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Apollo 8

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B. Benton

January 16, 2017

Live and in the studio.

I'm primarily a live audio engineer and I was intrigued by the possibilities of using Apollo for live sound. Using the inserts on my console I was able to utilize Apollo for EQ and compression on drum groups, vocals and my stereo bus with the best "analog" gear ever. I'm discouraged by the complications with Waves and the expensive solutions only to find out your iLok won't work or something needs to be updated. That's not a reality I want to contend with and I simply can't afford a iffy platform. This is effortless and of course, it sounds even better then the Waves plugins and is far more stable. Studio wise, we all know what it can do.

J. Fain

January 15, 2017

Excellent Choice!

I upgraded my system from the Presonus Studio Live 24x4x2 board to the Apollo Duo 8 and couldn't be any happier with it. It's really easy to hook and get going. The plug-in are so easy to download so you can start working with them right away. The sound is so much better than what I was use to. Simply using the Apollo made my mixes sound better without doing anything to them When I started using the plug-ins that came with the Apollo I was blown away by the sound, the clarity was unbelievable! I started buying every plug-in I could afford plus they will give you all kinds of discounts when purchasing more! Im very happy with my decision to upgrade to Universal Audio! Im hooked for life now!

K. Young han

January 12, 2017


It is so good that you can get the sound quality of a dream outboard. The sound completely different from the plug-in that subtly and delicately occupies the cpu is shocking. Of course there are drawbacks. The difference in sound quality seems to be the difference from latency rather than thought. The lowest latency in the Thunderbolt family is too bad. Also, there are times when a salesman who is selling too much with a plug-in is disappointed with the outboard product. There are times when this product is not really reliable or not a good input. Why plug a hard-built plug-in like this

D. Quiñones

January 12, 2017

super buena

Sorprendente hasta el momento
muy versátil, me habían recomendado las apollo pero no había tenido la oportunidad de usarlas hasta el momento, después de una grabación que realice podría decir que funciona muy bien, muy versatil con cuanta cosa puedas puedas necesitar, previos muy limpios y los plug in funcionan perfecto. muy contento con mi adquisición

P. Wessman

January 12, 2017

Pelle Wessman

Very High soundquality and superb pluggins

b. irwin

January 11, 2017

Apollo 8 Duo

This is a very nice user friendly interface. It was essential to get my head around the software and the hardware and to understand the relationship between the two. I was in a few situations where i found the headphone out not working or the monitor speaker speakers with no sound and traced it back to something I did in the software that caused the hardware not to respond. Once I master these issues I will feel a bit more comfortable,. I have been using the unit to master some tunes i wrote also just using the plug ins in real time with the internet to "fix" things on the fly that I hear and think i can improve on. I'm having a lot of fun and I enjoy having 2 sets of monitors that i can switch to for a change in Audio.This interface has definitely improved my musical life and I have no regrets with my purchase. I did have a moment when I thought the Apollo twin duo with a smaller foot print, as well as being portable might have also worked for me, but I think that I will be overjoyed once the Satellite (bonus)arrives. I can always carry that on the road for access to my plug in's with an Apogee interface which works for both my iPad and MBP. I gave it 4 stars as I can't choose your plugins and when the Satellite arrives I will have duplicate plug ins again.Also I wish that when I use The Apollo 8 with Logic that only the plugins I have showed, instead of everyone that UA has to makes. That word improve my workflow.

L. Brewster

January 9, 2017


I've been using an Avid ONMI for years with PT HD and recently switched to the Apollo 8. I am blown away at the clarity and imaging of this box! Well done gang ;)

S. Orr

January 9, 2017


Excited to be using this unit. Plugins are amazing. Pristine playback and the communication with the iMac has been terrific.

S. Orr

January 9, 2017


Excited to be using this unit. Plugins are amazing. Pristine playback and the communication with the iMac has been terrific.

N. Steckhan

January 8, 2017

My Apollo 8 Duo Journey to Moon and back

I am absolutely happy with my new sound card. I know can feed from my Kyma Pacarana via 8 Channels ADAT -i/o this means I have more Analog inputs for synths and stuff.
I really like the sound of this inteface. The preamps are very nice and the overall quality is also very good. By using UAD plugins like Pultec and LA2A, and Space Echo, Tape like Ampex and Studer I have best tools in my hands to shape the sound, color add depth and clarity. So now mixing and mastering will be a lot fun... Thanks!

S. Wingfield

January 6, 2017

Unbelievable piece of gear!!!

Love it love it love it!!!!!

m. james

January 6, 2017

Apollo 8 quad

I've been using UAD products off an on for a few years. The plug ins are addicting, however, the Apollo line is what works best for me. I mostly mix and do post, but having the ability to track through 4 unison pre's when I need to do OD's and the monitoring is what sold me on the Apollo rack. Didn't hurt to get a quad satellite for free either...

J. Davis

January 6, 2017

Invest in one

If you're building a home studio best thing you can do is buy a top quality audio interface to go along with the smooth operating computer. Along with the free satellite that universal audio has provided I will be adding a Apollo twin and the Townsend 3-D microphone system when it is if you have money to spend and you're serious about music why not buy the best. Im very happy with my purchase and you will also if you pick anyone of these Apollo products.

UAD User

January 5, 2017

Incredible Product - Could Use Some Quality Improvements

The Apollo Interface is a game changer throughout. I can't say enough about the plugins and the quality of sound with the interface.


Dear UA,

Please spend $3 more on the knobs. They feel cheaper than my first Mbox.



D. Hest

January 4, 2017

UA Gear

Apollo 8 quad Thunderbolt, satellite Octo thunderbolt:
With this dynamic dual housing UAD certified plug-ins, using a good DAW and a good listening environment; there seems to be absolutely no unreachable sound shaping desire that would normally only be truly obtainable buy using expensive outboard gear. I think with the way the industry is going today this move by UA and supporting manufactures is ingenious.

s. harrison

January 3, 2017

Apolo 8 DUO

Absolutely Awesome interface with an excellent console program especially for the home studio user. No need for a big expensive analog console that takes up space when u got pre amps like this plus the Unison Plugin pre amps they make recording a great sound so easy.

j. carmo

January 1, 2017


Really works with no issues. The mixer with very low lactency, is very practical for recording. I love it!!!

A. Hill

December 31, 2016

Absolutely Stunning

By far the best audio interface I have used to this point. I bought the Apollo so that I could use the coveted UAD-2 plug ins and the quality of the AD/DA, the flexibility of the I/O and the ease of use just came as an added bonus. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone wanting to break into the world of professional audio.

A. Abt

December 31, 2016

Great interface

Honestly the best interface I ever had. Great sound and the console software is cool.

A. King

December 30, 2016

Great quality and awesome support!

One of the best equipment I've had my hands on and the company wants you to continue with them and give out vouchers for activating new devices. Man, what great people.

241-260 of 480 Results