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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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J. Rytlewski

June 25, 2014

clarity and depth

If you need to work fast to get a mix up and sounding great for me this is it .I find it easy to understand the meters translate to my ears and it just sounds classy !

J. Roger

June 25, 2014

Wasn't going to buy it at first.

I wasn't going to buy this at first, but had a coupon from the Octo Promotion. I'm glad i got it. Every aspect of this is a winner. I really dig the extra punch that chimes in with the EQ engaged, and the compression with cranking the Preamp.

It's not always the answer, but when it is, it is.
Great sounding piece!

A. Schinoff

June 19, 2014

Great Channel Strip!

Perfect for every sound source, a lot of opcions, sounds great!!!

J. Dearth

June 17, 2014

Heavy weight hitter

Goes on just about every channel. Look no further. I use this most of the time, if I need a warmer vibe, I go with the Neve 88RS. Great on drums, vocals, bass, guitars, everything. Great to use, easy to understand, decent presets to get you pointed in the right direction.

K. Hollifield

June 16, 2014

API Vision Channel Strip Plug-In docs not found

The documentation for the API vision channel Strip plug in can not be found online or in the installation. Where is it?

M. Bolton

June 16, 2014

A 20/20 Plug-in

Buying this is like buying a pair of glasses for your audio!

To date, this is the best plug that I've ever used. I've been through all the Waves worth mentioning, Brainworx, other UAD ones, Native instruments, etc…, and none of them compare to the "it just works" aspect that this plug offers.

The preamp dials in your amount of distortion. The filters provide just enough to cut (or even add side chain!). The compressor, with its four different combinations, is very doable on nearly every source — if not perfect. It can do punch you in the gut very easily or even be very transparent — very adjustable and versatile. The expander can be a pretty neat creative tool; try it on drums! Great EQ!

Though it's a channel strip, try it on all buses!

R. Nyhaug

June 15, 2014

Beautiful sound

Beautiful sound, crystal clear top and good reproduction in the bottom register, API Vision Channel Strip is also very musical.

V. Kourkoutas

June 8, 2014


Awesome channel strip, works great with Unison Technology and ready to use while tracking, mixing etc. This tool does not only offer great sound but it is a one-plugin-solution while tracking concerning the included EQ and compressor besides its colour.

M. Elten

June 7, 2014

I Love it

The first thing i did with my new API channel strip was recording an acoustic guitar set via UNISON. At once I achieved the best acoustic guitar recordings ever. Like good old times: Recording with little compression (the compressor is awesome) and some frequency enhancements provides analogue magic to your recordings.

J. Vanzino

June 7, 2014

A Workhorse

I cannot say enough good things about this emulation of the API Vision strip. For the price you cannot go wrong with all that it has to offer.

I especially recommend the comp and eq for anything guitar!

T. Commo

June 6, 2014

This is the must-have channel strip.

I've always considered plugins to be convenient but not as natural as outboard gear. This plugin changes everything. If I'm going with gentle eq and compression, I have no worries about pushing this plugin to the DAW track as it's recorded. It sounds absolutely incredible on drums on vocals. I have yet to try it on guitar but I expect great results there too. Zero disappointment and, if you had to buy only one UAD plugin, this is it.

Z. Barzilai

June 3, 2014

My first choice

Always my first choice when tracking with my Apollo. this channel strip is so versatile!

S. Hoffmann

May 29, 2014

API Vision Chanel Strip ...

For me the sound is amazing. It is warm and punchy but also helps to have a crisp sound in various applications. Great tool ...

B. Blais

May 21, 2014


... to bring back to life bad recordings !!!
I haven't tried yet the UNISON mode.

P. Bunditlertrak

May 19, 2014

Yes, It's API

Good for rock music, or anything you want. If you looking fo tight or strong signal with no muddy. THIS IS IT!!!

C. Borneo

May 15, 2014

best plug in ever!!

Im tracking drums real type with the API legacy plug in....and its a killer!..I get the great API color on my "Online session" plus all the other features ( eq, filter, gate, compressor) Im just started "demoing" the Neve 1073 and of course I going for it , will be broke soon if u still real sing this AWESOME stuff :) ....Unison technology is here, and its gonna change the future .

N. Wilson

May 15, 2014

Great Channel Strip

I have the waves API and also the UAD API eq's that are great. I tend like the UAD eq a little more then the Waves version, but they are both good.

The API channel strip is really a great addition to the eq;s. It has everything you need in one plugin. The sound is warm and fat. The compressors are easy to use and can cover a wide range of dynamic contrail. The preamp adds some weight...

I didn't want to spend another bunch of money just to add some features around the existing API EQ I already had, but the channel strip is really something else and more. I tend to use it on kick, snare, overhead bass, box, and then run the API eq on other sources, and it does give a nice API sound to the overall mix. Great plugin

J. Gay

May 15, 2014

Solid, quick workflow, my favorite gate

Adds weight in a good way. My goto on drums, guitars, keyboards. Being able to adjust everything from a single interface is a tremendous time saver. With so many interdependent parameters the Vision allows me to easily make adjustments while keeping the output level constant so I can accurately judge the effect of the plugin.
Love the gate/expander. So simple and effective. I can put it on my noisy Clavinet and it keeps it silent in between notes while preserving the transients.

W. Thums

May 14, 2014

All You Need

I use the Channel Strip for Electronic Music and Vocals. If I want to add some fundemantal and precise frequencies which bring my Kick Drum to the Point Where it belongs: The API is it. If I want to add presence and clearance to my Vocals: this is it. If the transients of my Snare need some snappy but easily controllable compression: This is it. If I want to Cut some unwanted decays or Noise from any sound: The fantastic Gate is it. I dont Know the Hardware but I dont have to because this Channel strip blows all Plugs I know simply away. It is transparent, precise and can add distortion that I dont want to miss anymore. Dont try it... BUY IT!!!!!!

J. Madsen

May 14, 2014

Very autenticitet

Very nice channelstrip. It sounds very good on drums pianos and synthesizers. The EQ is very sweet and musical but not very subtle. The compressor kan be very clear sounding and also quite aggressive and punchy. I use the channelstrip on most things that needs to be clear and fast and clean - without being boring. I love the EQ on my analog synthesizers. It gives them a more modern sound. I have mixed on Real API consoles and it has the same vibe as the original. Especially the EQ and preamp. Love it. The only disadvantage is that it is quite DSP intensive.

1681-1700 of 1836 Results