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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

521-540 of 1252 Results

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D. Jüngel

April 3, 2019

There's no turning back

Love this device, because I can take high quality recording and mixing with me everywhere with no big hassle.

A. Cooper

April 3, 2019

Person Enhancer!

Whether you play an instrument or sing, this device combined with any UA Plugin will improve you as a Human Being!

L. Markiewicz

March 31, 2019


very cosmic thing. awesome. thanks.

L. Canales

March 30, 2019

An amazing intro to UA!

Unison pres, ADAT expandable, an amazing collection of plugins - what better way to enter a new chapter of my studio life. I wanted power, with a small footprint and expanding options. I got it all in one unit. Thanks, UA. A Quad Satellite is on the way now....

J. Zapata

March 30, 2019

Best Sound quality

Best sound quality and best product you could get. This product is amazing!


March 30, 2019

Love it

I love this unit awesome plugin's

J. Loosemore

March 29, 2019

The centre of my studio

Since getting the Apollo Twin, I've realised that everything else I had previously used simply wasn't making my performance or equipment sound as good as it could! It's the centre of my studio and I simply couldn't go without it.

a. jenkins

March 28, 2019

Not new to UAD just true to UAD

Love this product the speed the quality is amazing and love messing with the talk button when artist mess up lol


March 26, 2019

... pretty much a perfect tool that will also make you a better musician as well.

As a guitarist writer-arranger slash yadda, I had been out of the production loop for a while up until 2 years ago when I started a serious journey to study & understand production techniques to create better recordings free of excuses.

The Apollo gear had been on the wish for a while. The list of advocates at all levels was certainly compelling. In short... the MkII was-is the perfect, relatively $ painless stepping stone into the pro pool. The closer for me was a video of a great blues player demoing a Tweed deluxe plugin. I was tired of 'interesting' guitar tones via amp sims. Fast forwarding to the experience of plugging in after an easy install process, I was immediately floored. The clarity of signal hit me in the face big time. Even in knowing absolutely zero about the UA system while also knowing I was in for a lot of welcome lab coat work, the first tests were stunning. It truly felt like there was a deluxe mic'd up in my garage.

I waited a while to write a review as I had no point of reference, but 5 months in and massive growth in understanding the system, VST & Unison's benefits the process has been amazing and my appreciation for UA's vision, team of engineers and front line has continued to grow. Even using the MkII simply as a stand alone tool for practice or writing, which I do a lot of, it was worth the purchase.

As I continue to grow with implementation & integration into Logic X and Reason my enthusiasm and knowledge grows. You can do almost anything with the system. In regards to the console tool and how to implement the features took a minute to sink in... but was worth the effort and patience. I asked a lot of questions from various sources that appeared to have the knowledge base and received conflicting approaches which was somewhat expected, many were discounting it's functions & purpose but then I routinely found serious engineers sitting in front of their $750k console with the console application front and center. Point being, it's powerful and very useful and like any tool worth it's weight you have to earn the relevant knowledge with research, implementation & effort.

The UA tools allow you to access the 'real' pro tools of the pros and grow your own system in a organic scale-able manner. The MkII quad is one of the best investments & pieces of equipment I have ever owned. Now you actually can make pro recordings and become a better player, writer and engineer from a lap top. It is a huge game changer.

S. Tinnion

March 25, 2019

Amazing Interface

I've had no problems with it so far! It's a great interface. The only thing I have noticed is that it gets VERY hot really quickly. After about 20 - 30 mins of it being on, it's already hot. Not sure if this is normal. Just a little bit worrying! Apart from that, no issues :)

m. loosen

March 25, 2019

Yeah Bud

Super Sweet product! Just scratching the surface at this point!
A couple more included plugins wouldn't have hurt my feelings, but that said
i do luv it!

z. Corona

March 25, 2019

Apollo Twin MkII

Amazing Sound!!!!

D. McCommas

March 24, 2019

Apollo Twin

Brand new to digital recording. Learning is in infancy. The quality of these Mike preamps are stellar. Will update as I learn the equipment.

S. Hidalgo

March 24, 2019

Lots of great value, but some issues with stability

Having issues with it crashing my laptop at least once a day. Love the functions of it and sounds great. Not thrilled I have to sit throught this many reboots. Been doing this a long time and have had several pro levels of gear and this is the first time i've dealt with this on such a consistant basis.

S. Smashnov

March 24, 2019


The best audio interface!!

I. Petrovic

March 22, 2019


Took my sound to another level...never had such an array of amazing vintage plugins at my disposal to beef up my MPC! Thank you UA!

J. Vogt

March 21, 2019

The Amazing Apollo Twin MKII Duo Thunderbolt

I love my Apollo twin MkII duo thunderbolt! It's the best audio interface for what I need for my home studio. .Amazing sounding interface! I am really enjoying the unison technology, which is great with preamps and amp plugins. Makes my recordings sound amazing!

J. Browning

March 20, 2019


Built like a tank and a quick setup. Included plugins are equally excellent! I’ll be a UAD user for life now....

D. Stillman

March 19, 2019

Best interface for the price

Absolutely love this thing I’ve owned the apogee duet 2 and baby face pro. Although the Apollo is quite a bit more expensive I recommend saving up because the work flow and features in this interface are incredible. The unison pre amps are phenomenal so good I’m selling all my analog pre amps.

B. Sullivan

March 18, 2019


I've always wanted an Apollo Twin MkII to use with my Apollo 8. Well, I walked into a local pawn shop and there it was (in mint condition)! I kinda anticipated that there might be some issues with registering the unit, but as it turned out, the previous owner NEVER REGISTERED THE UNIT!!! I was so shocked that I was able to get the Apollo Twin MkII at a crazy awesome price (and all the UAD perks that comes with it after registering the unit)! In addition to using it with my Apollo 8 at home, I can now use it for remote recording, keeping the same awesome quality of sound on the road, that I get at home! WHAT A BLESSING!!!

521-540 of 1252 Results