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Apollo FireWire

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February 4, 2017

Perfect machine

Perfect sound, excellent converters!

G. Garcia

January 25, 2017

Very well built and awesome plug-ins.

I had a Steinberg interface that did a fine job, but when I got the Apollo I noticed a huge difference in my mix and tracking. This interface is the real deal for someone that really appreciates that old analog recording system. It has all you need for your mixing. Not to mention that Universal Audio sent me a free DSP with my purchase. Also, I got this model because it has a Thunderbolt card option so when I upgrade my computer, I will be able to use it on my old computer and my new computer. The quality of this product is superior to all other products I have used.

G. Giacona

January 23, 2017

Apollo Firewire review from Austin TX!

I just received my Apollo Firewire and am using it with Digital Performer 9 and Logic Pro X. I previously used MOTU hardware, HD192 and 1296 in conjunction with the proprietary MOTU PCIe-424 card. This setup has treated me well for 15 years, but I wanted to experience the power and quality and the UAD-2 plug-ins, so I switched over to Apollo. So far so good, sound quality seems wonderful, and build quality as well. The UA Console software is wonderful as well. One glaring omission I must mention is the lack of ability to switch the Apollo's 8 meters to show "output" level. They are fixed to permanently show "input" level only. If I'm not mistaken, the blackface Apollo Thunderbolt unit provides a meter button to switch back and forth. I have relied heavily on having both on my previous MOTU HD192, so I'm having to adjust. I'm still exploring the Console software to see if that can show output level, or just input only as well..
Overall, I'm satisfied at this point with the product. Have yet to dive in deeply with all 25 plugs that I purchased, but that should change soon!

T. Mavian

January 17, 2017

Just great

I feel like I'm a bit "late to the party" but tracking with this thing through all my UAD-2 plugins is awesome! Getting "that" sound directly is a real workflow booster.

One star left, add MIDI control and I'll give it as well.

M. Leonhardt

January 17, 2017

A partnership for life!

When I got my Apollo I instantly fell in love with it. I just plugged it into my pc and everything was working as it should. With some proper mics I really have to take care not to pregnant this precious!

Z. Bonnie

January 17, 2017

Fantastic sound!

Amazing convertors an pres. Great Plugins.

I. Bland

January 4, 2017

Apollo FireWire review

I'm a dance music producer off over 26 years so seen lots of changes and outboard to software gear etc . Being a huge fan and user of UAD for many years and owning a duo pci card I've been wanting this audio interface for ages na dfinally took the plunge , was using a very good apogee duet . I'm not disappointed! The sound quality is AMAZING even better than my Duet , and the software is so easy to use PLUS I've qualified for a free satellite expansion so with my pci card Apollo and the satellite I'll have 8 Dsp's firing ! I have many UAD plugs and using them with the sound quality of the Apollo is Next level , plugs like the Ampex tape and Cambridge eq being some of my favs , also bought the Manly box box which is stunning , can't wait to do my first vocal session using that and the pre amps on the Apollo ! Hats off again to the UAD team my productions have NEVER sounded better !

J. Kervinen

January 2, 2017

Just blown away!

This is... Well, by far The Best purchase in my music career ever since I have started (15 years ago). I can't understand how long I resisted to buy one... because of what? The price? The price really meets the quality and I just love how simple the Console is to use and manage your I/O + routings. I have QUAD apollo and on top of that I've got Satellite UAD-2 and they work together really well (read the manual how to wire them up!).
DSP just seems endless and for the projects I have started ages ago, there is yet more DSP available to polish the mixes and add more UA-sound to 'em. In my rig I've for RME RayDat and Apollo used as a aggregate device on MAC and I'm running tons of inputs to my Logic Pro with all channels input monitoring and it works like a charm! Thank you Universal Audio for such an amazing product! Keep up the great work.

m. mingo

December 23, 2016

Great Interface

I tracked my hammond organ through the Apollo with plugins and It was amazingly clean and warm! Definitely going to add another unit to increase my pre's and processing power on the front end! Great Job!

D. Kohlgruber

December 20, 2016

Sound is good

The sound of the interface and the plugins is really very good

A. Hylander

December 15, 2016

Great Sound and DSP

Fantastic sound specially when recording and the ability to run all the plugins through the dap power gives your computer quite some wiggle room.
Overall the perfect upgrade to a professional sounding audio interface.

M. Patrick

December 14, 2016

UAD Apollo

Hello, I am delighted with my apollo card, and in general of all the products I have bought from you. I take this message to ask if I have done everything correctly to be able to receive the quad satellite card that goes with the apollo, my level in English is not good, and I sometimes find it difficult to understand everything.

thank you in advance

Patrick Miralles

A. Lopez

December 13, 2016

Very solid unit - Perfect for Mac Tower/non-thunderbolt users

I've been using the Firewire version of the Apollo for over three years now - it's an incredibly solid unit and has paid for itself multiple times over.

The preamps sound great - incredibly clean and not overly colored or "polished". When paired with unison plugins, they sound pretty damn close to the real thing (unfortunately nothing sounds as good as the real thing). AD converters are clean and transparent as well.

I appreciate the option to upgrade to thunderbolt as well.

I understand there are some gripes about bandwidth vs. thunderbolt - I recommend doing some research to see what works best with your system. For me, Firewire works perfectly - even if I'm tracking plugins live.

U. Krauss

December 10, 2016

Great interface

It has made a big influence to my Studio.
Great Sounding Interface and Conversion, and the use of UAD Plugins while recording is a big benefit.
It was one of my best investments in Studio Gear in 2016.
Only Downside no MIDI i/O and only 8 ADAT Inputs and not enough possible output Mixes.
Coming from a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (Saffire Mix Control) it´s a litte of a fuzz to create enough Headphone Mixes for my Clients. Mostly I do Live Recording so I have to provide up to 8 separate Headphonemixes simultanously.

G. Todaro

December 7, 2016

Apollo firewire

Amazing I sell my apogee ENSEMBLE to buy apollo FIREWIRE wonderful product amazing sound cleariity... Thks

o. morris

December 4, 2016


I was a die hard focus rite liquid Safire 56 and Pro 40user that can't daisy chained. I heard the buzz about the apollo for a few years now but i thought its just new product hype. long story short I started adding more pieces to my studio as i grew my focus rite couldn't plus the routing software got complicated. So I started looking at other gear it took about a good 6 months going in and out of various guitar centers until i stumbled upon the UAD REP he was in the store giving product support to guitar center employees.So i asked if i could join of course he said. so i got the full view on what the apollos can do. two days later sold the focusrite and bought the apollo and by the way studio have grown and the apollo is the center piece working FLAWLESSlY!!!!!!!!!

p. nikpour

November 29, 2016

All in one

Finally I've got my mate !!it's all I ever need from A to Z.Warm sound and valuble Pluggines is every Music Producer's demand.New console is awesome and easy to use.

y. cespedes

November 28, 2016



M. Lobemeier

November 27, 2016

Pretty. Pure. Professional.

I've changed my setup from an old motu device (including midi) to the apollo card (without midi) and things improved dramatically. Clean standard sound, flexible routing and ease of use with the possibility to get all the good sounding gear with a few clicks of the mouse, makes working much easier and creating music much mor fun.

O. Eremin

November 26, 2016

The Best Production

convenient operation, beautiful sound!!!

141-160 of 873 Results