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Apollo 8

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S. Keys

June 30, 2017

Lets say it is my third Apollo card, and still amazing.

For the price and the plugs, dont hesitate. I have spent so much time and money before getting this sound quality.
It is a hit.

J. Mayerski

June 30, 2017

Amazing, Versatile Unit! (Apollo 8 Quad)

Upon purchasing the Apollo 8, I have nothing but great things to say about it. Connecting the Apollo to my current set-up was quick and easy. All I had to do was download the drivers and Console from UA's website and I was good to go! The Apollo 8 is capable of handing a lot of processing, which comes in handy when you like to track to tape with your favorite pre-amps, equalizers and compressors. At first I was skeptical about how close the pre-amp, EQ and compressor emulations would be to the actual hardware, but I have to tip my hat to UA for creating emulations that model the hardware extremely well. The Apollo 8 is well worth the money and meshes well with any current set-up. I'm happy to own one!

m. caen

June 27, 2017


Very good unit, can't complain.....Sounds good, easy to use

UAD User

June 20, 2017

Major improvement to my home studio

Coming from a Focusrite Scarlett, this feels like stepping up to a serious piece of gear, considering what the plugins can do and how much better my drums sound. The Console app is awesome (feels snappy on my Mac), and while I haven't done a deep-dive into the routing between this and Ableton yet, I'm astounded at how much better things sound, and how simple it is. I'm demoing Auto-tune and the Fender deluxe right now, and they're both incredibly fun to use. As a guitarist who's tired of too much amp/pedal hum, Fender and UA did a fantastic job with this. And until this month I didn't think it was possible for my voice to sound good through a mic, but the Dream Studio bundle package compressors and reverb make it far better than ever before. I wish I had known that the front hi-z inputs overtake the back combo jack, as I thought I could do both at the same time....but oh well. There's a lot of potential in this thing.... I feel very lucky to have this kind of power in my house. Cheers UA!

S. Keys

June 14, 2017

This is the deal!

Thanks to UAD this apollo 8 has just drop price with quad processor and it is a new evolution in my studio. Sound is clear or oldie with some vintage preamp. It is a step forward in sound quality and creativity for my work. You can check these on

B. Baker

June 7, 2017

Apollo 8

Excellent piece of work. Pre amps are amazing. Plugins off the chart. UAD hit it out of the park.
Professional gear for pro or home studio.

K. McAulay

June 1, 2017

Everything you need!

Used to have an Apollo Quad FireWire but sold it due to lack of use (my works facility is available to me to use) and after getting the new Apollo 8 Quad I wish I haven't gone so long without an Apollo to use! Great workflow, plugins, and interface. Highly recommended.

D. Sofra

May 25, 2017


Very very nice and easy to use.

J. Kooiker

May 13, 2017

Best home studio upgrade ever

Been using a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 for years and never had any complaints in terms of sound quality. But I found my recordings were lacking something. Couldn't quite put my finger on it. But since I've been recording with the Apollo 8 my recordings have really improved. They have more life to them, more warmth. It just sounds richer and fuller. Still can't quite put my finger on it, it's just better :-)

R. Panossian

April 24, 2017

Its simply the best ! Unlike all the rest!

Its music to my ears, I when from Gina, to RME Fireface, to Apogee, and then finally the Apollo, its amazing how it can transform homemade sound to Pro Studio Multimillion sound. If you are serious about your music, no need to waist your time with anything else, if you can afford it just go for it you won't regret it.

C. Garcia

April 11, 2017


Fabulous interface ;-) the Apollo 8 QUAD. Great work from Universal Audio!!
Quality and very good the Console 2.
If I had to add something to it, I would add a second ADAT input / output.
I am a faithful follower from the first UAD-1 to the new UAD-2 OCTO and most of the plugins.
I hope someday they will add an audio analyzer plugin, like the Pinguin Analyzer.

S. Lizarralde

April 4, 2017

Amazing Quality!

I've own a lot of interfaces of different price ranges and I deeply believe UAD's Apollos are the best in the market according to it price. The Pre-Amps, headphones amplifiers are just amazing!!

D. Butler

March 20, 2017

Everything Just Works

Awesome product, pristine sound.

T. Payne

March 19, 2017

First class

I honestly haven't got the words to describe the difference this had made to literally everything - if I started all over again - would be great first thing I'd buy - well done guys

J. Goodwin

March 18, 2017


I had long outgrown my Apogee Duet 2 but felt confident in the sound quality it provided. I was stunned, gobsmacked even, at the difference in sound my new Apollo 8 Quad has provided me. I recognize the cost differential. I expected an improvement. But not this much! Everyone talks about low end struggles for home studios; I had those too. Some (effective) bass traps and my Apollo 8 have largely solved that problem for me. Never do I do the "next day in the car test" and find myself dismayed. Minor tweaks? Of course. I am in a basement. Most surprising for me has been the improved high end. I am fussy about sibilance and harsh high end. With my previous interface I was in a constant battle to control the top end. These issues truly evaporated with my Apollo 8. I mean it. I don't know that I can explain it but I am being honest. This product has been transformative for my work. I no longer feel like I am "fighting" to achieve a sound, I am able to trust my gut and things sound great the next day or a week later. PS. My UAD love started with an LA-610 MK II preamp. WOW. Enough said.

s. edwards

March 18, 2017

Apollo 8 duo

I have had the Apollo for two months. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The sound quality is far better than my old Motu interface. Thank you UAD for the thunderbolt pc drivers!!! Not only is the sound quality better, but I also was able to sell off my effects processors. Truly a bargain when you consider all that you're getting.

w. li

March 7, 2017

I'm your loyal customer

Hello, I'm your loyal customer。I have purchased five UAD devices,Including buying from someone else。In February this year, I bought a Apollo 8 Duo,After registration, I found that you did not send Cash coupon。I want to know if you can send me some Cash coupon?Thanks a lot!!

p. sage

March 3, 2017

Well designed, great fidelity.

This device and UAD software work flawlessly. if your looking for super sound with low latency monitoring and a software package that just works get the Apollo.

Seamless integration with my DAW (cubase).

J. Steinsdörfer

March 2, 2017

New level

This is my first UAD stuff and I'm amazed. Everything works perfect. I haven't seen any bug or problem neither with Apollo nor UAD plugins. Especially I like function (you could listen your mix in mono or -20dB) and alt button (switch your monitors). Preamps are fabulous aswell!!! No negatives...

E. Hanson

March 2, 2017

Exactly what I had hoped for.

I wanted a great *sounding* interface, first and foremost. Over a 2 month period, I actually auditioned several competing boxes from other companies — doing critical listening at my home studio, which I know well. The Apollo 8 sounded at least as good if not better than the others, and having the plugins library was like the gravy on top. Highly recommended.

201-220 of 476 Results