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Apollo 8

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H. Farnese

December 31, 2015


Hi, I was skeptical about this upgrade from my previous generation Quad but as soon as I played back some familiar audio I heard the difference in the converters. Nice one UA, now cheaper plugs in the UK shop please. Too expensive!!

R. Comitz

December 30, 2015

holy shit

whoa, what an upgrade from the digi 002. glad i can finally throw that thing in the trash. thanks UA! best products + best customer service as well!

B. Abrahami

December 30, 2015


Great product, great plugins, my sound has been improving everyday thanks to Universal Audio. It's just fantastic !

V. Kourkoutas

December 29, 2015


I am absolutely impressed by the build and sound quality of this piece of gear!! Everything works great, and sound quality is from a another planet. I had an Apogee Ensemble which was also great, but the AD/DA conversion is milliseconds together with the emulations offer a heads up in every aspect. From guitar playing at home, tracking or mixing, you name it, Apollo 8 is THE interface to go.

V. Salvaggio

December 27, 2015

Happiness is an Apollo

This interface was everything I dreamed of and more! I also own an apogee duet 2 and I don't want to use the apogee anymore. The Apollo has changed everything in my studio for the better, I am finally drowning in recording gigs the interface is already paying for itself! Buy one of these and thank me


December 24, 2015

An Excellent! Upgrade..!

I have a Metric Halo, and thinking for an upgrade to my personal studio, I took advance of the UAD promotion and get an Apollo 8 Duo (+ waiting for UA Satellite Quad promotion ;). Well, I'm not yet in my studio to compare with the Halo, but I already noticed the deference plus the awsome DSP plugins.

Happy to join the UA!

X. Chen

December 23, 2015


I love it!!!! Looks like a beast and works like a beast too! Best gear I ever got this year!!

S. Okamoto

December 21, 2015

new apollo8

by apollo duo firewire recorded
using new apollo8 I wanna record the beatles song.
I love apollo

M. Marques

December 20, 2015

A great upgrade from my Prism Sound Orpheus.

I'm very happy with my purchase. This new Apollo 8 was a great upgrade from my Prism Sound Orpheus. It has better functionality, a UAD in it, it's solid built but more importantly the AD/DA sounds better than what I had.

Less noise and distortion overall makes for a cleaner and more dynamic AD/DA. I'm really happy with this.

UAD User

December 17, 2015


Ich habe jetzt geugradet vom appollo twin auf apollo8, bin total begeistert, toller Sound!
Nur eine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung wäre toll gewesen

D. Harden

December 16, 2015

Absolutely Killer!

Compared to everything else we've used in the studio our two Apollo's are by far superior. They sound amazing in every way, the plug-ins, the converters, the monitoring system. Nice work UA!

S. Semsis

December 15, 2015

Addictive sound and features !

Coming from a high end interface ,I was amazed at the new sonic scope provided by the Apollo combined with the UA plugins.
This is a new experience in digital audio truly comparable to analog in quality and yet with so much more as far as options and possibilities go. Unison has to be heard to be believed !
Full pleasure for every step of the creative musical process!

R. Eccleston

December 14, 2015

Grinning from Ear to Ear!

What a product! Been a UAD user since before day 1 and have to say Universal Audio products have NEVER let me down. It's been quite a ride witnessing the evolution of UAD products and software over the years. Recently purchased my first Apollo unit (blackface Apollo 8) and couldn't be happier with the increased quality in sound out of my HR824's. Feelin' like I've "seen the light" sort of speak... we'll see how my ears respond although very optimistic and excited. Luvin' the straight forward use of the console which funny enough kind of resembles the look of my Tascam DM-4800 which is now listed for sale. The Unison feature just blows my mind completely! Absolutely brilliant! Keep up the great work UA! Adding Apollo 8p next for my studio!

M. Angehed

December 13, 2015

Great sound and detail

Even listening off spotify, it's clear that this interface DA gives much more detail and clarity compared to my previous Motu 828 mkII interface. Keeping all mics and patching the same, just swapping the interface and doing a test recording with multi-miced drums shows much more clarity and detail in the AD, the mic preamps sound great as-is but even better with API channel strip or Neve 1073 which I immediately both bought. I was so impressed I wanted another one, and now have a used silverface on order - hopefully the preamps and AD are still great on that one although re-designed on the Apollo 8 blackface. Time will tell.
Overall, very happy with the console and the ability to set the basic sound you want already before the DAW.

T. Zimmerman

December 12, 2015

A Solid Upgrade

The original Apollo was an excellent interface, the latest version of the Console software improved it's flexibility and extended it's functionality. The new edition of the Apollo is a sonic improvement, with some additional functional improvements. While one might argue the sonic improvement is subtle, personally I would say the improved stereo image and smooth midrange response was immediately perceptible. I have read that if you have an Apollo already that moving to an Apollo 8 may not be necessary, however I found the upgrade to be well worth the investment and would urge current owner's to consider purchasing one of the new units.
Great build quality, looks even better in black and sounds even better than before. A solid purchase.

青. 繁

December 12, 2015



X. Ioannou

December 11, 2015

Great addition to my setup.

I have been using my Antelope Pure2 as my main interface with its 2 channels of AD/DA.
Due to its limitations of digital I/Os, I looked for an interface that would work in conjunction with my system. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Apollo.
I got an extra 4 pres, plenty of I/Os, quad DSP, PLUS a free satellite quad due to UA's promotion. The only downside is the addiction with the plugins
I am very happy with the hardware so far. My system runs stable with the Apollo as my main interface which is then hooked up to the Pure2 via SPDIF for superior D/A monitoring as I am a mixer.
I felt the D/A converters weren't as clean and open as the PURE2 but for all other uses the converters would work just fine!
Happy to join the UA!

G. Taylor

December 11, 2015

As close to HD without the larger pricetag

I left a studio that had ProTools HD, I worked on that system for 7 years and got a great sound out of it. When I moved to a new studio I had to buy my own gear. Bought the UA Apollo Twin Duo, which was great but not as good as the HD system I had. Put quite simply I just couldn't hear as much detail. I've just taken advantage of the UA Satellite promotion and have had an Apollo 8 Quad for a couple of weeks now, it's awesome! Just awesome. I can hear as much detail as my old HD setup, if not more detail... plus the plugins as well. I highly recommend this!


December 10, 2015


I have Apollo 8 Quad and I'm so glad to join your family.

K. Hernandez

December 10, 2015

Perfect interface for pro and studio applications!

Buy a new or used one but get one. way better than sapphire and all the pro tools stuff imo. Seen this in alot of pro racks . If your serious about your music do your self a favor and save up and buy one, if not check ebay for a used apollo duo which is a step above alot of other interfaces in the same price range.


321-340 of 385 Results