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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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J. Fomsgaard

May 14, 2021

very disappointed

This should not be a paid update for existing owners.......pure greed...

R. Kei

May 14, 2021

Luna users got right reason why they have to use Luna for mixing from now on.

Thank you for the sound quality.
and further more,
It's so appreciate to use this via native not a DSP chip~!
I already started my new mix with Luna,
and I already use this on the every channel.
I wish you guys develope for Neve,SSL and many other console like this.
Most of all, I wait for Neve~!
You guys are incredible!!!!

B. Whitlock

May 13, 2021


I just bought the Vision Channel Strip now it’s an Old Legacy Plug and I’m supposed to paid another $150 for the update! WTF

E. Klinger

May 13, 2021

Better than I expected!

An amazing addition to an already superior mixing system.

I own most UA plugins and Luna extensions and this is my 1st review. I have been a UAD user for about 18 years, since about the time UAD went from UAD-1 to UAD-2 if I remember correctly.

This really really enhanced my workflow within Luna... and so very quickly. I have my wishlist for what Luna could be, but I heavily prefer it over *cough*Pro Tools*cough* so when enhancements like this are released, it's hard to pass by... even having previously owned the API Vision Channel.

Bottom line - sounds great like you would expect... fat and full, but somehow fantastically clear. The API sound, to my ears, is big but not bloated and dull. It retains a nice clarity but adds a distinct character.

Adding strips also add the API Console to an insert instance, but it seems to require much less resources than you would expect - of course this was a worry of mine before purchasing. But rest assured it seems to run quite well on my modest 2019 i7 iMac with 8 UAD cores across most of a rock mix (13 drums, bass, 4 guitars etc).

Workflow integration is really nice - one of the three modules display in the mix window to offer a nice overview instead of finding and clicking the plugin to change eq, compression settings, or whatever it is you may need. It has little to do with laziness to take the steps, and more to do with a feeling of unity with the mix window.

Am I upset to pay extra for this "upgrade"?? No. It is not an upgrade, it is a Luna extension... an extension to a nice DAW that is FREE. It doesn't make sense to expect things to be free. I imagine that Luna, as amazing as it is (and how especially it could blossom into THE greatest mixing/editing (and midi??) platform of all time), is made to boost sales of plugins and hardware - this is WHAT THEY DO. And they do it very well.


May 13, 2021

UAD's endless greed....

All the 1-star reviews tell a story of UAD's greed. I'm saddened by this fact. Y'all used to be the best in the game, and Bill Putnam is probably turning over in his grave right now. How can you charge existing customers who bought the API vision strip? It's the exact same coding? And you want to charge me 49 dollars for the preamp version? Reminds me of the neve preamp which is the EXACT same coding from the 1073 channel strip plugin. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

A. Rivas

May 13, 2021

Please read-UAD

I purchased the Vision Channel Strip Collection API sometime back.
Now UAD decided to downgraded my license to "legacy". To get API Vision I would need to paid $150- I am sorry UAD this is RIDICULOUS!!

A. Rivas

May 13, 2021


I bought API VISION at full price and now has been downgraded to "LEGACY"!! Now I have to pay $150 more to get another API VISION ???? I am sorry UAD this is RIDICULOUS.

S. Pagano

May 13, 2021

Dont upgrade your version

If you were thinking about it before reading this, don't do the latest update. Your "updated" product will now render your previous API as a legacy version. The only upgrade in modern history to downgrade your product. Poor etiquette, UA, we expected better.

R. UA Customer

May 13, 2021

Nice eye candy, but a confusing and disappointing sales model

Like other customers, I already purchased a license for the API Vision Channel Strip. I'm disappointed that instead of getting a nice update, I'm being told my license is now legacy and being asked to purchase a new license. To make matters worse, there appears to be several offers at different discounted prices, but it's unclear what is included in these various discounted prices. Does the Emulation Bundle price include the updated API Vision Channel Strip Collection for UAD hardware?

The LUNA API Vision Console Emulation is visually appealing. The integration into the LUNA interface is clever and should make for a better ITB mixing experience. It sounds like the tech for switching between UAD-2 and native running modes is advancing nicely. I'm curious if the tape emulations now have, or will get, this new dynamic switching. If I can figure out the pricing, I might end up purchasing when the demo expires.

A. Martín

May 13, 2021


dRiV3 y0uR LiF3

L. Naffin

May 13, 2021

updates should be free!

UAD plugins are good but expensive. Premium prices should include updates. From now on i will rather look for native solutions. Especially because the quality differences don't justify the price anymore.

E. Obreiter

May 13, 2021

Buy it Twice! This is a very bad business practice!!! Quite bad character

I also owned the API Vision Channel strip and now, I have to buy it again????
This is a very bad business practice. I expect my purchase to be restored immediately!!!
Does UAD really need to cheat customers?
Isn't it enough to have absolute exorbitant prices for all the plugins?

J. Doherty

May 13, 2021

Elevates my mixes

I bought this after I saw it being used on a Fab DuPont demo. Just had for a few weeks and really like how it has elevated some of my old mixes

D. Sullivan

May 12, 2021

I've owned UAD since V1 - my first 'review' API Preamp

Wow, harmonics break up ever so nice. I don't record anything with it, but use it on Synth VST and Drums. Perhaps just anywhere. Luvleh!

D. Skaggs

May 12, 2021

Huge bummer

I bought the Vision channel strip a week ago. Every other plug they've updated (i.e. the mix and sc on 1176 revA, 33609, et al.) has been free. How was I to know that the version I was about to buy would become the legacy version a week later and 'oh btw now you have to pay us another $150 to upgrade to what you thought you were buying in the first place'. Completely absurd and yes, I already enquired about a refund or upgrade. Nada. I own the vast majority of their plugs, use their hardware and LUNA. Very uncool direction and has left a nasty taste in my mouth.

A. Carr

May 12, 2021

Should have been a free upgrade for existing owners

It is so ridiculous that I already owned this product and am now being asked to pay $150 – essentially just for a new EQ module that is extremely similar to the previous one – in order to stay up to date. UAD make so many incredible plugins that it is so disappointing and frustrating to see you opportunistically embracing this gross paid-minor-upgrade culture like so many other developers. You need to rethink this.

R. Montero

May 12, 2021

This is wow!!!!

Now we talking!!!!!!! This is the best update, best plugin, BEST WAY TO
MIX!!! Feel like real console!!!!’ Thanx UNIVERSAL AUDIO AA

P. Romitelli

May 12, 2021

Api visione legacy

12 days ago I purchased the Vision Channel Strip Collection API. They downgraded my license to "legacy". You can't pay for a full price plugin that becomes legacy after just a few days. I am very disappointed.

a. toth

May 12, 2021

politique désatreuse

Honte à vous Uad de faire passer un channel strip sous le terme legacy et de demander 150 euros ( en remise ) aux anciens détenteurs de ce plugin pour obtenir la mise à a jour. Honteux.... Déjà pour Luna ( windows) et maintenant ça ???

a. toth

May 12, 2021

Quel arnaque..

J'ai acheté le channel strip api vision l'année dernière.
Ils ont sorti une mise a jour de ce plugin et ont fait passer l'ancienne version en Legacy ??????
Honteux si je veux utilisé la nouvelle mise à jour (ajout d'un Eq en plus seulement) je dois dépenser de nouveau 150 euros à .. Sérieusement les mecs vous êtes des escrocs.

681-700 of 1726 Results