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Apollo 8

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R. Wydh

November 23, 2015

Apollo 8 Good sounding interface

apollo 8 sounds different then the silver face
and does not clip so fast as well as the silver face
i personal like the sound very much and it looks great UA products are for me perfect specially for my sound it worth to invest in ua products
cool gear

R. Wydh

November 23, 2015

Apollo 8 Good sounding interface

apollo 8 sounds different then the silver face
and does not clip so fast as well as the silver face
i personal like the sound very much and it looks great UA products are for me perfect specially for my sound it worth to invest in ua products
cool gear

M. Moderegger

November 23, 2015


Best interface I've ever used. It sounds great, looks great, and performs very well.

P. Evans

November 20, 2015

Excellent service and hardware

This is my first UA product and so far I'm very impressed both with the unit itself and with UA as a company. My unit was one of the ones with a Hi-z problem, UA replaced it free of charge and gave me $200 of free plug-ins for the (very minor) inconvenience. I think things like this really show the character of a company, and I have no reservations about buying more products from UA in the future. The Apollo sounds great, is very well made, the plug-in emulations are the best I have used, all in all I highly recommend it. However, I wish they hadn't told me about offering a free UAD-2 Satellite to all users who purchase an Apollo 8, 2 weeks after I did, feels like they're saying "look what you could of won if only you'd waited, looser!"

C. Brindis

November 18, 2015

Home Rig Centerpiece

Bear in mind, dear reader, that I'm coming from a Digi002 rack to this Apollo 8 tbolt in my home rig (granted, I've had professional "success" with even that crap-box in the scheme of's all about knowing how to use your tools). Immediate openness and clarity in the D/A monitoring. Plugged my bass into a Great River (line-in to the Apollo for A/D) as I normally do but the signal was SO much cleaner and tighter, both audibly and visually as a waveform. I've been waiting for the right box to come around to ditch my Digi and so far this has been it. Obviously in my case the UA plugins were a calling card as this unit balances the functionality I need with quality and the access to plugs you wouldn't get with an Ensemble, say.

A. Hart

November 5, 2015

From the Twin Duo to the 8Quad

I recently upgraded from the twin duo to the new black 8Quad Apollo. It is nice to have the additional I/O for analog summing and the Apollo was just s breeze to set literally took me 2 minutes to get this up and running since I already had a UAD account. As for the sound, it's stellar! I just love the plugins available. I mix mostly rap, and the 1073 preamp 1176s La2as Fatso Culture Vulture Massive Passive and SSL bus comp do the trick every time...don't sleep on the Maag EQ for that finishing touch, and the BaxEQ by Dangerous is just amazing for Stereo field and M/S duties...5 stars!


November 5, 2015

a Piece of Art

I bought this device to achieve a new standard. Amazing sound, amazing utilities and amazing quality. It Worth every penny. Totally recommended.

J. son

October 25, 2015

the best - New apollo 8

I've been used a lots of different kind of Audio interfaces. Like a 3weeks ago, I got a new apollo 8 !!

Actually this is my first experience of UAD product and It did not take long to impressed the sound!!!

It has dignified and warm sound not too bright than other interface . I like it a lot !!

If somebody looking for new audio interface I would definitely recommend the Apollo !!!

j. holt

October 25, 2015

Apollo 8 Duo

I have been very pleased with my Apollo 8 Duo and Apollo 16 units. They are simple enough to setup and the flexibility they provide made them the clear choice when upgrading my converters. I'm using them to work out of the box in a sort of "inline" setup with a 24ch Wunder console and the integration was seamless. The digital outs of the converters also offer a way to cue headphone mixes and free up the aux section of my analog console during tracking.


October 19, 2015

First experience

I have my UAD Apollo 8 since 2 weeks now and I'm very happy with my purchase. It was easy to setup and the sound is great. I have a wider and much deeper sound field than I have had with my old interface, that helps me to make the right decisions during a mix.

