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Apollo FireWire

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S. Misseghers

March 3, 2016

best buy of 2015/16 but still room for improvement.

I came from an old DIGI 003 Rack running PT 10 on a Mac Pro 2.4 GHz intel core i7 8Gb.
Needless to say that switching to an Apollo Quad chained to a 4-710d MPA and 2 UAD-2 satellites was a major approvement as far as acceleration/plugins quality/I/O/etc. was concerned.
But, because my Mac dates back to the pre-Tbolt era, I had to get the older firewire version with the extra 500$ Tbolt slot, so that when switching over to a new Mac in the near future, I didn't have to bin the old apollo altogether.

So, a couple of Q's though:

- Will Firewire users EVER be able to get onto Console 2.0 ?
- When releasing a HW update of an immensely popular product, why don't they make 'em both Firewire AND Thunderbolt without having to pay the extra 500$?

M. Pfister

March 1, 2016


Awesome ok interface. Nice conversion. Nice I/O . Zero latency monitoring with uad plugins is great as well.

S. Kastanis

February 28, 2016

Great piece of gear!

I am very satisfied with the sound quality of the Apollo. Unison technology is also a great tool.

UAD User

February 23, 2016

From Apogee to Apollo

Before working with Apogee Ensemble and did not taste that does not update the drivers (a policy to sell more but they will go wrong because people want quality products and do not stop lying) for the new mac a friend recommended UAD Apollo and I'm really happy with the quality of Apogee sound better and even PC Drivers hopefully UAD follow and update the Drivers and not to leave anyone hanging both Mac and PC.

G. Williamson

February 17, 2016

A step up!

I should probably wait to write a review, I've only had it 4 days, but, here are my initial impressions. Sound quality: a huge step up from my previous interface(Scarlett 18i20), stereo field is much clearer, and wider. You can actually clearly hear your panning moves now. Old interface, it was kind of mush. This, in particular, makes it much easier to mix.

Build quality is stellar, aside from the front panel knobs, which could be a little more robust?

Plugins? I've demoed quite a few. They are a step above as well! I have like 42 days left to pick my plugs(I sprung for the any 3 for $399 deal). I'm pretty sure which ones I'm getting(Ocean Way for sure!), but I'm going to take my time to pick.

Overall, pleased with the FW Apollo!

C. Perez Iserte

January 31, 2016

Solidly built, is fantastic.

There is nothing better than UAD APOLLO. Plugins are great too.
I have to say that sound quality is absolutely a giant step forward.

I just purchased a UA Apollo. Of course the first thing we do when we get a new interface is listen to all our mixes done with the old hardware. Well, I was blown away at the clarity & detail the Apollo brought to my system & I was coming from an RME Fireface 400 that I was really happy with.
But the Apollo just really opened up the top end, added an extra level or definition to the midrange.

The front panel is very clean and organized well.

Would have loved to have seen more "Free" UAD plugins, considering the price.
No midi!

ONLY profesional sound!

H. Bullivant

January 30, 2016

its got to feel right

had Apollo 3 weeks now, and been using it on mix sessions from day 1,

thoughts, in 25 years of recording and mixing I have become very used to the way certain bits of analogue gear effects the sound going through them… at times its almost undefinable, just a feel thing, (like working on ADAT never ever felt right)

so using the UA plugins on a mix, I get the same feeling that the nuance of the plugins is right, not only the same one’s I would use for a conventional record/mix but also trying things I never used, or would never normally.

the last piece of ’New’ equipment I purchased was a Distressor back in 2001, I get mostly old gear like my Altec 1592A, so the best thing I can say about this is, I liked it, so I bought it… head :)

D. Craig

January 14, 2016

The Pres are Incredible!

Just compared the Neve emulation (in demo) to a Vintech 573 and look they are extremely similar! Its great that they still have the same features like low cut/48v/linking etc

UAD User

January 10, 2016

This is high quality

One of the easiest interfaces to setup up, great pre amps.

Top of the line plugins. This is high quality

D. Williams

January 9, 2016

Everything you would expect.

