Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

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Apollo Twin USB

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D. Albornoz

October 20, 2017


Espectacular! No solo por los conversores y los preamplificadores de altísima calidad, sino también por la tecnológica unison, que te permite realizar tomas como si utilizaras equipamiento analógico y dado que universal audio posee gran variedad de estos powered plugins podes darle el tono que quieras a tu audio con solo unos cuantos clics.

p. morelle

October 16, 2017

GREAT gear and unique sound

I am testing the apollo twin usb since one month, having in mind to record my new CD mainly at home. And the least I can say is that UA apollo twin is something GREAT. What a difference, in clarity, precision ... And what to say about unison and the plug in collection ? It's just a dream come true to be able to work with legendary materials and sounds, wonderfully reproducted by UA. NOW I really found what I had been dreaming about since years ! A professional recording and mixing chain, at home and at low cost, compared to the real thing. THANK YOU Universal Audio !

J. Rawls

October 12, 2017

Best purchase ever!

I have been using good equipment for years, but after using the Apollo Twin, my recordings sound more professional, I can finally say the tracks recorded and mixed with the Apollo are finished. What I hear in my head is what I hear from the Apollo. Very very glad I purchased The Apollo Twin. Only thing better would be a Quad DSP

N. Ostavar

October 11, 2017


Nothing more to say. It's stunning product.

J. Presson

October 11, 2017

It's complicated

The plugins sound awesome!
That being said, if had the Apollo now for 3 weeks and the problem I'm having is getting the console to operate how I need it to with Studio One Pro. And I can't find any info on how to set it up with S1. I've found most of the other DAWs. But can't find the same in depth info for S1. I can't believe this isn't set up to be a lot more simple to use. And I've read many other comments with ppl saying there disappointed in how complicated this is as well

j. revels

October 3, 2017

One of the sweetest machines known to man

with the combination of unison this is has proven to be a true window into analog sound

J. Strzelczyk

September 27, 2017

It's a real magic!

Finally I have the great sound device that doesn't bother me while I mix, rec and compose. No problems, very low latency, great quality, absolutely warm and clean sound, awesome (free!) plugins (now my VST piano sounds like a real instrument!). I have the latest Windows 10 without any driver issues etc. If you're wondering about the best choice (like me) between RME, AVID...... take Apollo Twin. It's so stable interface, massive, very pretty and has a great mixer console (easy and intuitive). The best choice I've ever made! Thanks UA!

UAD User

September 25, 2017

Awesome sound but lack of stability with windows 10

I have just spent few hours using my apollo twin and i am really amazed about the latency, the preamp and the headphone output. Just really really great. I have some issues using windows, sometimes i have to power off then on the apollo and everything work fine again.
I have found a really great guitar sound using the included "Marshall" stack with vintage room from softube. I really need to try the plexi 1959 plugin.
UAudio support guys are always quick to answer. This is an expensive unit but with a huge quality and from now a great technical support also.
Great job !

R. Grimes

September 15, 2017

Game Changer

I have had a fair amount of high end studio recording experience days from the 2 inch tape reels into the digital age, so I know the pro and home studio sounds well.

In my home studio I was previously using a high quality, but old interface from another manufacturer and the quality was crystal clear with big headroom, but I was rebuilding my entire home studio after big issues with the previous system and I decided to start clean with current gear across the board and I did a lot of research before choosing an Apollo Twin.

I was concerned that I wouldn't be as happy with what I'd hear from a different manufacturer's interface, but that concern left as soon as I heard the combination of the Apollo Twin signal and the Unison technology.

I used the UA 610 plugin and was instantly amazed at how "studio" the playback sounded. I was getting great sounds before with a (hardware) Universal Audio 710 going into the previous interface, but now I am getting great sounds with a much more realistic studio character with the Apollo and UA software! Software has really come a long way. It was like a cloud had been replaced by audio sunlight! It is a game changer for me. Everything is instantly closer from the start to where I would try to get the sound later and I am thrilled because I sold the 710 to help cover the costs of the new rig!

