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Apollo 8

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A. Dell'Olio

February 24, 2017

Very good interface

Good sounding preamps, good converters, shark processors, great flexibility in running plugs directly into console at zero latency, never a problem, a crash or something else. This is a very good sounding "tank". Lastly, very beautiful to see.

W. Stacy

February 24, 2017

Game Changer

I am finally getting the sound I want out of my mixes. I record lots of hardware for Techno tracks and the Apollo (with or without plugins) gives me the quality I have been looking for.

M. Cullen

February 21, 2017

Recent Convert

Recently upgraded a few parts of my studio and am super happy with how things turned out. Set up and integration was pretty straight forward and I'm loving the sound and ease of use.

P. Lippolis

February 20, 2017

A fantastic audio interface.

The quality of sound and the detail in reproduction are really excitingly!!! I compare this rig with a RME Fireface UFx that I owned and the sound is incredibly superior. The software "Console 2.0" is very clear and practical to use and I consider it an added value

J. Harris

February 19, 2017

Highly Satisfied Customer for life!

I had just bought a Clarett 8pre not even a month ago... And Focusrite dropped the ball.. So I decided that I want a "one and done" audio interface that will grow with my recording needs. Ever since UA plugins were out I heard so much praise about them. I figured that for a home project studio, I will never have the money to save up for real hardware gear.. So why not save money and buy Authentic "Hardware" plugins and enjoy all the benefits of Expensive Gear for a fraction of the cost! I can finally track vocals with plugins and either "Record with or without them". I can put just the right amount of Reverb in real time without the hassle of the DAW. UA has done a fine job in replicating hardware units for plugins and I have fallen in love. I dare say they sound better than some of the "waves" counterpart.. And not to hate on Steven Slate but the plugins take longer than molasses to come out... UA has over 80 and more rapidly coming! I bought the Apollo because i wanted very flexible tracking features and I wanted a no compromise approach to my project studio. I also have to mention the Unison Preamps.... With UA, "Just sold my Persons ADL 600 Tube Preamp - $1500..... and got the Neve UR88 Preamp! I don't regret one bit of that decision! I have the option to record through unison preamps or through clean preamps or through external preamps of my choice! - No Compromise! The sound... I do not even need to say anything about the sound... The best purchase I have made in my studio so far! I am now part of the UA family! Thank you!

M. Johnson

February 8, 2017

Simple Install and plug and play

Same as the satellite its as simple as plug thunderbolt cable and lauch installer. again YouTube Video shows all the simple steps. Plugin play is litterally this. Wish everything nalog preamp plugin Audio gear was a simple as this. Thunderbolt Hub is a nice touch.

t. appert

February 8, 2017

Really nice.

I bought this mainly for overdubs. I have an old mx5050 tape machine for main recording. But now this sounds so good I can't stop using it. So much fun to work with top quality plugins.

A. Thapar

February 6, 2017

Great I/O. Exp though!

Love the IO on this. Esp the dual ADAT. I just wish it could handle 16 channel over the dual ADAT. 8 Each!
I've even used the SPDIF on it when transferring DAT tapes. Could do with 2x XLR on the front for hot plugging.

N. Bufkin

February 5, 2017

Far better than I expected

The quality of the plugins are beyond what I thought they would be. I've spent more money on plugins than I originally intended because they are just that good. Some of them are just mind blowing.

D. Bravo Gonzalez

January 27, 2017

Very impressive sound

The hardware has high quality component. Sound very clear and transparent. The only thing bad is when you want to make surround is a bit difficult. You need an external monitor control. The knob only controls channel 1 and 2, not the all channel surround. For the rest, very good hardware.

R. Linka

January 27, 2017

The best studio in the box

I have Apollo 8 for about 3 weeks and already know it's my gear for many years to come. The easy set up, the great UA pluggings, fantastic sound and help from the community are great reasons to feel like I made the right choice.

S. Savacool

January 21, 2017

Oh, man, what a fantastic upgrade!

