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R. MacQuarrie

July 16, 2016

Avoid this unit if you plan to use both ADAT lightpipe ports

Universal Audio have disabled the 2nd ADAT lightpipe port for 44.1khz and 48khz digital transfers. I attempted to transfer audio from my HD24 but the 8p does not see it. UA should clearly indicate this in their literature and not bury it on page 22 of their manual. Also hearing slight pops and crackles in the audio from my unit. At one point it had issues not passing audio and I had to reboot it just to get the audio to pass through. Going to return this item.

M. Robinson

June 17, 2016

Big step up

I just started my first project with the Apollo 8P. My workflow speed has increased significantly with this interface and the associated plug ins that came with it. It took me a long time to save for it but it's felt well worth it. I'm only a couple of weeks in but the new-gear honeymoon might last awhile longer with this thing.

UAD User

June 13, 2016

Love it top to bottom, but need better routing

I love it. I already owned a few of the emulation plugs and can a/b them with the UAD version. The SSl channel has much more depth, and the Comp is now usable. The box is great.: the sound of the pres, conversion (both ways), the hardware (switches, metering), the software (no driver issues).

The only issue is the lack of routing, specifically ear cues. My previous box (an RME unit) allowed one to send any ins to any outs. I (ignorantly) assumed a new technology like the UAD would by default include such a feature. Discovering a 4- cue max was quite a shock, almost enough to return the unit. I track larger bands, and not being able to have dedicated mixes for each player is a big problem.

UAD User

May 18, 2016

Apollo 8p

3000 doesnt worth apollo 8p ....there should be atleast complete ultimate bundle with it.....

j. dee

March 18, 2016


History. Play/d in bands/write for other people/spiritually guide folk. Recorded all over the world from pissy basements to abbey road. Love tape/shitty mics/busted guitars. Budgets disappear,no more abbey road more coronation street.[For my U.S. friends thats no more Silverlake but more The valley]. Still fuck em,i can make music from dustbins cause I'm different,I'm not like the rest of you on this forum, so I'm happy.Must think. UAD 8p arrives. No more compatibility charts for months/there's knobs/switches/sounds cool/easy to use. More time for making art and less gawping@a screen/more time to look into artists eyes and suck there best work out of them. For 3g's job done. I don't need UAD, they don't need me,but we are good together

D. Watson

November 24, 2015

limited routing is maddening

I feel like i wasted my money on this unit. the routing is frustratingly basic and integrating this into my workflow has been difficult at best.

standalone it is a decent unit and recording through the plugins is an obvious plus but the routing is bafflingly limited and trying to use additional adat outputs is not an easy task.

my RME units with total mix are FAR superior and much easier use.

B. Morris

September 1, 2015

More than I expected

I consider myself a fairly "informed consumer" and I tend to research ALL possibilities before making any choices. I already owned an Apollo 16 (Silverface) and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I added the 8P primarily for the Unison preamps (8 already great preamps that you can mix and match 1073's, API's, and UA 610's with more to come Im sure, cmon -no brainer!) AD/DA, and clocking. I also REALLY like the fact that you can use one simple thunderbolt cable and get DSP, IO, and clock all at once.

What I didn't anticipate was the much better stereo field and definition. Small changes seemed more noticeable, reverb tails seem more detailed...all in all a GREAT box.

C. Martin

August 26, 2015


8 emulate-able pre-amps and quad core processing is pure bliss. I couldn't say enough good things about the Apollo 8 if I tried. It's like waking up every morning next to an exquisitely beautiful woman and questioning "how can this be real?" Thanks for that UA!

M. Elliott

August 20, 2015

Loving the Apollo 8P

Just tracked a few drum tracks with the Apollo 8P and UA Store Plug-Ins. Using AKG 112 on Kick, Miktek PM10 on Snare, Sennheiser 421 on Toms, Shure KSM 32 OHs, and SM 81 on Hats. Absolutely no outboard pre-amps or compressors. I love how the Apollo captures the character of each mic, not to mention the DSP technology on all 8-inputs. Can't wait for the 16P (hint, hint) version to hit the market!

C. Gill

March 16, 2016

Needs More DSP

First of all, the Apollo 8p sounds incredible! Routing and integration into my existing rig were a breeze. HOWEVER… for $3K, the DSP is lacking BIG time! At 96kHz, I get a Unison plugin, and one… maybe two additional plugins on each channel before the processor is maxed. Now try adding Ocean Way or AKG verb to an aux and real trouble hits! I was looking to start recording/mixing everything at 192kHz, but at that rate, I barely get Unison plugins on each channel before the Apollo 8p processor overloads. It's like UA made the Apollos just to wet your appetite so you have to spend more money on their satellite DSP accelerators.

