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Apollo 8

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N. Nowottny

January 5, 2016

excellent interface

Great interface. Love the 2 headphone amps and high z inputs. the unison works a treat. i think ua's plugins have gone from very good to extremely good. tracking with plugins works out extremely well.

I. Papagiannidis

January 5, 2016

best sounding interface!

I ve already own a silver Quad Apollo, but Apollo 8 is much more improved and sounds perfect! much more possibilities and the new Apollo console is much more versatile !it's a serious upgrade! you feel ,you hear the upgrade in all levels from monitoring to conversion
a big thanks to UAD family! keep up the good work!
John Jeff Touch
rock singer/producer/vocal coach

J. Ivarsson Björklund

January 4, 2016

Apollo 8 duo

Coming from Apogee my expectations were very high but I could't be more happy about the switch to Apollo. Only had it for a couple of weeks but it feels rock solid.

The plugin quality is the new standard. I've worked with several of the most popular plugins but this is another league.
Highly recommended!

h. jinho

January 3, 2016


I got the apollo8 Qurd + uad2 Qurd
It's cool for my little studio.recording, mix, wow! nice sound and easy to use.
I think.. UA system is the best of my music works.

h. jinho

January 3, 2016

it's good for my ilttle studio

nice and nice sound.Awesome! unison system and apollo console.

P. Braux

January 3, 2016

Nice upgrade from Apollo duo firewire

Nice upgrade from Apollo duo firewire, the Apollo8 is a perfect tool for AD/DA.
I'm really happy with this product, as usual with Universal Audio

M. Narain

January 1, 2016

Apollo 8

Simply, this interface coupled with all u can do with the plug-ins is worth every penny...

H. Farnese

December 31, 2015


Hi, I was skeptical about this upgrade from my previous generation Quad but as soon as I played back some familiar audio I heard the difference in the converters. Nice one UA, now cheaper plugs in the UK shop please. Too expensive!!

E. Aho

December 31, 2015

Converters not great

At first blush I mistook the brightness of the unit for detail. Unfortunately, the highs and the high-mids are actually pretty smeared. It's hard to hear "through" the unit especially if you are used to dedicated, good, mid-level converters (Apogee, Lynx). In addition, everything below 120z is small and tight and not necessarily accurate, musical nor fun to listen to. Reminds me of the old Motu interfaces: prosumer, studio-project-ish, waiting to be upgraded. In short, I was ready to make the leap but was ultimately disappointed. That combined with the $115 I paid UPS to ship the unit back to Sweetwater left a sour taste in my mouth.

R. Comitz

December 30, 2015

holy shit

whoa, what an upgrade from the digi 002. glad i can finally throw that thing in the trash. thanks UA! best products + best customer service as well!

B. Abrahami

December 30, 2015


Great product, great plugins, my sound has been improving everyday thanks to Universal Audio. It's just fantastic !

A. Karasev

December 30, 2015

Works good. STABILITY.

Its a thousand times better then my previous M-audio ProFire610. And one of the most important reasons is stability. I really can rely on it in any situation. There is no more sudden desynchronizations, reboots, disappearing of sound etc. It just works as it should. As if I took off the handcuffs. No more fear of crash in huge overloaded projects.
And of course it sounds better.

V. Kourkoutas

December 29, 2015


I am absolutely impressed by the build and sound quality of this piece of gear!! Everything works great, and sound quality is from a another planet. I had an Apogee Ensemble which was also great, but the AD/DA conversion is milliseconds together with the emulations offer a heads up in every aspect. From guitar playing at home, tracking or mixing, you name it, Apollo 8 is THE interface to go.

V. Salvaggio

December 27, 2015

Happiness is an Apollo

This interface was everything I dreamed of and more! I also own an apogee duet 2 and I don't want to use the apogee anymore. The Apollo has changed everything in my studio for the better, I am finally drowning in recording gigs the interface is already paying for itself! Buy one of these and thank me


December 24, 2015

An Excellent! Upgrade..!

I have a Metric Halo, and thinking for an upgrade to my personal studio, I took advance of the UAD promotion and get an Apollo 8 Duo (+ waiting for UA Satellite Quad promotion ;). Well, I'm not yet in my studio to compare with the Halo, but I already noticed the deference plus the awsome DSP plugins.

Happy to join the UA!

X. Chen

December 23, 2015


I love it!!!! Looks like a beast and works like a beast too! Best gear I ever got this year!!

S. Okamoto

December 21, 2015

new apollo8

by apollo duo firewire recorded
using new apollo8 I wanna record the beatles song.
I love apollo

M. Marques

December 20, 2015

A great upgrade from my Prism Sound Orpheus.

I'm very happy with my purchase. This new Apollo 8 was a great upgrade from my Prism Sound Orpheus. It has better functionality, a UAD in it, it's solid built but more importantly the AD/DA sounds better than what I had.

Less noise and distortion overall makes for a cleaner and more dynamic AD/DA. I'm really happy with this.

UAD User

December 17, 2015


Ich habe jetzt geugradet vom appollo twin auf apollo8, bin total begeistert, toller Sound!
Nur eine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung wäre toll gewesen

G. Metcalf

December 17, 2015

Apollo 8

What a fantastic piece of equipment. I've been a UAD user for years, starting with the PCI card then on to the Laptop Solo, the Satellite and then the Apollo Twin. I took the plunge to the Apollo 8 Duo (and free Satellite) this month and did my first tracking session with Unison technology last week - the results are the next step and that comes from using Apogee and Audient preamps.

Customer service is fantastic and I'm impressed that the problem UA have identified that requires a circuit modification means that they replace my unit at their expense - this would not happen with other manufacturers - I doubt others would recall units due to an issue that I certainly haven't spotted as a user... Thanks UA

401-420 of 482 Results