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Apollo 8

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K. Jhugroo

August 31, 2018

High class recording gear

The Apollo 8 Quad is a beast. Its quite expensive but worth every buck. Next project is to save for the Ultimate 6 plugins.

v. courtin

August 30, 2018

Best of both world .

I just get 6 pieces of gear from this brand (lol) but I can tell that for sure , you will find nothing better to enjoy the best of both world ,analogue and numeric .

J. Fanus

August 22, 2018

New Apollo 8 and loving it!!!

I just got a new Apollo 8 and so far Im loving it! The plug ins they included are essentially a one stop shop as far as whats "needed" to capture great recordings. But why stop there? I've gotten a handful of UAD plug ins already and plan to get MANY more! Thanks UAD for creating such an solid interface. The amount of times I've gotten (or not gotten) the spinning wheel of death alone makes it all worth it!

L. Nearing

August 22, 2018


V nice.
Can I have free plugs pls, it'd be nice.
V nice.

B. Mckenzie

August 20, 2018

Almost perfect

Apollo 8 Quad is an amazing interface. Would give 5/5 rating if the unit had midi I/O and included a thunderbolt cable.

J. Meador

August 19, 2018

A veil lifted

I finally upgraded my Apollo from the the original to the Apollo 8. I was hesitant as the features were identical. I did a small A/B test when I got the new unit. I was happy to find that the new Apollo 8 was more open and relaxed on the top end. It sounded like a thin veil was lifted and the low end was more solid. These observations were fairly subtle but worth the investment. My only complaint with the new unit is the combo connectors for the mic and line inputs on channel 1-4. I liked that the old unit had separate mic and line inputs. I have my unit installed in a rack and connected to the patch bay so if I want to change from mic to line input, I now have to crawl behind the rack.

J. Gade

August 15, 2018

The centerpiece of my setup

Although there exist many high value for money interfaces on the market today they all need to make compromises in order to maintain a competitive price. Despite the high values for money, these compromises affect the overall sound quality - especially when recording acoustic instruments.
I was searching for an interface which would sit at the heart of my setup. An interface which would offer great functionality and allow me to expand my setup as my needs grow. The Apollo 8 offers good mic pres and additional inputs/expansion options to encompass future upgrades to my setup.
With the Apollo 8 not only do you get a great piece of hardware but you get access to high quality uaudio plugins used by audio professionals all over the world.

D. Gunther

August 6, 2018


I bought the Apollo 8 because I needed more inputs than my Twin was allowing me. I love it. The converters sound good and the preamps sound really good in Unison with the Neve 1073. I love being able to throw effects on synths while I’m tracking!

M. Panella

July 28, 2018


Todavía estoy probando funciones de la interface, me parece excelente. Los peamps, la consola, las posibilidades que brinda, etc. Muy estable en Mac. Usando en Pro Tools. Genial !!! Lo único que agregaría nuevamente para la próxima versión son los 4 Line In separados como era en la versión Silver. El resto es excelente!!

L. Nearing

July 25, 2018

CPU overloads?

2.2 GHz i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Macbook Pro.
Getting random CPU overloads in Pro Tools 2018.4 with the Apollo 8 Quad thunderbolt.
Happens fairly often, even when in an empty session with two only two default audio tracks. Their is no noticeable CPU spike in the system usage in both console and Pro Tools.
Didn't happen with a M-Track, and fairly sure my computer should be able to handle this no problem. IDK.

S. 70

July 19, 2018

Arrived defective, now struggling with the authorized reseller to replace it.

The interface would not turn on after first installation. I left it connected a couple hours and decided to try again, surprisingly it turned on. I reported the issue with the seller and they recommended me to keep it under supervision. I used it a couple times, then needed to leave town for a week, and when back, again presented the same problem.

I had to take it to the seller; they reported to experience the same problem at first, then supposedly went through tech revisions but weren't able to find the problem so they practiced minor adjustments "just in case". Now they tell me everything works with it and now they are not replacing the unit, instead I am supposed to keep a repaired device after purchasing it brand new. I am very dissapointed!

