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Apollo 8

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UAD User

May 6, 2016

Great Interface!

The Apollo 8 duo is incredibly easy to use and sounds great. The unison tech and modelling are awesome tools to have!

UAD User

May 2, 2016

Very Happy with the product and worth every cent

This interface is very easy to use. I love the Consule and like the fact that I can track wiht the preamp plugin. It is definite upgrade from my Profire 2626. I have noticed that my mixes thus far has been much more accurate as the converters on this interface allow me to hear things that I was not able to hear before such as noticing some bass frequencies that I swore were not there before that needed to be cut and longer reverb tails that I couldn't hear with the other interface. It took me a while to get use to the D/A since I have never heard music so crisp, detailed, and precise. And I don't really need to mention the plugins as you already know how great they are. The free Legacy plugins that this unit comes with are very usable

M. Rohanek

April 26, 2016


I am new to UA, and I find the Apollo8 quad and the console software a real pleasure. It's got a sense of quality. Bit disappointed at the combi connector. I would rather have all possibilities run to the patchbay but I can't... I have to choose whether I use the mic pre's or the lines. Otherwise i'm crawling around the back. Minor annoyance, but still worth mentioning.

C. Bennette

April 12, 2016

Amazing bit of kit!

I love my Apollo 8 Quad! Great features & specs... Very powerful onboard DSP... But most importantly it sounds great! The UAD plug-ins are fantastic, and the Unison preamps are really amazing. There's also plenty of I/O to accommodate my stuff. The features and flexibility have allowed me to streamline my studio considerably, while significantly upping the quality of my recordings.

Thanks, Universal Audio!

F. Silva

April 7, 2016

Great Sound!

Unreal sound for a machine with many features.
UA as a company has surprised me big time not just once, but twice already: First when they introduced Unison, and now when they just replaced my brand new unit with another one because of the Hi-Z input flaw - which I hadn't noticed

J. Ivarsson Björklund

April 5, 2016

Got a replacement unit

Pretty nicely handled by UA. I didn't notice anything wrong with the first one but the exchange program worked well. I'm super happy.

G. Godfrey

April 4, 2016

Just about as good as it gets

Long time user of the plugins. Just finished my first drum tracking with the Apollo-8. Couldn't be happier with the results. If you don't have a bunch of the classic analog pre's and comps sitting around, the apollo line is a fantastic option. Was particularly happy with the ability to insert the API Vision strip in front of the DAW. One of the best snare sounds I've ever achieved. Looking forward to mixing these tracks!

One other thing, using the console software along side of my DAW made me feel almost like I was working with a real console. I'm not all that nostalgic about putting my hands on the knobs, but there's some cool benefits to running a 'console' along next to the DAW that helped during tracking.

D. Carson

April 4, 2016

Fire purchase... only way to go

Couldn't be happier with the Apollo 8.. this thing is FIRE!!!!

I like the Hi-Z inputs right in the front and being able to use the UNISON technology... it really sounds amazing. The build quality of the unit is top notch and everything just sounds great. The imaging on this thing is awesome in conjunction with my Neumann speakers. I tell everyone to go buy this interface as I wouldn't have it any other way!! Highly recommended.

R. Horvath

April 1, 2016

Best Decision Ever

I have been working with a Satelite 8 Core and a RME Fireface 800 for a while. The Concept of the Satelite and the Sound of the UAD Plug ins convinced me at once and with the offer of a Apollo 8 plus a free Satelite 4 Core it was a no brainer to retire the RME.

No regrets at all! My New UAD Rig with an Overall of 14cores makes me sing and dance. It works great with my iMac i7 and Logic Pro. Even Tracking with an Unison preamp activated in my Apollo 8 is unbelievable Great. Just one tiny thing I have to mention: no Midi! I know that Midi is an acient Technology, but I Love to use my old Roland and Korg keyboards and now I have to use an additional USB MIDI Interface.

But Overall it is fair to Grant 5 Stars!

J. Mckee

March 21, 2016

Best purchase

Incredible and inspiring piece of gear. Thanks for amazing quality UA

T. Sallai

March 19, 2016

Apollo 8 - Another step ahead

I have been using the original silverface Apollo for almost 4 years now and recently purchased an Apollo8. All I can say is: WOW. Although it's only a slight improvement in terms of sound, but there is definitely an improvement. The silverface already sounded very good - to my ears better than the HDX, which I also use regularly-, but the new line-up could top that.

Also UA as a company has surprised me big time not just once, but twice already: First when they introduced Unison, and now when they just replaced my brand new unit with another one because of the Hi-Z input flaw - which I haven't noticed.

So thank you UA!

L. Rollins

March 16, 2016

Apollo 8 Quad

I can't edit my original post on the Apollo 8 Duo, so I'm adding this new one as I've traded in my Duo for a Quad. The ability to track in real time using Unison plugins has radically altered my music creation process. I found that I ran out of resources too quickly with the Duo and decided to double up with the Quad. Wish it was possible to move to an Apollo Octo. Something to look forward to in future I reckon.

b. olsson

March 15, 2016


The best interface i've ever laid my dirty hands on. Rocks my socks. :-) I really recommend this to all people that want good sound and quality.

B. Herle

March 14, 2016

Who care about DA? UA does!

Biggest thing I noticed going from my silver Apollo to the 8 was actually the DA! Even just playing back MP3s over my Yamaha MSP5s it was mind blowing to be able to pick out the depth of every instrument in a mix just so accurately! Old mixes I've been pretty happy with I suddenly realize all the opportunities I missed out on. New mixes I've done have been so much easier, as I've been able to make more confident mix decisions. Console 2 is also hugely beneficial. My only complaint is that after 3 months I still haven't received my quad satellite that was part of the promo I took advantage of. Getting impatient, but I would have given the Apollo 6 out of 5 stars if I could, so I'll leave it at 5 :)

J. Kennedy

March 9, 2016

Nice ADDA upgrade

Definite upgrade on both the AD and DA side. Solid as a rock. Very happy with how it integrates into my system and love the Console - best out there.

K. Hyman

March 5, 2016

Best Purchase to date

I have had my share of audio interfaces, but the approach to the hardware; it's functionality; various applications and quality makes this until (Apollo 8 Quad2) the best piece of gear in my studio.
On top of providing the users with the online store, this product cannot be beat.
For the price and the quality, no one is touching UAD right now.
Well done.

S. Rodeck

February 18, 2016

Apollo 8 Quad

This interface is awesome. It sounds great, it's super stable and the software is very efficient. Add to all of that the ability to print your UA plugins at the inputs, for me this unit is a real workhorse in a pro environment!

J. Winkel

February 17, 2016

UAD = quality!

A tool that enhances the quality of the studio and performances. The plugins are perfect for both instrumental and with vocals. UAD = quality!

E. Soyland

February 12, 2016

Smooth sounding interface

I have owned interfaces from RME, Apogee and Focusrite to name a few. The Apollo 8 beats them all, stable drivers and the best plugins available. Very analog sounding, better headphone amps. If your looking for a audio interface in the upper range, look no further.
You will not be disappointed with the Apollo 8. Thumbs up from me!

n. alagna

February 9, 2016

Nick G A

I wish I had moved to the apollo sooner. I am just getting started with apollo and the plug-ins, but so far my expectations have been exceeded. I each time I work with apollo I get the sweet surprise of the sounds I wanted with less effort than before!!

341-360 of 481 Results