I finally upgraded from a MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid to an Apollo UAD-2 Quad and it is everything I expected. The 828 product is a capable piece of gear but the AD/DA and preamp quality is inferior to the Apollo although the MOTU includes an oscilloscope, spectrograph, phase alignment tool and tuner in addition to a console app. I hope UA offers these in the near future. The main draw to Apollo for me is the DSP. I have many great native plug-ins but my quad core MBP would buckle and choke during mixing and couldn't get the job done. Now by adding the UAD-2 Quad and just a couple of UA plug-ins my mix quality has gone way up and my sessions run smoothly and efficiently without hang-ups, crashes, latency and other problems of a taxed system.

D. Flores

January 7, 2016

Wish it worked better for me...

I know most people are on macs & thunderbolt but the Windows support with the apollo is terrible... I've been having nothing but problems running with firewire. I've been a long time UAD customer and fan, and finally was able to get my hands on an Apollo, only to have nothing but problems... really hope I can find a fix for all the issues I'm having then I will come back and update my review!

y. sablon

December 29, 2015


amazing improvement in quality of sound i am happy with this hardware and plugins are nice too no problems from now

F. Homeier

December 28, 2015

Audio Next Level!

The Sound is amazing the feel of the surface too. It is easy to use from the beginning. Plug it to your computer and the software will do the rest. You just restart the computer and that's it the Apollo is ready installed. Also UAD provided me with a voucher of 100 $ and the Helios EQ was free too. What a nice welcome. I like! I had a focusrite Saffire pro before and the change was like from DVD to BluRay. Character, clearness and runs stabil on my Daw by using El Capitan. The unisono preamps works really without latency unbelievable!

V. Mihailescu

December 25, 2015


4 cores, realtime plugs, great AD/DA/ Only giving 4 cores because the card goes quite deep and heavy restricting it to studio work.

J. Rösel

December 24, 2015

inserts menue

I really enjoy my new Apollo quad! But there is one thing I don't like!
Why isn't it possible to disable all the plugins which are not authorized??
It really sucks that I always have to search for my authorized plugins in that long list of plugins I didn't brought!
Hey guys I payed a lot of money for that interface! I wanna work with it comfortably!

J. See

December 24, 2015

Mixing at home just got real AF

Got my FW Quad about a week ago and I've been testing it out by remixing old PT sessions from years back. Until recently I wouldn't have entertained the idea of a fully ITB mix -- although I've always done a good deal of sub-mixing and automation in the box, I've relied on analog summing and some fairly choice outboard eq's and comps, as well as the occasional tape bounce. After building a couple of 100% ITB mixes, using almost exclusively UAD plugins, I must say I'm stunned by the results. Immediate standouts: API Vision channel strip; Elysia Alphacompressor; Vertigo VSM-3… and on, and on. A huge, huge jump in terms of the quality of work I can turn out from my modest home mix room.

H. Melle

December 23, 2015

Get one of these today!

Best purchase ever. If you consider all the features and the impressive build quality (not to speak of the free plugins that come with it) this unit is still a bargain. It is reliable and fast. Recording with included Plugins in realtime is an essential Upgrade for everyone that did not have the chance to do so before. I am absolutely convinced and I am not regretting the purchase a second.

If you intend to use the UAD Plugins extensively you should keep in mind that the FireWire connection will limit the maximum Plugins you can use simultaneously. This limitation does not apply if you go for the optional thunderbolt card or straight for the Apollo FireWire.

u. labus

December 14, 2015

apollo firewire - weired in the beginning

At first the Apollo didn`t want to connect. I had to uninstall the additional carddriver. Then it worked.

The headphone amp could be a little bit louder

I have the Feeling that the Sound in cubase is generally better than in the console.

J. Citron

December 13, 2015

Powerful and Sleek

The UAD Apollo Firewire was a major upgrade for my mix setup. The onboard DSP processing certainly saves my computer some DSP strain, and the plugins sound incredible and true to the real gear. The routing offered allows tremendous versatility, the unit looks and sounds great.


December 11, 2015

qualita top in tutto

ho posseduto parecchie interfaccie audio,poi ho deciso di fare il salto in universal audio e non mi sono sbagliato,ottimi ad/da uad in realtime.cosa si vuole piu della vita.Adesso posso dedicarmi a fare musica senza cambiare in continuazione interfaccia.
universal audio per la vita

181-200 of 873 Results