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Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB

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B. Blackmer

July 2, 2017

Incredible interface with great plugins

The Unison Preamps changed the way I record. Being able to record through a neve for less than an 8th of the price of a 1073 is amazing. I record mainly vocals and guitar so the Unison Preamps really help to achieve a great sound going in.

K. Hankins

June 21, 2017

Apollo Twin is the best audio device in its class!

I've had the Duet 1, Duet 2 and the Apollo Twin to compare. The Apogee is a clean sound and was the best AD/DA audio device in its class until the Universal Audio Apollo Twin was released. No other product in its class can compare to the Unison Mode recording capability. The extra 3-4 stereo and 8-channel ADAT outputs upscale the functionality of this unit as well. Great product!

星. 周

June 9, 2017

Apollo had many shortcomings

1., stability needs to be strengthened, the price of the sound card should not have such stability
2. switching sampling rate will have serious distortion, although solved, but can not casually switch sampling is not good
3., heat dissipation is too bad
4. words don't push enough. Big enough to make noise, noise, or current
5., Appollo, in my opinion, is a artifact of sound cards, but there are many problems
Before YAMAHA ur44 I think is block artifact card, great stability. Ah... Three times the price gap is not ideal... I hope Appollo can put it as soon as possible to solve the problems such as heat stable noise sampling compatible, want to open every day, it is impossible, too hot. In addition: this sound card without MIDI? I think the price is halved and there's a price to play. Here's no UAD, just talk about Appollo
Maybe my comment is low. I just want Appollo to go up


June 3, 2017




m. salehi

May 22, 2017


is the best <3

T. Nelson

May 20, 2017

Best interface for the money hands down!

This is by far the best interface that I have ever owned as far as flexibility latency and sound quality. Great job universal audio.

C. Lambros

May 18, 2017

Amazing audio interface

Love it! Sound quality is awesome! Hooks up easy and runs smoothly especially after I optimized my PC. I am very happy with this piece I just signed my new song to Sheeva Records called (Walk Da Floor) thanks to this incredible piece and all the excellent UAD plug-ins I purchased. Thank you UAD for incredible gear!


May 18, 2017

Total comfort

I couldn't really work with my UAD2 Solo and searched for a less greedy solution. So I've been looking for plugs out of UA but, no, not as good.
Now with my Satellite thunderbolt Quad I can really do it, all my tracks are now SSLs with effects, amps and a Lexicon 224 on the drums etc, etc...
It is total comfort, no cracks, no bugs, no crises.
It is just about WORK!

J. Koslen

May 17, 2017

Upgrade to Apollo Twin MK II Quad

I'm happy to report that the upgrade from my Twin Duo silver face to a Twin Quad black face is pure joy. The difference in the pre's is noticeable to me. And having 4 cores to add to my Thunderbolt Octo Satellite makes for even smoother sailing.

S. McKeever

May 14, 2017

I love this!

I've had several interfaces, some great, from different companies. This is just the best. Great sound, and the dsp lets me add plugins wothout worrying about latency. I later added an octo satellite, it was so good. Buy one!

J. Reynoso

May 12, 2017


I was in the market for a new interface and decided find out if all the buzz was true and it was!!!!! I recommend this bad boy to anyone looking to get top results in anything you do

J. Reynoso

May 12, 2017


I was in the market for a new interface and decided to see if all the buzz was true and it was!!!! I highlight recommend this to anyone looking to get top quality results

m. hardy

May 10, 2017



m. hardy

May 10, 2017


Greatness! IllegAl transient plugin

m. hardy

May 10, 2017

Best limiter....

The things you can do with this...

m. hardy

May 10, 2017

Love the air

Great eq overall

m. hardy

May 10, 2017

Hot glue gun

Final compression on all my tracks.

m. hardy

May 10, 2017


Love it on everything... hot sauce.

S. Paroni

May 3, 2017

It's Christmas every day with the Apollo Twin!

Excited to go home after work and use this device in my home studio. It is cleaner sounding, and so far very functional I have not used very many of the plugins yet as I just had everything set up last week. I have about 12 tracks of a new song creation using the Apollo. It is terrific! My original interface was great for a starter interface. I also purchased an outboard tube preamp when I purchased the Apollo. Together with the Apollo it was a like a brand new mountain had been climbed to the summit. I have hurried home every day this week like a kid running to open presents. For this old musician, it doesn't hurt to exercise the brain cells either!

A. Solovyev

April 29, 2017

Лучшее для домашней студии

Карта порадовала отличным звучанием, стабильной работой и продуманной эргономикой. Стабильно работает на моем компьютере с win7 64 и процессором AMD A8. Порадовали качественные эмуляции басовых и гитарных комбо-продукт, достойный 21 века.

221-240 of 388 Results