I am a PC user and it has always been a huge disappointment how the PC crowd is just disregarded by some manufacturers and how Microsoft PCs don't have Thunderbolt.

I don't want to deal with adding a Thunderbolt card to the PC and updating the bios in hopes that I could buy higher cost and quality gear and have it work without any issues.

I was thrilled to see that Universal Audio made a usb 3.0 version of the Apollo and my new PC has on board usb 3.0 and it has been trouble free.

There is quite a bit that impresses me with the Apollo Twin starting with the hardware functions that allow me to use real buttons and a knob to quickly change what I want with basic settings and the software really does sound amazing in the unison technology setup. I am impressed.

My only real disappointment is that it has limited expansion ability. I can attach a 8 channel preamp with adat down the road, but I'd love to see that doubled.

I'd love to at least see Universal Audio come out with a 12 XLR input adat preamp that lets me use 8 channels as direct inputs with an option of using the first 6 in the usual way and using inputs 7 through 12 (6 inputs) with an internal preamp mixer sent in through channels 7 & 8 (stereo ) or just into 8 mono, leaving 7 free to use elsewhere. Of course, I'd want unison technology available on all of that.

If they build it, people will come. People will come Universal Audio!

The Apollo is a great investment in my opinion.

K. Perelmuter

September 11, 2017

Loving it!

Really happy with my new apollo interface :)

E. Fischer

August 21, 2017

Next level

No regrets and no turning back! UA is next level and has taken my sound to a professional mastered sound. Can't say enough about the sonic character!

K. Orman-Janowski

August 15, 2017

So much magic in that small elegant box !

Great sound, great preamps, and of course plugins loaded to dsp gives me big advantage on composing and mixing, using just only one machine, even with very large orchestral templates. I also love design, cute and solid in the same time !

S. Soares Baptista

August 10, 2017

A must have!

I have a small home studio setup, recently changed my old Presonus usb 22vsl for the Apollo Twin Duo and the difference it makes is beyond incredible. Now all my tracks sound professional, something I couldn't achieve before. UAD plugins are out of this world and the best thing is you can use them in the virtual console and record with no latency at all. I'll be using this for many years and songs to come! Just make sure your pc meets the requierements.

E. Gremillion

August 6, 2017

If your PC has an AMD processor, don't buy this.

This interface's incompatibility with PCs that have an AMD processor, which causes pops and crackles during playback & recording, is not listed in the system requirements on sites like Guitar Center and Sweetwater. So check what kind of processor you have before buying the Apollo Twin. The interface works with Intel processors, not AMD.
Fortunately the store let me return it for a full refund with 14 days of purchase. I wish the store employees were educated about this incompatibility which would have prevented days of troubleshooting. I even talked to a guy who taught recording engineering at Guitar Center before buying this unit from him as sales clerk, and he was clueless about the problem, so I think the incompatibility needs to be more widely known to save other people the trouble I had. The UA marketing rep even came out to my house twice to help troubleshoot, and even he wasn't aware that folks with AMD processors shouldn't use it. Otherwise, I've read good things about the interface which apparently has worked for people with Intel processors. May you have better luck.

T. Sakurai

August 5, 2017


"Unison" is a wonderful feature. My performance improved owing to Unison.

J. Bruce

July 30, 2017

Excellent product for the money

Good so far...

F. Piterà

July 27, 2017


This audio interface is all I needed to upgrade my studio! The sound I can get out of it is impressive and the plug-in are amazing!! THIS IS TOTALLY A MUST BUY

陽. 竹川

July 21, 2017



S. Morse

July 12, 2017

Game Changer

I've owned an Octo for a few years, but Unison with an Apollo is a game changer. Fantastic quality, great value.

J. Woolcot

July 2, 2017

A sleep depriving monster!

It only gets better than this when you spend a million pounds on an awesome desk, with outstanding outboard. I have genuinely been getting no more than 3 hours sleep a night since buying this, I just want to use it all the time. The lack of latancy is a huge deal for me, tracking through (what sounds like) real gear is simply incredible, and mixing with their plugs achieves results that will blow you away.

201-220 of 388 Results