I have been an Apollo twin user for the past couple years, and I love the Apollo line and the UAD plugins. I stretched myself thin on the Twin, using it to track a record, and mix several projects along the way. I have used it to track and mix in the box, integrate with analog gear, and mix through analog gear as well. Finally, I decided that I needed more I/O, so I added the Apollo 8 to the mix and integrated it with the Twin. This has made my tracking and mixing life so much easier. I can run outboard gear through my patchbay, set up an alt pair of speakers, integrate my external mic pres and my coveted Unison pres at the same time. I love having multiple CUEs and headphone outs. The quality of sound is AMAZING, and I won't ever go back to the smaller interface.

My one tweak that I would like to see in a future version is a dedicated ALT speaker L&R out so that it does not take away from being able to have my actual 8 lines out that I sometimes need during mixing. Not a huge deal, though, but maybe something to have in a future version. Also, whenever you integrate a Apollo Twin into an 8, you lose the option of having Line 3/4 out on the twin as a dedicated line out to send something through from your DAW. Maybe that could be fixed in the firmware?

But, in the end, all I can say is that if you are thinking about upgrading, or even simply getting into the Apollo line, the Apollo 8 is an absolute must have. If you think you might want more DSP, get the Quad version. If you think you might want more Unison inputs and don't have external mic pres, get the 8p. You won't be disappointed!

Thanks UA for helping me make my dreams come true!

D. Campbell

January 19, 2017

A Surprisingly Good piece of gear !

The plugins were better that i expected, this has instantly improved my productions, Recordings were perfect first time around, everything is intuitive.

" Good Work Universal Audio "

R. Persson

January 19, 2017

Apollo 8 QUAD.

Best recording device i've tested. Awesome plugins.

S. Kastrati

January 17, 2017

love it!

i just love my productions now! everything is more fun.

J. Mull

January 17, 2017

Apollo 8 Quad is the best Soundcard i ever owned.

Ive been a fan of UAD since i got my hands on my Apollo Twin Duo. The first thing a noticed was the sound quality coming out of my monitors got so much better. Now i have upgraded the studio set up with an Apollo 8 quad and it allows me to record more channels at the same time and bringing up the DSPD power so i don't feel trapped.
Again i have to say UAD is the best thing i have in the Studio. You have a customer for life.

B. Benton

January 16, 2017

Live and in the studio.

I'm primarily a live audio engineer and I was intrigued by the possibilities of using Apollo for live sound. Using the inserts on my console I was able to utilize Apollo for EQ and compression on drum groups, vocals and my stereo bus with the best "analog" gear ever. I'm discouraged by the complications with Waves and the expensive solutions only to find out your iLok won't work or something needs to be updated. That's not a reality I want to contend with and I simply can't afford a iffy platform. This is effortless and of course, it sounds even better then the Waves plugins and is far more stable. Studio wise, we all know what it can do.

J. Fain

January 15, 2017

Excellent Choice!

I upgraded my system from the Presonus Studio Live 24x4x2 board to the Apollo Duo 8 and couldn't be any happier with it. It's really easy to hook and get going. The plug-in are so easy to download so you can start working with them right away. The sound is so much better than what I was use to. Simply using the Apollo made my mixes sound better without doing anything to them When I started using the plug-ins that came with the Apollo I was blown away by the sound, the clarity was unbelievable! I started buying every plug-in I could afford plus they will give you all kinds of discounts when purchasing more! Im very happy with my decision to upgrade to Universal Audio! Im hooked for life now!

K. Young han

January 12, 2017


It is so good that you can get the sound quality of a dream outboard. The sound completely different from the plug-in that subtly and delicately occupies the cpu is shocking. Of course there are drawbacks. The difference in sound quality seems to be the difference from latency rather than thought. The lowest latency in the Thunderbolt family is too bad. Also, there are times when a salesman who is selling too much with a plug-in is disappointed with the outboard product. There are times when this product is not really reliable or not a good input. Why plug a hard-built plug-in like this

D. Quiñones

January 12, 2017

super buena

Sorprendente hasta el momento
muy versátil, me habían recomendado las apollo pero no había tenido la oportunidad de usarlas hasta el momento, después de una grabación que realice podría decir que funciona muy bien, muy versatil con cuanta cosa puedas puedas necesitar, previos muy limpios y los plug in funcionan perfecto. muy contento con mi adquisición

221-240 of 476 Results