J. Quevedo

October 10, 2015


This is a must own, if you are considering upgrading do not hesitate. This interface will last easily 8-10+ years, the quality is top of its class and the Unison preamp technology is really awesome to use, I am familiar with some of them and its fantastic. When tracking vocals in the studio we would use a Neve preamp with an LA2A along side the SM7b, it was awesome coming home and tracking hearing the samething in the box. I have always wanted this vocal chain in the box and now I do. Just take the dive!

t. askew

October 1, 2015

Just Awesome

For a year or so I was looking at replacing my Digi002 needed to get a top sound without going broke buying Avid HD hardware that does not even compare to the sound of the Apollo I done a lot of research on my next audio interface it wasn't an impulse buy, plus the power of using UAD plugins as well. I will have this interface at least the next 10+ years. The quality of sound and performance is just unbeatable for the price sounds better than anything else on the market. This is my first UA piece of gear i am hooked for life. Now if you would make a DAW that would use Console 2.0 as the mixing view i would be even happier lol

S. Muscio

September 17, 2015

Apollo 8 Quad Worth the Upgrade

I sold my apollo quad and got the apollo8 quad.
Aside from looking beautiful in my rack, the unit sounds great, and is compatible with my satellite quad, so I now have the power of 8 processors.
I have more bandwidth off the top because firewire ate up a lot of processing just plugging the damn thing in.
The converters are great, but don't expect a huge difference because the old converters are good too.
Overall I am happy with the unit and recommend the upgrade.

P. Lordo

September 14, 2015

Apollo 8

Incredible!! I thought the first one was good, this is even better. Sounds amazing. Crystal clear pre amps as well as awesome converters. Definitely worth investing in, this will be the only audio interface you will ever need.


September 13, 2015

Apollo8 Quad it is!

When I decided to upgrade from my Yamaha n12 to Apollo8, I honestly had not anticipated a huge difference. The preamps on the n12 were brilliant and so was my mixes. Sounded very good! Until I plugged in the Apollo8 and started overdubbing a vocal track previously recorded with the n12. My jaws literally dropped when I heard the difference. I never knew it would be that different. The UAD Apollo8 showed me what I had been missing all this while. It is just a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone.

S. Sergo

September 6, 2015

Universal audio apollo 8

I have Universal audio apollo 8. It's a very good device.I recomend it.

L. Mathers

September 1, 2015


Best interface I've ever used. It sounds great, looks great, and performs very well. The onboard DSP processing is a killer advantage, and being able to run these awesome sounding plugins is invaluable. I'm so freaking stoked on this box. The recordings and mixes I've made since getting my Apollo are worlds above my previous work.

B. Kaplan

September 1, 2015

Really nice interface

The UA Apollo system delivers really great sounds, and moving up from the Twin Solo to the Apollo 8 gives me 4 nice mic inputs, plus two headphone outputs, and enough plug in power to record and mix some really great sounding tracks in my home studio. People are blown away by the sounds I'm getting...and I'm just learning my way around the plug-ins.

I. Qadarsih

August 31, 2015

True sonic bliss.

one word : ACCURATE.

I know, dollar is going crazy right now (I'am using Indonesia Rupiah). But THIS APOLLO 8/8P IS CRAZIER !!!

Finally, I can hear what I should hear from a converter. simply pure, solid, clean, and accurate. Thanks for made my day !

H. Gu

August 26, 2015

Unreliable hardware

I purchased the Apollo 8 Quad a few months ago, and recently received an email about replacing the unit due to some upgrade, so we replaced it. However, the new product came with a scratch, and I was really disappointed. UA said they would replace it again for me, so we sent it back and received another interface, but this time, it was not balanced, the bottom tilts and is not flat. I was really unsatisfied and upset, but since I had to travel overseas for a business trip, I just decided to keep this one because I didn't want to go through the trouble again. I am back now, and writing this review. Truly disappointed with UA.

441-460 of 484 Results