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Apollo FireWire

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November 17, 2012

Apollo - Em Portugues - Brazil

Infelizmente tenho que usar o delay compensation do protools com os plugs da UAD para compensar os muitos atrasos dos plugins,e não estar conseguindo usar minha project mix como controladora por estar conflitando com a Apollo quad... mas do resto achei a melhor compra minha dos ultimos tempos e creio que irei adquirir muitas outras coisas da UA em breve... Pena a apollo quad não vir com mais plugins já na compra. Mas de qualquer forma estou muito satisfeito. Bruno Brito.

C. Simms

November 17, 2012

Loyalist to Universal Audio products.

My life has changed dramatically after receiving the Apollo. Not just because of the sound quality ( which is why I purchased it) but, because of the quality and pride that goes into there kraftmanship. Certain brands carried a signature that says you believe in higher standards Universal Audio and Apple top my list.

Micah Es check out my music!

J. Dosanjh

November 16, 2012

Awesome is a understatement

Well i went from a Motu Ultralite to this. I loved my Ultralite it was a great device and I thought well this Apollo will probably be better but come on how much clearer can it sound. Well it was _--------------------------------------------------------------------------_ this much clearer. I mean it blows the MOTU away by a 100 miles. Not only does it sound so much better, the preamps are stunning, the UA plugins(I was a UA plugin Virgin) are by far best in business, not to mention it look super cool. I went with this unit because I bought my first piece of UA Gear last year (LA-610 MK2) and i loved everything about it and it made me love UA as a company. So far it is getting better and better.

M. Poncy

November 16, 2012

Beyond project studio... finally!

Studio quality has never been this easy [or cheap]! Here's how: spend some time acoustically treating your space. Then buy the Apollo, demo the plugs, and purchase the ones that work for your sound. Hire an engineer to help you along the way. Finally, you can quit worrying about your recording quality and get busy putting music down. Because from preamps all the way to mastering, Apollo's got you covered. It's that awesome!
PS [Plug Shameless] Starting in January, I'll be releasing a new EP each month using exclusively the Apollo during the entire recording/mixing/mastering process. Check out starting in 2013 and hear the Apollo in all its glory!

S. Mccabe

November 16, 2012


A wonderful peace of gear. Let`s get some plugIns!!!:-)

S. Sanders

November 15, 2012

The Apollo rocks

This interface rocks I love that you can record with the plugins.

E. Mazer

November 13, 2012


Dear UAudio
The Apollo is an amazing device. It was easy to setup and it works great as a processor, a DAC, an AD and various good sounding inputs. The DAC sounds better than any DAC i have.

I am using it on a Macair. I can easily do a remote with it and mix wherever. It and Logic make a great system.

No faults that I can find.


F. Gros

November 10, 2012

Very Impressed

From the moment I ran some old mixes through the Apollo Quad I was really impressed. Solid unit, with a great sound, quality preamps & smart design.

The console app is easy to use, looks good and works well. In fact, I didn't have to refer to the manual much to get the Apollo set up & working.

I do wish the front panel knobs were more solid. It's also a shame the Apollo has only one set of monitor outs &, given the console app has a Mono button, I would have liked a Mono Monitor out as well. I'm not impressed with having a TRS connections for the Monitors, should be XLR.

I look forward to routing improvements int eh Console & full 64 bit operation in the near future. But, even without that, the Apollo is unique & impressive.

J. Vekich

November 10, 2012

DAW landmark!!

I recently purchased the Apollo duo and at first I was skeptical, thinking that maybe it would be a great buy but most likely I'm gonna buy it just to satisfy myself and it will be slightly better quality music....well, I was way off!!!! The Apollo is THAT sound that everybody is looking for!!! I make beats for hip hop/rap and run an mpc through it. I mix every track separately going into Logic and put the desired effects and eq on each individual track before recording....The results are jaw dropping!! everyone who has listened to my current work has a dropping jaw as well and if you're looking for that professional VOCAL sound...Apollo delivers!! from what I expected to what I really got is just amazing!! buy it!!

UAD User

November 9, 2012

Hardware great, software needs tweaking yet...

Have had the Apollo Quad for a month now (from Sweetwater) going into a Dangerous 2 buss LT then the Dangerous monitor ST. The sound is stellar and the plugins are great. I am running Digital Performer 7.24 (on a Mac mini maxed out with 8GB and a SSD, ) even though I have DP 8. The Apollo won't work with DP 8 yet.
My only problem is with the console software. It will lock up and only re-statrting will solve the problem as it won't force quit. Tech support had me upgrade the firmware but it still happens. ALSO, don't let it go into sleep mode as it will for sure disable all plugins and more than usually lock it up as well.
When they solve this, this will be a great setup! The routing and other capabilities are wonderful!!!

B. Heinrichs

November 9, 2012

Great Sounds, So So Build Quality

Love it all except the headphone outputs are already shorting out! One month old!

