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Customer Reviews

Apollo Solo

Overall Rating

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F. Bueno

October 22, 2020

First gear from UAD : it’s AWESOME

First gear from UAD and it’s awesome. I love the portability no need of an external powersupply. A second dsp will be helpfull for some hungry plugin chains with dsp pairing. I ‘m going to invest on an octo satellite to have more power when arranging and mixing. Great job UAD

J. Landhaug

October 21, 2020

Love my apollo's

Now I own an Apollo X 8P, An Apollo Twin (second generation) and now the Apollo Solo.
Started with the Silver Quad that i sold second hand. I'm at home with UAD and could'nt be happier:)

D. Hall

October 21, 2020

Solo : Versatile and Incredible Sounding

I've only had the product for a day and a half but it's been a revelation — and having started to record with it I know there's no going back. The set up was easy as was routing audio from Logic to track to. The Unison preamp technology is remarkable and sounds amazing — it takes the incoming signal and let's me tweak it. It's a game changer. I purchased the Solo to print tracks directly into Logic so I've had no issues re: DSP capacity. But I think the real wow factor is the lack of latency using the UA DSP / onboard processing. I used to turn on Low Latency Mode in Logic and deal with all the shortcomings of that approach when tracking. With the Apollo Solo the response is shockingly immediate — it's the most natural tracking experience I've ever had. Remarkable. BTW - the default plug-in set is good — I was surprised by the quality of the default bundle. The UA 610-B is great as are the compressors, and Precision Channel Strip. Absolutely zero regrets — this step up to the UA eco-system is just what I was looking for.

L. Johnson

October 19, 2020

Sounds amazing

As a adult learner studying music theory and avid music enthusiast the Solo is the perfect interface. I will never use it to its full capability, but for using notation software, a midi controller, a microphone, and my bass I can compose songs, which has proven elusive with any number of combinations of equipment I have owned previously.

The unit is solidly built and very easy to use. At some point I will learn to use Luna.

A. Taylor

October 17, 2020


Amazing piece of gear. Sounds amazing and looks amazing. Only thing I would have included is a power button for the interface So your able to switch it on and off easily.

A. Dalami

October 13, 2020

Accessibility issue

I am a visually impaired user and I must say that Unfortunately, the software is not accessible/compatible with screen readers such as voiceover on Mac.
it is so frustrating that I’m not able to use the unison technology or Uad plugins.
I would love to hear from a developer regarding this issue

J. Greder

October 10, 2020

USB Apollo Solo

This is a definite upgrade from my 3rd gen Scarlett in every regard. If the I/O suits your needs like it does mine I can’t imagine you can do any better than this in this price range as far as quality of components. Fit and finish are excellent. The preamps are superb and are beyond adequate to make great sounding recordings. The outputs are also very well spec’d. Drives my HD650 headphones wonderfully. Truly a professional product and I’m extremely satisfied.

B. Jarrell

October 9, 2020

Fuck yeah

Shits dope as fuck. I’m straight laying down fire as fuck metal riffs while laying in bed using this beast. This things got so much power I have to call NASA to get permission to turn it on. Get wit this!

A. Boonchued

October 4, 2020

Perfect for me

Everything Perfect for me

M. Vogel

October 1, 2020

Great Sound

Beautiful sound for my voice over work and easy to use. The included plugins are very nice.


September 29, 2020

Petite mais puissante

L’avenir du home studio voir du studio pro aujourd’hui c’est le software ! Achetée pour des prises de voix, ce petit boîtier est violent. Ce ne sont pas des contes de fées, la technologie UNISON est redoutable d’efficacité. Moi qui recherchais le préampli micro approprié je suis servi. Je sors d’une RME fireface UC et l’expérience UA est bien meilleure notamment pour le materiel-logiciel software. Un seul processeur suffit pour des prises de voix. Franchement bravo !!!

B. Tari

September 23, 2020

Much better preamps than the arrow

I love it! :)

R. Salame

September 16, 2020

Great performance, but the metal case is too sensitive

It arrived with a. bit of a bend in it, which means it doesn't sit flat on the surface. I have no idea how that happened but it's functioning perfectly nonetheless.

J. Sands

September 16, 2020

3 Stars... for now....

After seeing a Solo USB in use at a Voice over friends studio... I immediately ordered one... My UPS driver doesn't show up until 8 to 9 pm... I rushed the box inside and was inmediately BUMMED OUT to find the USB 3.1 cable was not included. For the price of your stuff guys.... please... include the cable. I know my way around USB.... but most musicians and VO guys just don't. You have a wonderfully built product.... but to cheap out an not include the key cable to get your interface on line is just STUPID!

To add insult to injury... its very hard find what kind of cable to order on your support site.

FYI I will be "spreading the love around" to guitar center for not mentioning this too.

I love you guys... this is a BIG PROBLEM..FIX IT!


J. Ferguson

September 16, 2020

I wish I could have afforded a Twin X or higher!

So far, my Apollo solo is fantastic! Tracking through it with the unison plug-ins is next level. I wish it had a second headphone out or the additional I/O that the Twin X affords, which is why I'm considering returning it for the upgrade. That being said, it's a very nice entry level upgrade.

J. Cory

September 15, 2020

Apollo Solo

Great piece of gear. A bit of a new learning curve but finally operational. Skimming the surface in terms of it's full potential but unlocking interesting bits every day.

R. O'Brien

September 14, 2020

Apollo Solo

I bought the Solo to use as a remote editing and recording rig. It is solid and sturdy and fits in my remote gig bag easily. The sound quality is as usual with UA equipment, great.

I. Goldsmith

September 12, 2020

It’s great

Easy to set up, sounds great, onboard DSP makes everything run smoother. Plugins are great.

A. Giansante

September 11, 2020

Really Sounds Like A Warm Analog Recording.

Switched from apogee and I'm glad I did. Works brilliantly with an AKG414. Big Thanks to all the smart people who made this hardware. Definitely the best audio interface on the market.

A. Giansante

September 11, 2020

Really Sounds Like A Warm Analog Recording.

Switched from apogee and I'm glad I did. Works brilliantly with an AKG414. Big Thanks to all the smart people who made this hardware. Definitely the best audio interface on the market.

181-200 of 206 Results