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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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S. Roth

May 19, 2021

Love the new concept, but…

I totally appreciate the new concept of hybrid native processing. But what I don’t understand is that you concentrate completely on acoustic and rock, while if you listen to the charts there is none of that. How about offering something modern for the new generation of producers who don’t want an emulation of a classic console? A new modern sounding workflow?
Also I find the upgrade price too high for existing Api owner customers

A. Brown

May 19, 2021


so I'm thinking to up grade to Big Sur with my Luna DAW I've picked up for FREE when I buy Apollo X4 almost 11 months ago . But now because I don't want to upgrade my API Channel Strip I own ,there is no way to get back into my Luna . now its I'ether Play for the upgrade or you can't use Luna !!!! What Ship is this ????? I thought UAD was Great but Now looking to Studio One Subcribe Package for 14.99 per month with Great Plugins !! Wow in less then one year Charging for upgrade and now because I'm not into that I can't get back to Recording in Luna because they have me stuck on Quit or Download newest API Console ! Ship Going under fast

J. Pedersen

May 19, 2021

Money grab!

$149 for a basically a cosmetic upgrade is insulting. I own 82 UAD plugins, two satellites, an Apollo X6 and a X16. I'm done buying from you guys. Never in my 30 years in the music biz have I witness such a blatant money grab. Shame on Universal Audio.

J. Shannon

May 19, 2021

This is a blunder.

In my case, I've had the now "legacy" API Vision strip for awhile. I don't mind paying something extra to gain something new and significant, but to buy a more accurate version of my supposedly already accurate emulation at this price us a bit much. It almost feels like you're remarking the plugin to us to offset the development costs spent to make it work correctly with LUNA. For customers who purchased the original Vision in the last six months, this should be a free upgrade. For the rest of us we should be getting a voucher to help offset the upgrade, and the upgrade cost shouldn't be $150. I still love UAD, but I will doing a hard pass on the API Vision upgrade for anytime in the immediate future.

j. murray

May 19, 2021

Its an upgrade for sure

Dunno, sounds better than before (have the legacy API vision strip), integrated into Luna, and comes with API summing and 2500; nice one UAD!


May 19, 2021


Je viens juste de l'acheter et je dois encore débourser 150€ pour l'update , vous n'êtes pas sérieux, il y a un profond manque de respect de ses clients , je suis déçu de cette politique commerciale .

G. Engst

May 19, 2021



S. van Servellen

May 19, 2021

High quality integration but pricey business model

I really appreciate the quality and innovation in terms of integration and workflow, and understand that companies need to drive revenue growth to invest part back into R&D and to retain and attract talents. I'm all for healthy business. That said, I spent like 4K on UAD plugins in the last year and found myself disappointed to see the API vision channel strip I bought recently relegated to legacy, and need to spend more money to use the LUNA integration. The business model with constantly changing discounts, upgrades, packages, is really tricky to navigate, and always end up second guessing my choices.

Probably UA could develop refined model and better value story to keep customers (who are not all professional studios, yet invest significant money into this eco-system) feeling like it's fair value.

S. Bruce

May 19, 2021

PLEASE take away my earlier review, now I think I will update! I saw Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater review this!

PLEASE take away my earlier one star review, now I think I will update! I saw Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater review this LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle. I came away impressed.

A. Eloi

May 18, 2021

Love it

Not sure why people are complaining about updating price. No one is making you do anything, unless you’re that weak-minded. The legacy plugin sounds already great on its own so why complain? Not to mention the fact that you get access to the inner workings of a full api vision console worth a sh!tload of money for a very affordable price. Seriously some of y’all need to get a reality check

S. Bruce

May 18, 2021

This should be a free upgrade for existing customers!

This should be a free upgrade for existing customers!

l. hammel

May 18, 2021

You guys are out of your minds

The fact that everyone here is whining about buying a literal 100k plus console for $700 or less if you own the plugins is insane. Its the bargain of a lifetime!! This is not a bait and switch or an underhanded attempt at a cash grab. This is an amazing evolution of a product that can put you in the major leagues for next to nothing. UAD works hard for us and they deserve to be compensated for these revolutionary innovations. I don't work for them but I'm a happy user since they started and yes I own the API stuff too and will be upgrading to my console. Maybe you should console yourselves and rethink what you can get for next to nothing. Or dont buy it.

D. Reichley

May 18, 2021

I LIKE IT, share the confusion about UA’s pricing

There’s always been confusion when it comes to UA’s pricing insofar as what you’re getting. I’ve only recently come to understand that their offer to me for any given product is based on what I already own and therefore if someone has a different plugin library, their offer to someone else for that product will be different. In the case of the API console emulation — I already owned the (now legacy version) Vision channel strip and 2500 bus compressor — so UA’s offer was $180 for the API console emulation. But that also included the upgrade to the Vision channel strip, so $180 got me console emulation and a channel strip upgrade.

So, in my case, I had no qualms about the price to get console emulation integrated into Luna’s mixer and running on native DSP, as well as upgrading my channel strip. How does it sound? Great, of course — punchy, more vivid — and that’s just running all the tracks thru the console emulation without turning on any of the modules.

One reason I’ve always dug the original Vision strip is because it has pretty much all you need right there in front of you — the console emulation is an expansion. All that combined with a few of your favorite effects plugs, API summing and tape, you’re sitting in front of pretty complete API recording/mixing console, all in the box.

S. Hammel

May 18, 2021

Already paid you for "most authentic" unison years ago-I can wait

I'm sure it's nice but it's not 50% price upsell of the version you already sold me. I'll wait a few more years until most mostest no for real the most realistic model of it comes out. Been asking for UAD dsp powered convo room model package for years...that would be new, and really helpful for post adr and vo. Will we be in for slightly tweaked versions of what we paid for already from now on????

M. Kulev

May 17, 2021

They revoked my license.

Lawlessness! API Vision Channel Strip in demo mode. Return the plugin or the money.

A. Shoat

May 17, 2021

don’t upgrade

i was excited to see an update but the sheer disappointment in the community comments makes me wonder if the high update price justify’s paying that much. Alas I will wait for a sale or a coupon in the time being

D. Marais

May 17, 2021

Gorgeous - and worth it: UA developers have to eat and pay bills too

I know a lot of users are frustrated by the extra payment for the API upgrade, but it is pro- rated for those who already have the “now-legacy” version. Enormous R&D went into developing this even more accurate version and I certainly don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to pay extra for an even more polished sound response. Once you hear the difference you’ll maybe be ok with paying a little to get the upgrade.

They’re not charging full price if you’re an existing API plug-in owner - you’re only paying for the extra sonic richness and extensive R&D that is blurring the line between analogue and digital even more.

And for the full Luna console API emulation, think it’s an excellent price ($174 for existing API plug-in suite owners) for a sonic device that would cost you over $100K if you bought the hardware Vision console - and then you’d be dropping about $1000 per year on maintenance.

Still think this price is too expensive? I definitely do not.

I think the pricing is absolutely fair and worth it.

Keep up the exciting work, UA!

C. Eric

May 17, 2021


thx for this "cheap" update !

S. Potaczek

May 17, 2021

"Legacy" Owners Deserve an Update

Cmon y'all. Give the legacy folks what they deserve: a proper update path (and $150 ain't it)

s. zulic

May 17, 2021

Greed not cool at all

I have doubts about UAD lately, this is not cool and they definitely should change something in their policy. Decrease greed for profit and increase customer satisfaction, change your course otherwise people will notice it and start quitting from UAD at least one good percentage will.

721-740 of 1809 Results