K. Dela Virgen

July 17, 2018

What You’d Expect

I bought this with the Thunderbolt 3 option card for my Windows PC and it works like a charm. It’s everything you’d expect from Universal Audio. Quality is on point from hardware to software!

J. Ross

July 11, 2018

Apollo 8 is a absolute treasure....

Apollo 8 has the ultimate analog console which brings your music to life and the uaudio plugins are absolutely the music business standard to get any song radio ready. Thanks

S. Brown

July 5, 2018

Added an Apollo 8 and sold two LA-610 MkII's

Been holding off on this ever since the Unison platform was presented, and I wish I had jumped quicker! We have been running one or two Apollo 16's on a large analog console (32x16x32) and had more than enough preamps to get the job done. We recently decommissioned the console and brought in a new avid control surface and I needed preamps! I brought in two 8 channel pre units but decided to give the Apollo 8 a spin and have very quickly found that the Unison emulations and easily on pay with the original hardware and in some cases (based on age and use of some of the console channels) better! Please keep presenting us with Unison toys!

Highly recommended. A 50 year music industry veteran (and I have actually used just about everything on the UA platform)

J. Dreyfus

June 11, 2018

King for a Reason

I've used most home studio interfaces there are and this one is king for a reason. It's worth it for unison tracking alone; the plugin emulations (sadly) demolish the competition in shootouts (to my ears at least), and it's functional in design and application. Conversion itself gives no reason for complaint and the pres seem nice enough. The €50 thunderbolt adaptor is about the biggest irritation. If you have the coin and want a box you won't ever get rid of, this is probably it.

J. Johnson

May 24, 2018

What I've been Longing for!

When you're on a budget, every dollar counts and promises are expected to mean something - like those provided by many companies in the audio interface world: in one breath they tell you their interface provides "true" 24/192 processing and in another breath they will tell you that it offers the lowest or "near-zero" latency, making you believe that the two are attainable simultaneously. The truth being that all the USB 2.0 and 3.0 units that I have tried do not achieve a "near-zero" latency unless you reduce your sampling frequency from 192bps to 96bps (or below - and/or - reduce your buffer so low, you wind-up with artifacts in your recordings).
I am not new to UAD. I have 2 x UAD2 OCTO PCIe cards and 1 x UAD2 Satellite OCTO USB 3.0. I have long awaited a moment when I could finally truly achieve both "near-zero" latency (via a Thunderbolt connection) and true compatability with my other UAD hardware and plugins. So, I built myself a new PC with enough muscle and support for a Thunderbolt card... And, now, I am truly happy with my home studio!

R. Przekop

May 18, 2018

Game changer

It’s not just a great interface, but the best available way to emulate analog tape, and other vintage gear. It’s taken my tracking studio and added the ability to polish the recordings with all of the amazing UAD plugins.

A. Luzzi

May 17, 2018

De Primera!

Excelente empresa, excelentes productos!!!!

L. Bessette

May 14, 2018

Découverte de Apollo 8

Ma première expérience avec les produits Universal Audio. Je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de toutes les fonctionnalités mais ceux que j'ai essayées sont vraiment impressionnantes.

S. Debontridder

May 3, 2018

Apollo 8 Quad pt II

I bought a second unit of these to expand my studio's I/O, so I knew what to expect from UAD. Build quality, features, sound quality and aesthetics are all top notch, so that's a solid 5 stars without a doubt. If I really had to come up with a point of criticism though: it would be great if Console were a bit more customisable. It takes some creative thinking to get all of the Unison inputs to show up next to each other (which is the only way it makes sense in my head - my setup includes a Twin as well). I feel like that could easily be solved by a quick patch - so why not allow the user that freedom? It's a minor gripe though, overall this is/remains some of the best stuff I ever bought.

101-120 of 476 Results