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Apollo 16

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61-80 of 101 Results

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F. Gamas

January 6, 2017

Amazing sounding interface!

I love my new apollo 16 mkII! It sounds amazing, super flexible routing options, and tons of i/o channels for running my analog gear! The only thing that would make this even better would be a dedicated headphone out, but I know have an apollo twin controlling the master volume and acting as my headphone monitor so I'm all set! Definitely recommend this interface to anyone with tons of outboard gear!

V. Stellio

January 3, 2017

FL2P Musique arrangement all systèmes Top !...

I`m back to the moon

J. Younger

December 31, 2016! But.....

This unit is fantastic. The plugins are fantastic. The online support, not so much. They returned one email with a solution that didn't work and then ignored the second...and third, leaving me to my own devices. Thankfully I am good with devices....and what lovely devices they make. 4 3/4 stars.

S. Huttner

December 24, 2016

Again a Apollo

After having already a Twin and an Apollo 8, I decided to also have an Apollo 16. I love that kind of studio gear.
It's simply the best!

J. Cho

December 23, 2016

I think this THING is


G. Giorgino

December 13, 2016

Sounds GREAT

I was a happy Apollo 16 silver face owner. I've just bought the Apollo 16 mk2 and I have to say I'm so happy! it sounds even better! absolutely recommended!

A. Guth

December 7, 2016


Not so much to say, convertors, plugins, interface... everything kicks ass

Q. Jut

September 22, 2016

Magnificent interface/server

What a great product!! Magnificent sound quality.
They have also the best plugins.

I would recommend to buy this interface/server!!

C. Hutcheson

September 1, 2016

Great... But...

I purchased this as an upgrade to my project studio, and because I like UAD plugs. The sound quality is very good - a little surprising even, as I had good conversion before this purchase. DSP is pretty good, but considering I'm running a brand new Mac Pro with 32g RAM then I'm smoking anyway. The thing that is frustrating (for me) with this unit is that routing is a bit odd. I use a Hearback monitor system, and the Cue mix in the Apollo platform is not user friendly for the way I like to route within Pro Tools. I've routed easily enough, but not to my preference. A talkback feature on this unit would be awesome. Overall, I'm happy with the sound & performance of this unit, and am considering an 8P to expand my track count and DSP.

R. Herma

August 26, 2016

NASA Talk...

I had a first generation 8 ch. Apollo and was able to get great results. As my synth collection has expanded I needed more inputs. I sold the MK1 8 ch. and took chances on another brand's 16 ch interface. It wasn't long after that I started missing the ease of routing capabilities and ability to use plugins in the recording chain without latency. Since replacing that gear with the new 16 ch MKII Apollo, I have been extremely happy with the workflow and sound quality it has to offer. The Apollo keeps it easy, sounding good, and I can stay creative and spend more time having fun making tunes. Good stuff. A definite recommendation.

UAD User

June 24, 2016


I've been looking forward to this upgrade for quite sometime, and I must say, it did not disappoint. Not only does the conversion sound amazing, but the UAD plugins that are included are now Go-To plugins in the mix arsenal. This is a killer product all around. The sleek look is sexy in the rack, and it's easy to setup and install.

M. Miltersen

May 18, 2016

Apollo 16 - better than I imagined.

After my Apogee interfaces died, I needed a new solution. Apollo seemed like the right choice. And I was right. I must say, between the sound quality / the dsp / the software - this is better than I expected. Universal Audio really streamlined this process, and it's easy and intuitive to set up. I'm a few weeks in, and I love it. Only downside to the UAD solution, is the price of the plugins.


January 18, 2016

One of the greatest

This unit is hands down one of the greatest interfaces period. The Apollo 16 silver was great and UAD has raise the bar with the MK2 version. Love my unit it is the Heart of my Home Studio. Dsp is great very solid unit as well. Just buy it if thinking about it and you have out board mic pres already.

M. Weaver

January 18, 2016


The conversion in this interface is the most natural I have heard. A big shock to me was the Console 2.0, I absolutely love it!! It makes me want to record all the time. I am glad I decided on UA!

R. Elliott

January 5, 2016

Integral Piece of Gear

I immediately heard an improvement in audio quality when using this as my monitor source. It seems to have a little more depth and clarity than what I was using before. The ability to use the UAD plugins on the way in is an incredible feature (especially using the Studer). It saves me time and DSP being able to sculpt my sound on the way in.

I. Fiallos-Zambrano

December 29, 2015

Amazing product Possibly the best I've ever owned!

Pristine audio quality with the best plug-ins on the market today! Complete night and day compared to other interfaces, great customer service and also receiving the quad satellite along with this purchase!

J. Lawton

December 29, 2015

Great product with room for improvement.

The UAD plugins were too compelling to not transition from my Apogee Symphony IO system of 3 years, conversion sounds great without a noticeable difference.

Feedback would be to incorporate 2 independent headphone outputs, simpler configuration of IO's with Pro Tools and automatic switching to the Mac's sound card when the Apollo 16 is switched off (Symphony did this).

Otherwise fantastic and well thought out product.

S. Gouillard

December 22, 2015

Perfect for external gear!

Crystal clear superb converter! Just what i need for my external gear.

S. Aubry

December 19, 2015

APOLLO 16!!!

Having tried several different interfaces from 3 of the other popular interface makers, and having read lots of reviews and watched all the promo videos, I expected the Apollo 16 silver face to be a nice step up in quality from those other guys. But I have to say, this interface and the plugins have far exceeded my expectations. The sound is open, airy and very balanced, while staying clean with lots of headroom. All the plugins I've tried so far are much better sounding than my API and Waves/SSL plugins. Great job Universal Audio


December 18, 2015

Hands down the best interface I've ever owned

I've just purchased the Apollo 16 mk2 and love the entirety of it. Being just a regular person with a serious passion for recording I couldn't ask for any thing better. It was simple to get started works flawlessly.

61-80 of 101 Results