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Apollo 8

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Apollo 8

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c. henry

December 23, 2016

sound machine wood work

Now what in the world does this plug in do. indeed I proceed to the video tips from Uad. well Uad did it again my friends completely blow my mind. I have been recording my acoustic Gtr directly in to my recording sessions trying to capture that perfect wood acoustic sound. I like my acoustic Gtr up close and personal, clean and perfect, so perfect I could kiss my acoustic Gtr for being so nice to my music. Uad perfectly capture a sound that, I so thought that, only a real acoustic Gtr could give. I was so wrong when I plug my Gtr into my Apollo 8, and recording in real time and also adding it to my previous Gtr recorded sessions. well that just did it for me. how in the world is Uad perfectly creating such a perfect plug ins, that actually capture the perfect Accustic sound with the sound machine wood work. plug ins. well all I know is, i need no more convincing from anyone, I can close my eyes and just click buy to any Uad plug ins with the confidence that all Uad plug ins are perfectly designed by Uad professional, who love musicians and singers to create perfect plug inn .indeed Uad makes my music sound great with worm sounding plug inns. with confidence I can buy all my plug inns from Uad, forever. I Love my Uad plugins for life. thanks Uad. sound machine wood work is perfect for my fender acoustic Gtr.

c. henry

December 23, 2016

Fender 55 tweed deluxe

okay I am inpress, I grow up hearing Gtr players playing thru fender Gtr amp bragging how well the fender amp make there Gtr, sounding clean and precise. indeed heard it for myself while banging away on my keyboard next to them. completely love it. now while scrolling thru Uad website my eyes came across the Fender 55 tweed Deluxe. I am hooked! to actually get the same clean sound from the Uad fender 55 tweet deluxe Gtr amp. thats outstanding. indeed working with a few Logic Pro Gtr amps works well but unfortunately its not a fender. I like clean jazzy sound I just don't need so much effect on my Gtr. Uad fender plug inns indeed gave to me a clean sound, keeping my Gtr in the state of its original form and then adding a perfect smooth Gtr room. and so much option to add what ever else I would need to make my sound fat and clean. such a perfect pluginns from Uad among so much other perfect pluginsi have bought from Uad. this is going to be my first Gtr choice I need not look no where else. such a perfect fender plugins for my pop music album I am working on. thanks Uad.

c. henry

December 23, 2016


well indeed it feels good to have a unit, that works perfectly without problems. Apollo 8 indeed works perfect. indeed I own m-audio project mixer, m-audio 610, m -audio mini Mackie, which works for what it was designed to do. but' that just it, too limited. problems started coming in like a flood. drivers or not compatible, does not work with Mac OS upgraded versions. it was too much to handle and worry about when i am trying to create music. I believe a unit should work perfectly. looking at Apollo 8, I have found a unit that does what it says, no complications stoping me from doing music. I get a lot more dun with Apollo 8 than any other unit I have own. unfortunately all other previous unit as to be put in the garbage. I have decided that Uad, product are in a class by themselves. to think I can actually just plug my Gtrs,Key boards, steel drums, directly into this unit and get a clean sound, and also add a plug ins in the path and get that perfect sound in real time. I am overwhelmed with joy. years of fighting with units that, just will not work. my frustration as reached its limit. I simply have to stick to Uad professional plug ins and equipment product, if I really want to get so serious music work dun. its good to know no Mather what time a day or night I get of the gig, I can always count on Uad Plug inns, and Apollo 8, to help capture my ideas correctly. and works well under pressure, .... thats it I sold out! for Uad equipment. thank Uad for making my day. I look forward to buying more and more equipment and adding more and more plug ins. keep up the good work, thank you so much for outstanding equipment that really works.

R. Hörnfeldt

December 22, 2016

All I Need

Upgraded from the Twin Duo. I have been very happy with the Twin in every way but now have the need for more in/outs and more dsp power for processor hungry plug-ins. The preamps sound amazing both with and without Unison mode. The Only thing I miss is the big knob on the Twin other than that it is simply amazing.

B. Tonak

December 21, 2016

My 3rd Apollo

This is my 3rd (or 4th Apollo). Started with a silver face Duo. Upgraded to a Silverface quad. Bought a twin for portability, now upgraded to a blackface. It's the centerpiece of my rehearsal space and home studio. Best, most innovative interface available in my opinion.

H. Kim

December 21, 2016

Great gear for small studios

Looks good and sounds great.