K. Larish

November 8, 2012

Apollo + Monitor Guitar Rig in Pro Tools

The Apollo is an excellent interface and the plugins sound great. Coordinating monitor functions with Pro Tools is more of a challenge than most online videos indicate. Once a great vocal set up has been configured through the Apollo, it is important to set up a similar sounding setup in Pro Tools otherwise vocal punch-ins will sound different and throw the singer off. Also, I found no documentation on configuring a virtual instrument like Guitar Rig or Amplitube. After a lot of random button pushing it turns out that it is as simple as muting the input channel in the Apollo Console -- this is somewhat counterintuitive as one would assume that with the channel muted no throughput/recording would be possible - but it works.

D. Dipietro

November 7, 2012

Great upgrade

Thought I reviewed this already but just in case.....
Needless to say that going from my digi002R to the Apollo was a huge upgrade sonically. The pre's have plenty of clean headroom, plenty of connections on back though I wish there was a second L/R outputs for a dedicated headphone amp.
The only knock is being stuck with live play back during an overdub via console application- wish it could turn off live input during pre-roll for punches. But that's something I'll learn to live with.

R. Pottorf

November 6, 2012

Should've made this move sooner...

I originally had planned on moving to the PT HDX system but then this unit was introduced at NAMM and it peaked my interest. The more research I did and the more reviews I read I started to re- think my upgrade.

After speaking with a couple of Apollo owners I took the plunge and the only thing I can say is, "why didn't do this sooner?!?!" The sonic clarity, dimension and not to mention the UAD plugin architecture, makes this unit the best interface in the market (IMO).

I do music for film and TV and I really didn't realize what I wasn't hearing in my mixes until I got my Apollo. Well, Done UA!!!!

Rob Pottorf

B. Belley

November 6, 2012

Excellent but...

Excellent but i've been forced to buy a Mac Mini in order to use this device.
Last night (nov 05) i been ok to run a first official try (finally).

Console is ok, FW800 is ok for me (Mastering use). Hardware is simply beautiful and i think it will become a Classic in his range.

Cause i bought a Mac Mini and rebuilded from scratch my rig i have some disappointment. Please UAD, release the Win7 version!

I have a question: May i use the 4 Sharck DSP with my Lynx22?
I mean using the DSP power while i bypass the Apollo Digital out.
With my UAD2 Quad, i use my Lynx22 soundcard.
Is it possible to use my Lynx22 with Win7 and the Apollo DSP only?

Thank you very much UAD you ROCK!

Y. Kim

November 6, 2012

Been tasting Apollo with rMBP for weeks

It's been two weeks since I got my hands on Apollo
with new15" rMBP 2.6GHZ i7 / 16GB RAM

Running 40+ tracks with more than 30 UAD Plugins and 50 RTAS plugins?

Less than 14% CPU native on my PT 10 system usage meter.


Sound Quality?

Supreme. Period.

Extremely satisfied customer added.

S. Overland

November 4, 2012


Very impressed with the sound, options, uncluttered GUI and the solid and intuitive software that easily controls a sensible workflow

Fantastic sounding, solid, mature and well-thoughtout feature-set

Well done

D. Compton

November 3, 2012

Incredible interface

The Apollo is the best interface I've used. Everything sounds better, warmer, richer, more detailed. The preamps are very transparent sounding; the conversion is the best I've heard; the performance is rock solid. For the most part I've been running the signal through an ADL 600 into a line channel, using the Studer plug-in. The closest to high-quality analog I've heard in my home studio.

J. Lyrock

November 2, 2012

UA Apollo QUAD

First off let me just say, wow. After a recommendation on this guy I decided to purchase the unit and give it a go. I can't explain how much I love this piece. I work mostly in post production (V/O) and have never had vocal recordings sound so full. The ability to fully capture the timbre of a voice is outstanding. Love the transparent preamps and ultra-low noise from the unit. Now the part that really gets me is the UAD plugins. Jesus Christ! I feel silly for ever using Waves' plugins. I'm all about hardware, but these are extremely impressive plugs.

Overall, I'm thoroughly impressed with this product and would recommend (have already recommended) it to anyone.

S. Caringer

November 1, 2012

Almost perfect.

Hardware-wise, the Apollo is a great unit. The sound quality and stereo imaging is extraordinary. And the UAD plug-ins, well.. I don't have to mention how good they are. The thing I miss with this interface (I use to have RME and totalmix) is the routing possibilities. But then again, it might just be a question of getting used to this kind of setup. I would like some things to be a bit different though, to give the Apollo 5 stars. Like to be able to choose between -10dbV and +4dbu on all inputs or stereo input pairs. Or a copy/paste-function on the UAD plug-ins, so you can monitor with them while tracking, then just paste all plug-in settings on an insert on the channel in your DAW. The latency could also be a bit lower when using VI's.

681-700 of 873 Results