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K. Adams

January 29, 2016

Love it

The plugs sound different than any other I've used - you can really hear the difference, they just feel more present and lively, visceral and real. For me that's inspiring when I am trying to get sounds or write.

I like the console app, it let's me work fast and I like to just print everything wet into my DAW. Routing on the console is limited however, it would be cool to be able to capture sends or basic bussing to the DAW. Overall I'm very happy and happy to support a company that has made such a solid digital platform.

D. Carson

January 28, 2016

New Classic

I had to purchase the new Apollo 8 after having the Duo for the last year and a half and I highly recommend it to anyone I talk to… all UA stuff… it sounds amazing. I like the front panel controls and the extra pres and inputs on the 8. It is the centre piece of my home studio and I won't have to get anything else for a long time… highly recommended.

W. Francis Bowie

January 28, 2016

The best in the Market

No doubt Universal audio had no comparation.
Simple las IS THE BEST.

b. abdou

January 27, 2016


I already have the old version and this new version brings a clarity in the sound even smoother even if the old version remains excellent too.

UAD User

January 26, 2016

Pretty nice

I give this piece 4 stars because it functions well. The unison technology is nice. Is it the "be all end all" of recording? Not really. The pres without any plugins sound pretty nice themselves. No real use for the unison. Granted I only tried the 610 and the neve 88r plugin. I have the api and the 1073, but have yet to use them. I use this piece mainly as an extra set of pres and for its processing power. Actually works quite well as just that. Lack of aggregate support kills this piece for me. I wanted to integrate the Apollo with my Symphony system. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in aggregate. Clocked to the symphony it is pretty nice sounding. Haven’t tried it clocked internally, but I am told it is nice as well.

B. Sullivan

January 26, 2016

Time for an upgrade!

I've always enjoyed UA products (I have a 6176) and a few of my friends own UA products. So when it was time to upgrade my studio, everyone suggested the UA Apollo 8 Tunderbolt. This was the best decision/investment I've made! It's so classic, and the mic preamps are wonderful, giving you that warm analog sound! I plan to purchase another one (perhaps the Apollo Twin or 8p) by the end of the year!

S. Lee

January 26, 2016

AWESOME!! Best interface ever.

I recently upgraded from the Apollo twin because of the sweet offer UA was having with a rack mount plus free satellite. I can honestly say that the quality is amazing I noticed a big difference in my projects in how detailed the sound is witch is incredible. This has been the biggest impact on my music in upgrading to universal audio and I plan to experiment with up and coming plugins in the near future. If you are on the subject on upgrading your audio interface and came across universal audio, well I can tell you, you will not be disappointed. Amazing sound quality for price that is equivalent to its name.

C. Yue

January 25, 2016

thunderbolt cable

it would be nice to have thunderbolt cable with it.
so it's really a ready to use ship in box.
other than that is the best interface ever.

If the console 2 can arrange the core audio track in the setting by dragging or even choose NOT ONLY 8, 16, 32, 64 ,128 in/out number would be perfect.

R. Maggio

January 24, 2016

Apollo 8

What a great sound from this unit. Universal Audio makes fantastic equipment.

S. Hill

January 22, 2016


Great sound! Great performance! Im in love!

C. LePow

January 21, 2016

Amazing product! Apollo 8 blows HD Omni out of the water!

This is truly a great unit. It's powerful, sounds great, flexible and contains all the connections you would want. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to put together a home to pro studio.

P. Marriott

January 21, 2016

Best Interface I've Ever Owned!

Without naming any other brands, I've coming to the realization that I've been cheating myself for years. The quality of Universal Audio's Apollo 8 is undeniable and probably the smartest musical decision I've made in my entire life.

X. Sanders

January 19, 2016

Great Audio Interface!

I upgraded from the Apollo Twin because they offered free satellite with the purchase of the the Apollo 8 by 31 Dec 2015....SWEET DEAL! Ok back to the review...Its the best interface I ever owned the sound of my recording are so clear!!!!!! The clarity is ridiculously GOOD! The plugins are outstanding but are a little pricey IMO...I guess you have to pay to play. The quality is amazing!

D. Torwesten

January 18, 2016

das beste Interface, dass ich je hatte

Weil man fast alle Plug Ins Latenz-frei auf die Eingangssignale legen kann, ist es für mich so genial. Jetzt habe ich die tollsten Channel Strips und Röhrenkompressoren für mein Mikro, die ich mir in echt niemals hätte leisten können. Ein klarer Vorteil, der den Preis mehr als rechtfertigt.

P. Macaluso

January 18, 2016

the best

incredible audio interface... beautiful sound! make me happy

L. Fernandes

January 17, 2016

amazing interface

Top notch! Solid, excellent conversion, amazing plugins. Can't praise it more...

F. Ramfos

January 16, 2016

Apollo 8 Quad

It's the best audio interface I have used, the sound is great.

T. Andersson

January 16, 2016

My first Apollo

I am upgrading from RME Fireface 400 wich is aslo is great but Apollo 8 is better in all aspects!
Amazing soundquality ,great plugins, rocksolid build quality.
My best investment ever!

優. 本田

January 15, 2016

Good sound!

I bought the first time a product of Universal Audio.I think Unison technology is easy to use without any latency.Preamp of Apollo is very clean and there is no extra coloring.You may use the Unison technology if you want a special sound.My favorite plug-in is a Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ and UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ.

I. Horak

January 14, 2016

Great piece!

I'm happy to become an UAD family member - I simply love my new Apollo. Really nice piece...
The only reason for 4 stars is, that there are not much functions in console useful for surround applications. An option for surround 5.1 (7.1) monitoring systems must be just a simple stuff for you, UAD engineers, no? :)

301-320 of 403 Results