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Apollo 16

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Apollo 16

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J. Dempsy

April 5, 2018


Best piece of recording gear I’ve used in a long long time. The plugins are on the money, I can send my mix out to my analogue console to sum them down for masters.... it’s just so versatile. Thanks, hep cats!!

c. mochizuki

April 4, 2018


awesome piece of gear for the studio!

UAD User

March 28, 2018

Apollo 16 Review

I bought this to have the outputs to analog sum. It works absolutely perfect.

S. Huttner

March 2, 2018

Apollo 16 x2

Jetzt musste ich das zweite APOLLO16 haben. Die Soundqualität und die Handhabung sind für mich spitzenmäßig. In meiner Studioumgebung hatte ich bislang noch nichts besseres und jetzt kann ich auch in der Champions League spielen.

e. hartwell

February 23, 2018

Apollo 16 goodness.

I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to add an Apollo 16 to my UA rig for a while. With UA’s recent sale, including a satellite 2 October core, I pulled the trigger.
Now I have a silver face quad with my new Apollo 16, plus a FireWire quad core, octo core, and another into core on the way... so stoked.
While I await the new Octo core, I didn’t hesitate to get the Apollo 16 integrated into an existing session. So far so amazing!
Easy to set up, a thunderbolt cable and a download . My session has a more processing power, head room, and I’m loving loving loving this choice!!!
Can’t recommend this unit enough. I’m just scratching the surface.. can’t wait to dig in !!

e. hartwell

February 23, 2018

Apollo 16

Recently I expanded my UAD rig with an Apollo 16. Connecting it via thunderbolt with silver face Apollo Quad. So far so amazing. Took it right out of the box, did downloads, and right into an existing project. Immediately rWith the extra quad plus the octo core

D. Canfield

February 11, 2018

Two month wait for the Satellite.

I'd love to review my gear but you say it will take two months to get it. Why ( know why) does it take two months to get the Satellite that came with my Apollo 16?

J. Saenz

January 31, 2018

Love it...

Purchased for our new B room, and LOVE it so much that we are considering changing out our A room converters in favor of another pair of Apollo 16's!! As per usual, UA HAS THE FIRE!!
- Modern Electric Sound Recorders, Dallas TX

g. moore

January 15, 2018

From PT HD (192) to Apollo 16 mk2

I finally made the move from pt 8 (digi 192) to pt 12 w an Apollo 16 mk2. I have been pleasantly surprised. This thing sounds great! I’m going back in the box! Things have really changed.


K. Butler

January 13, 2018


I wish I could be so descriptive that everyone would hear and see what I’m typing about the Apollo, IT IS AMAZING!!!!! The sound quality AMAZING!!!!!

E. Navas

January 13, 2018


This interface is amazing but i dont like d sub 25 in/outs, the rest of the product is increfible

M. Dunn

December 25, 2017

The Choice Is Yours

If you like your mixes on ground level, stay with what you have. If you want to take them to the moon.... Apollo! Git it, Apollo 16 Baby!!!

J. North

November 24, 2017

Top Shelf Interface

Came from SSL Alphalink conversion and like the Apollo 16 better - much more focused imaging and bottom end. Love the sound of the latency-free recording with plugins. I have outboard LA2A, 1776, Pultecs etc and often use the plugins instead and commit those sounds. Really glad I made the jump into the future - won't be looking back.

T. Bertelsen

November 17, 2017


Unfortunately I'm experiencing drop outs in audio and when using more than one single UAD plug and further more my Apollo makes an awful "bit crunch/digital error sound" when ever i pause/stop my DAW. My computer is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013), 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. My DAW is Ableton Live 9,7 Suite (64 bit). Please help - I was just getting into the UA world and i was even thinking about buying another Apollo 16 for my set up, but I really need to fix this problem! This is soooo frustrating. Thank you in advance. All the best Thomas

P. Perfetto

November 15, 2017

great unit

Love the 16 ins and outs, I use this with my Dangerous 2 bus +, and it works great. Just like I expected, everything from UA is top notch.

R. Polson-Lahache

November 7, 2017

Apollo 16

I’m running an 8p, a twin and recently added the 16 MkII. The conversion is great in comparison of having come from the flagship Apogee line of products. I love the latency free element too as my ‘other’ studio has always been a large Pro Tools latency free setup. My main studio now is all UA based and I’m running outboard gear in and out. I have a bunch of pres, tape echos, spring reverbs, etc. The one gripe I’ve had is the matrix layout with the cues and virtual channels. I was used to using 1 in equals 1 out. UA has a more complicated way of ins and outs that took some time to get my head around. I also wished the monitor on the unit could be used as a third set of speakers. I’m hoping a future firmware update would implement this feature when units are daisy chained. All in all this additional piece of hardware makes my studio more analog and fun because now all my hardware is hooked up and I can actually turn knobs in a creative way.

R. Malyi

November 1, 2017

Apollo 16Mk II

No madi, no dante, no unison, only 4 processors, and that’s a flagship product, how it’s possible? (((

S. Moore

October 9, 2017

Apollo 16 (Black Face)

Outstanding. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!! Especially with the UAD Satellite deal ....

E. Anderson

October 7, 2017

Big, open sound. A Game changer.

I have been a UAD-2 Plugin user for several years, and have a Quad and an Octo card in my system. I had been using an RME Fireface UFX. The Fireface is a very good Interface, very clean, with 4 clean mic pre's. But as a devout UAD-2 user, I always wondered how an Apollo would sound with my rig. I have 6 re-reacked API 512 pre's, A Warm Audio WA 412 pre, an AEA TRP Ribbon Mic Pre, and a couple of Neve RNDI's.

It all comes alive with the Apollo 16. I tested this side by side against the UFX, and the difference is stunning. The sound is huge and open, compared to a more sterile sound from the UFX. There is depth I've never heard in my setup now. An additional 4 DSP chips mean I have zero limitations on UAD-2 plugins. And they are my favorite plugs ever.

This is a game changer for me. It's an amazing piece of gear.

UAD User

August 26, 2017

Couldn't be happier

My 16 is driving my mixing board and I've just learned how flexible this can be with virtual inputs and console 2 running real-time processing.

21-40 of 96 Results