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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

1601-1620 of 2206 Results

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L. Carlozo

February 25, 2018

On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 2500

I was always very happy with another mix compressor I've used for years. Then I tried this, and it felt like I was leaving the Stone Age and entering the period of Enlightenment. I love aggressive-yet-musical compressors, and along with the Fairchild 670 this is the best UA plug in for that colour I've ever heard. Bravo!

R. Invernizzi

February 25, 2018

I Really Love this Compressor

Very powerful and helpful tool. I use this for single tracks or for bus channels. It gives you great sound and lot of solutions for a great mix.
As all the API stuff here in UAD, this compressor is AMAZING!!!!

P. Miro

February 2, 2018

A bit special

The hardware AP has always been one of my favourite channels. The eq is unique and works so well on just about every sound source. Having had the time to compare all aspects of the software v the hardware, this is about as close as it gets. Truly amazing emulations. One of the things I love most is what happens when you drive the preamp, softening the high end like nothing else.

C. Dornan

January 28, 2018

Love it

Purchased this in November - absolutely love it. Can really bring out the 'knock' in your drums, and glues everything beautifully. One of the best comp plugins I've ever seen.

C. Dornan

January 28, 2018

Love it

Purchased this in November - absolutely love it. Can really bring out the 'knock' in your drums, and glues everything beautifully. One of the best comp plugins I've ever seen.

K. Price

January 24, 2018

Awesome Api

I love the color it adds to singing vocals, one of my go to plugins

K. Price

January 24, 2018

Awesome Api

I love the color it adds to singing vocals, one of my go to plugins

A. Thebault

January 20, 2018

Killer sound

Sounds great on everything I've used it on and is great to use as a Unison plug-in when recording. Really happy with this plug-in!

-. Trips

January 15, 2018

Still new to me.. but....

I just recently acquired this one, and my first impressions are "versatility". Its going to take some time for me to find where I like using it best, especially with SO many other Compressors in my arsenal, but when demoing this and going back and forth between the Zener, and the Distressor, all which came out relatively close in proximity to one another, I simply couldn't decide, and bought all 3!

I have NO doubt I will put it to good use though as its versatility is likely its finest quality. I will be putting it through its paces on my 2bus asap!

R. Gun

January 14, 2018

The colorful and musical

It gives clearly a certain tone to every thing you send trough it.
And it has a lot of different sounds. I miss the warmth of the typical API circuit but that´s ok since it makes your tracks sound good though.
None of other UAD plugins do the same. But do expect a certain POSITIVE destruction :-)

I dislike these new large GUIs, they bomb your small 15" laptop displays.

E. Halterman

January 13, 2018

Add the magic to your drum bus!

This lives on my drum bus... always and forever! Hahahaha

J. Johnson II

January 12, 2018

Buy It Solid API 2500

UAD API 2500 sounds great to me I use it all the time. It sounds solid. I use it on the mix buss, vocal buss and have recently been putting it on the master. I am pleased. It cost me some bread but I'm happy I made the decision to pull the trigger.

J. Mack

January 11, 2018

Toolbox magic

Its fair to say I have a pre-standing love and ear for the 'API sound'. I absolutely love tracking with this through the unison pres. For acoustic guitar and vocals this is my favourite tracking tool, rich, full, dynamic and really flavourful when pushed a little. The compressor has a great punch and suits heavy strummed guitar, snares and drums generally. DSP usage is much lower than some other unison channel strips too. Thank you UA!

A. Iliev

January 11, 2018


One of the best Compressor emulations so far

A. Iliev

January 11, 2018


Great emulation of the compressor and EQ sections.

J. Ueland

January 8, 2018

Sounds Beautiful

Such a musical plugin, It's warm, punchy and sounds amazing. I love having a Comp, Gate, Filter and EQ all in one great sounding place.

k. marouf

January 6, 2018


this is really an excellent companion.
good sounding eq for quite everyhting. you can push it hard to the limit and it still sounds
great even gets better. the same with the compressor. normally i am carefull with ratios.
but in this case its opposite:-)
5/5 starts.

D. Sandoval

December 10, 2017


I'm nearly speechless, which is probably in everyone's best interest, but this emulation demonstrates unequivocally that physical circuits can be modeled indistinguishably in the digital realm. Saved me thousands and I can put this puppy anywhere and everywhere all at once, or simply once on the 2 bus and drive it home from there.

b. jung

December 10, 2017

뭐 이건 그냥 사야되는 플러그인 입니다.

기존 waves 2500이 뭔가 아쉬웠던 분들은 분명 만족하실 겁니다. "원본 하드웨어 소리보다 안 좋다"같은 헛소리하시는 분들은 그냥 뒤로 가기 눌러 주세요. 비교할걸 비교하세요. 3000달러 하드웨어랑 299달러 플러그인의 질감이 어떻게 똑같겠습니까. 하지만 이 정도 소리라면 충분히 납득 가능한 가격이고, 시즌 할인에 쿠폰 몇 개 먹이면 100달러 안짝으로도 살 수 있으니 완전 이득이죠. 조심하세요, 데모 버튼 눌러서 트레숄드 내리는 순간 add to cart 버튼 누르시게 될 겁니다.

V. Warui

December 7, 2017

The best Unison Preamp UA makes

I'm totally blown away with the high quality, forward and punchy sound API Vision Channel strip gives you. It is so easy to use in both tracking or mixing. It is so idiot proof. I'm so glad to have it my arsenal. I'm not so interested in other UA Unison Preamps. The reviews tell you the truth about this awesome plugin. Currently, 480 people have given it about 4.9 out of 5 stars. I think this is the most highly rated plugin UA makes for a very good reason.

1601-1620 of 2206 Results