R. Lopez

December 30, 2015

Great Idea, Slow execution

After some time with this unit I have come to the conclusion that it is a little hyped. First I would like to say that it sounds really good. The plug-ins are a better emulation than waves. The GUI are nice looking but, picking settings is a little frustrating. Also, I experience pops and clicks, minor lag when ran at 92k with 256 sample buffer (I have a decent new macbook and I'm running Ableton Live) Honestly, my little NI Komplete Audio 6 ran smoother. The biggest disappointment for me is of course that you max out real fast using 8 mic pre's along with plug-ins. I had 4 mic's with Neve pre amps and comps on each channel and that was too much for tracking. If you got the money and it's no big deal then this unit is a cool buy.

W. Lucero

August 8, 2015

Apollo 8p = Weak DSP.... Buyer Beware!!!!!

1 star simply for the weak DSP. UA brags about the Apollo 8p having 4 sharc processors, what they don't mention is that really doesn't amount to much when running their UA plugins. I did the research, was aware that said plugins could take up as much as 44% of 1 processor, but I made the purchase anyways simply because I liked the idea of having 8 pre amps. If it wasn't for the weak DSP (I max out at about 12-15 UA plugins, depending on which ones I'm using), I'd definitely give 5 stars, but for $3000, I'm expecting a lot more bang for my bucks....

P. Lajoie

March 15, 2018

Apollo 8p

I decide to upgrade my audio interface and I'm so glad I did. As soon as I had the 8p connected and started listening to my previous mixes done on a non UA interface, I could immediately hear a more precise stereo sound field. It was like I was previously mixing with cotton wool in my ears. Really happy with the 8p. Highly recommended.

UAD User

March 13, 2018


I love my Apollo 8 it’s everthing I thought it would be

E. Spence

March 2, 2018

Great Interface!!

Sounds great! Rock solid interface with zero hiccups.

L. Goliasch

March 2, 2018

Great sounding pres

I have 2 8ps and 1 twin. Additional 3 Octo dsp acclerator. Im really in Love with Plugins. Specially the la2a and Neve.
All 18 unison channels in my rig are great sounding with no noise. Only thing i dont like is the limition of 6 devices in one system. That saying of ua that u can expand ur system how you want, depending on the Limitation, is not True.
But technically its worth, not cheap but im not regreting.

H. Shrim

March 1, 2018

Amazing!! 10/10 !

will get another one for sure!
this is the most interesting card out there!!
the "sync" option between this and UA Products is all what - Studio "really" Need.

B. Sorensen

February 22, 2018

Apollo 8P

As much as I love the workflow, capabilities like unison plugins and quality of conversion I have decided to sell my Apollo 8P, 8, quad satelitte and plugins. The reason is the flawed software that comes with the units. It drains both your CPU and network, even when you are not using the console and no Apollos are connected. There is no way of disabling it. It's the worst malware I have ever experienced and it is beyond me how UA can allow this to happen. Just google 'UA Mixer Engine CPU and network hog'.

A. Hanney

February 21, 2018

Sounds great but needs more DSP & a longer-than-20-days discount deal.

It's a good sounding unit, no faults there. Unison is a nice feature that speeds up workflow and frees up DSP, but more DSP out of the box would be ideal, if not necessary. at 44.1 and 48k, I don't even max out my DSP usage before I have sessions crash, which I can't help but think is due to Ableton and the Apollo trying to communicate with each other fast enough and failing. Can't imagine having to work at higher sample rates with this unit and trying to utilize UAD plugins. The plugins that come with the unit seem to run fairly well, but anything remotely taxing is immediately noticed. Using a high quality channel strip like the API Vision or the API 2500 Bus Compressor in a single instance immediately slows everything down. It's concerning, to say the least, for bigger sessions. I'm currently waiting for a free satellite that was part of a promotion so I hope this fixes my DSP issues for a while and is a good move on UA's part.

All of the demo trials for plugins are awesome, and they really do sound incredible. I wish the initial 20 day period bundle discounts were longer, 20 days is hardly long enough to know what plugins I'd like to buy off the bat. That first bundle deal should be a lifetime offer when you buy the Apollo, available to cash it at any point, not rush into buying things in just over 2 weeks of using them.

Otherwise a quality, reliable unit with some great software out of the box and even better software to upgrade to. Glad I've started investing in the UA ecosystem!

S. Sandoval

February 8, 2018

Incredible Interface

I’ve had my 8P for over a year. It’s incredible. It is robust, and 100% reliable. Eight mic pres and four sharc processors is enough to say I got my money’s worth.

I’m very satisfied with the routing, headphone impedance, and endless versatility with Console.

If you try to run premium plugins on every one of the eight channels you will run out DSP, but there are so many ways to work around it. Plus once you’ve finished tracking, you can save the session and reset console or simply disable all plugins and you basically have all of the 8P’s processing power to use in your DAW for post production. If your mix is on the larger side and you want to use premium plugins, let’s be realistic - you’ll need a Satellite or a PCIe card. And in my opinion that’s OK! You get what you pay for. There’s a reason we’d rather go UAD over our DAW’s built-in plugs.

For $3K this is a great interface and/or mixer and/or studio in a box.

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