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N. Ibañez

May 8, 2020

Great Upgrade

I've been thinking for a long time about getting an Apollo Twin. After years of using my old interface I joined the UAD team. So far I am very happy with my Apollo Twin QUAD, especially with the possibility of recording in real time and being able to use the DSP for its wonderful plugins. As a critic I think that many plugins consume too much DSP, because in spite of having a QUAD many times it gets complicated. Beyond that I love my new product

R. Jacobi

May 7, 2020

Apollo TWIN MKII QUAD - The perfect companion for mixing in the box.

After using an original Apollo TWIN DUO for years I decided to upgrade to the Apollo TWIN MKII QUAD with four Sharc DSPs and could not be any happier.

As I do mixing work most of the time the TWIN is the perfect companion. Paired with a few Satellite OCTOs you can get even the most demanding mixes done in no time and with lots of "analog" mojo all in the box. The ergonomics are perfect. The TWIN becomes a professional monitor controller on your desk and offers all essential controls. You almost forget that it also delivers conversion and processing.

The MKII now offers switching between speaker pairs right from the device which is a really handy feature. With the original TWIN I always had to open the Console window to switch speakers. The two additional DSPs of the QUAD also allow for more headroom in regard to plugin counts. With five Satellite OCTOs and a TWIN QUAD I now have 44 DSPs available for plugin processing which leaves enough room to use SSL, API or Neve channel strips across the board and still have processing power available for rooms and effects.

The UAD and Apollo platforms are great tools if you are looking to replace an analog style workflow and get similar sound qualities. Wouldn't there be the 6 device limit per system I would probably add more Satellites or another Apollo for additional processing and connectivity. But the TWIN alone would be enough to do some serious damage.

Excellent device paired with Console and UAD software and with LUNA there is even the perspective of an all UA-style mixing experience once the feature-set has been extended and matches competing DAWs.

K. McKay

May 6, 2020

Love My Apollo

I'm a commercial voiceover talent and very lacking in producer skills. So the fact that I could set up the Apollo Twin MKII on my own really says something. However, as I am technically challenged a big thanks to Moe at the help desk for walking me through being able to use my headphones for a Source Connect session. Duh! It was a simple fix yet he didn't mock me once for bringing a ridiculous problem to him.

C. Raven

May 4, 2020

Just what I needed, Extent!

Great sound Quality and Effects are Outstanding. Easy to use, looks great and built to last.

H. Holzheu

May 1, 2020

Apollo MKII Quad - The best Desktop Audio Interface

I think the easiest and fastest was to make perfect recordings. And with my X8P and my Satellite octo, I have massive DSP Power.

T. Donnelly

April 29, 2020

Great quality in MacOS, disappointed in Windows

Everything works really well in MacOS, no problems and no annoying configuration challenges to overcome. Windows is a different story, though. WDM does not work properly (skipping, popping, crackling.) I followed all of the guides on UAD's website to no avail. Disabling speed step, changing power profile, you name it... didn't resolve the issue with WDM. I'm a bit disappointed because I really want to use the interface with things like Discord and in online games. I was able to find an ASIO driver for OBS Studio so at least my Twitch stream works properly and has high quality voice... but I have to use a secondary mic for everything else (anything that doesn't support ASIO audio interfaces..) -- I really hope UAD can figure out a way to fix this because audio production is only one of the things I enjoy doing with the device.

M. Lotterhoff

April 28, 2020

Technical Possibilities with Apollo

Device is one of the best, I switched for apollo device since it provides the highest quality and variety of creative possibilities.

J. Taylor

April 25, 2020

Excellent - huge difference to my sound

Loving the Apollo twin - so much warmer than previous interfaces I’ve used. Running plugins in unison is an excellent feature that adds real analog warmth and authenticity to the sound. Recommended

R. Cue

April 22, 2020

Best Investment EVER!!

This is the best investment I’ve ever made thus far. The quality is so crisp and the processing is so fast. I used it on my new song ‘You Got My Luv’ by Hason Cue. I’m glad I took this leap of faith for this wonderful product. Thank you Universal Audio. I hope to get a sponsor or work with you in the near future

J. Noh

April 22, 2020



P. Coudoumié

April 21, 2020

The best audio interface I ever used !

Everything is in the title :-) I used to work with another very good interface in 24/96 but here's a new milestone with the Apollo Twin Mk II. The unison system and the console are very well made and the plug-ins, of course are without comparison :-)
I had first the Duo model which is good for light mixes but if you want to do more ambitious mixes (at least 10 tracks and all plu-ins in UAD), you need the Quad model.
My world as a sound engineer has definitely changed :-)

E. Ferre

April 19, 2020

And now I am so happy

Just turn up and connect and everything sounds great. It's very easy to work with. The list of plug-ins incredible and it's quality and sound more incredible yet. I would be great if I could arrange the vast list of plug-ins in different ways in the plug-in settings window.
Thanks guys!!


April 18, 2020

still using Monitor controller.

I use this gear with my x16. I need two preamp and Headphone amp!


April 18, 2020

High quality, useful function

I’m using it for producing and home recording. I had a little bit hard time to learn how to use it but it’s still cool Thanks for UAD

K. Korn

April 17, 2020

Good Audio Interface

Many Utility. Definitely worth.

А. Жданов

April 15, 2020

Apollo Twin MKII Duo Thunderbolt Review

This is my first introduction to UAD products. Impressed by the quality of sound and processing level of the UAD VST plug-ins! The quality of my works will be higher! Thanks!

m. marcori

April 14, 2020

Apollo twin mkii thunderbolt Review

I absoultely loved this interface right out of the box. Its the perfect size, good looking, robust built and easy to use. Very intuitive. Just a few minutes after installing software I was able to use unison preamps/amps and felt very comfortable right away. A/D D/A conversion is awsome in this unit, and Console software is awsome. Easy to use, straightforward, and you can route anything anywhere with ease. Great for recording, mixing, and also for streaming into and out of Pro tools in conjunction with desktop audio, thanks to the virtual channels. Overall, awsome purchase.

Y. Lee

April 12, 2020

Apollo Twin mkII Quad

I am much more satisfied than I expected.

N. Taylor

April 12, 2020

simply insane

This is the biggest jump up in quality my home studio has had in years. The processing power on vocals is as near to a big studio sound as possible. It is simply insanely good

M. Garcia

April 9, 2020


I scored the DUO, and I’m so stoked. I did my first recording with it yesterday and ran the stock Pre Amp is came with and it’s taken my sh*t to the next level.
I love how flawlessly everything runs. The plug ins are groundbreaking, and I haven’t even dug into the paid versions.

This is a perfect interface. I can’t imagine how much better it gets. I’m with UA for life now.

21-40 of 995 Results