F. Lorenzen

December 20, 2016

Viel ausprobiert aber endlich angekommen

Es lohnt sich wirklich ein Par €€€€ mehr aus zu geben. Ich habe so viele Jahre ausprobiert aber nie war ich so richtig zufrieden. Nun habe ich ein recht schlankes Studio was einfach Spaß macht.
Der Arbeitsfluss läuft erstaunlich gut, der Rechner läuft sehr stabile, die Plugins sind sehr sehr gut. Das wichtigste ist aber die Wandlung und die Preamps, die sind einfach der Hammer !!!
Das Gerät ist von außen sehr hochwertig verarbeitet, dass merkt man schon beim auspacken und anfassen der Potis und Taster.
Ich bin glücklich :-)))

UAD User

December 20, 2016

Best at home recording experience!

I've tried many at home systems over the last 16 years. Most of which led to me not enjoying the experience. Latency issues. Computer issues. All of that. Finally, I feel like I can create at home! This thing makes it smooth and sounds delicious!

R. Katuin

December 20, 2016

Absolutely Awesome!

I already owned the Apollo Twin Duo (thunderbolt) wich also sounds great. But i needed some more inputs for my equipment. After thinking about it a while i just did it and purchased the Apollo 8.

Great headphone outputs
Great preamps
Easy to use
Works awesome with the Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt.
Works great with Cubase, Logic x and Ableton

D. Torgersbraten

December 19, 2016


I was really unsure about buying the apollo, but I couldn't be any happier with the result.

Coming from a focusrite pro to this is like going from black & white to colour. It has an amazing sound both in headphones and monitors and the pres are great. It all installs, sets up and works so intuitively and easily.

I have bought a lot of outboard gear this year but this has made the biggest difference by far. The I'm really happy I just went for it in the end...

A. Morell

December 19, 2016

Build like a tank, sounds like a 1073, Api, Chandle...

I love the UA Apollo 8. Lots of powerful tools yet easy to use and understand.

N. Crockett

December 18, 2016

Upgraded from Apollo Firewire

A very happy long time UAD customer. I just upgraded from the original Apollo Firewire. The new Apollo 8 Thunderbolt is perfect in every way. Going to the thunderbolt from firewire has also cured the connectivity error messages i was getting every so often. The perfect upgrade. Five stars UAD.

X. Chen

December 17, 2016

Amazing as always

I've using UA products for 5 years, love all the UA products so much!

R. Salolehto

December 16, 2016

High end x-plattform interface

Where should one start?! Awesome build quality, great headphone outputs, great preamps and awesome ad/da. Have owned rme 802, Lynx aurora 8 & 16 but this thing is just a league above! As far as I see it the dsp is just a bonus!

B. Lewinski

December 16, 2016

great product

Use the Apollo 8 now for few weeks and i like the idea behind. It´s a great solution to have my old Urei and UAD stuff in a digital way.

N. Arouca

December 15, 2016

Game Changer

I work with a lot of singer/songwriters and indie bands. Paired with my love for unconventional locations, problem solving and experimenting - this has led me to need a mobile and adaptable setup. The Apollo has seriously up'ed the game for me. The pre's are beautifully transparent, or you can combine them with the Unison software to get some color. It's like buying a whole slew of pre's at once. The plugins are also kick ass. I can't wait to add some more!

G. Newman

December 13, 2016


Very good so far. everything works well and as it should. still getting to know the software a little, and the sarc chips get eaten up quickly (i'm using a duo). but you just need to learn to use them the right way.


M. Łuczak

December 12, 2016

Dr. Marek Łuczak

Great stuff, after working on Focusrite Saphire 56 and Digi003, Apollo 8 it's higher range of audio interface. It's like a buy Mercedes S-class after Renault Scenic. Great sound, 4 proccessors on board, and good sounding UA plugin. All my live I work on Waves stuff, but I find UA works much better. I hear difference in dynamic of interface, It's feels like more air in sound. And at the end works perfectly with Logic on Mac via TB.

J. Winnett

December 12, 2016

Loving it so far!

Beautiful and versatile piece of equipment that has worked seamlessly for me thus far... My only issue preventing the 5 star rating (I suppose relatively minor) is the lack of being able to level compensate the mono function in console which is proving to be a touch more than a touch painful. PLEASE, PLEASE sort this out guys and I will happily award you the missing star ;)

G. Samraj

December 11, 2016

Great buy

If your looking for a complete package at a decent price that would give you pro-level results then look no further.. However there are 2 things id like to address and that is 1. I wish they had a possible switch to move between 2 monitors so its easy to compare the sound. 2. It works more efficiently with the satellite. with out it just 3 ocean way plug ins are good enough to kill the DSP

261-280 of 476 Results