchbox at the studio. It's a 500 series, but this still gives that hint of API when you drive it hard! I am very content with the super clean pres, but I like the color API gives. It still somewhat clean, but it has the API signature sound! The EQ and compressors sound so great!

P. Meeks

January 29, 2015

Great Channel Strip

Back in the day, I used API consoles. This plug is dead on it... The features react the same way. I love the sound the channel allows me to greate. It is some smooth and warm sound.... I am still amazed that it is a plug with this kind of great sound.

P. Meeks

January 29, 2015

Excellent plug-in ......A+

The Cooper time cube MK II, is out standing. I used one of these years ago as an analog unit. These things were outstanding then. The UA plug-in, is very true to the analog units back then. I am so impressed with how they function with vocals, guitars keyboards, drums, just about anything. Fantastic job by Universal Audio.

L. Malby

January 22, 2015

A perfect instrument plugin

If I had the DSP I would use this on every channel. This thing works really well on kick drums.

A. Balderston

January 21, 2015

I put that ish on everything!

I originally bought this cuz I had a buncha coupons and I wanted an "all around" plugin, and lemme tell you - this thing gets used all over my sessions. I love the unison features, but you can put it on anything and it'll work wonders. Do this!

B. Bradley

January 20, 2015

Excellent EQ and Gain sound

Nice plugin. Very musical. It is nice to be able to choose between the Neve 1073 and this API Vision Channel Strip! The API is a bit more flexible and you can spend some time and sculpt some nice mixes with this thing. I'm happy! Very musical plugin!

S. Xenokottas

January 17, 2015

Absolutely love it

Have never used the hardware so can't compare.
I didn't even listen to the plugin either before buying it, just bought it on recommendations. Have used it for a week now and i absolutely love it.

D. Reichley

January 15, 2015


I do love and use the Neve and the 610AB plugins, but the API has quickly become the one I go to first. Why?

It sounds amazing.
You can get that amazing sound quickly.
(In fact, you have to try very hard to get a bad sound.)
It's layout is clean, thoughtful and intuitive.
It's versatile (It's a great one stop shopping channel strip).
It uses a lot less DSP than the Neve and 610s.

One could go on. But what would be the point?

Great job, UA!

C. Bezzi

January 15, 2015

Wonderful for voices

Since this plugin is in my toolbox it's the only to-go for voice treatment. The gain stage gives the "something". The gate is not much used but very natural. The real goodness comes from the compressor and the eq stages. Especially the eq that sculpts the sound in a very good way that is immediately useable and just sounds good.
I don't use many if these plugins in a session, so even if it's DSP heavy, it's still ok.
I've not experienced the analogue API due to budget restriction so I cannot compare. But this channel strip is good value for money and now a reference as much as the UAD SSL strip that is still used for many instrumental tracks.

A. Guild

January 15, 2015


I can't keep it off my tracks!! Classic compression and very useful filters. A serious console emu.

J. King

January 14, 2015

amazing plugin

I must say that that this API vision plugin is one of my best plugins
it gives my mix that shine it just makes everything sounds so clean
i enjoy using it on my vocals especially its good for tweaking
and i will recommend it to all the studio engineers out there.


D. Brown

January 14, 2015

Good Stuff

Haven't had time to use this much but what I have used it on worked out great. Just using it within the signal path makes the sound more open and in your face on vox and guitars. Looking forward to getting to know this plugin like the back of my hand. Unison Rocks. Good Stuff.....

E. Kerr

January 14, 2015


This is probably one of the best plugins I have ever used. The presets are amazing for mixing, and I have been able to get some incredible sounds using it as a pre with my apollo. It has replaced my outboard pres half the time. I track through this and it sounds finished.

The gate is particularly spectacular.

B. Lodico

January 14, 2015

APi : A ViSiON

Really goog plugin.
I Don't know the harware, but for me, it's Just the vision I needed ;).
I Test iT on a bus horns in a mix and it's give dem presence with no aggressivity.
On drums, perfect.
In the unsisson mode ( first time I try this fabolous new way of work ), I put in on a acouctic guitar, really nice but carefull with the hi endz.

W. Lewis

January 14, 2015

API Vision Channel Strip

This plug in works well. Many of the presets are great places to start depending on your specific needs, then very easy to adjust to taste. Lots of flexibility for various applications.

R. Erulo

January 14, 2015

Best plugin I've ever owned!

It's just great. So clear and detailed. it really gives you the feel of analog sound,
the gate works perfectly and it's great on snare and bass drums! The compressor is outstanding but never invasive, great on overheads and drums. the Eq sounds amazing!
perfect to shape every instrument and make them stand out of the mix!
But the real thing is.. try to mix a whole song with the Vision Channelstrip and and then compare it with any other of your work!! You won't believe it!

661-680 of 915 Results