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Apollo Twin X

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C. Davies

February 7, 2020

Apollo Twin X

I have to say Apollo twin x has been the missing link in the sounds I’ve been searching for
I am extremely happy with the build quality and the plugins are the best that I have experienced so far
I feel that I can now confidently take my guitar to the next level
Thanks so much UA for the work that went into this

G. Rosenfeldt

February 4, 2020

Great for bass guitar

I bought this for practicing with my bass guitar. I plug my bass into the Apollo and monitor through headphones so I don't disturb my family. The best part is I can play with the different plugins and customize my sound. Build quality is top notch and the preamps are clean.

S. Rosenthal

February 2, 2020

UA Apollo Twin X

The stars above should be a 4.5
The Twin X is a really nice interface. I am using it with Cakewalk Platinum DAW. I cannot, therefore, speak to the UAD plugins. The sound is clean and present.
It does take a day or two getting used to going from the monitor to preamp buttons, but it is second nature now.

C. Coffie

February 1, 2020

Apollo Twin X

This hardware and software sounds great, unbelievabley great

C. Kee-McParlin

January 31, 2020


All I can say is never buy any other audio interface..... You would not be appreciating anything else.....

UAD = 100%

T. Rego

January 31, 2020

Exactly what I hoped for.

The title tells it all. The Apollo Twin was easy to set up, easy to integrate with Pro Tools, and actually sounds as good as everyone. Says it does. The plugins that I have used so far are all top notch. Still new but so far, I’m loving it so far.

M. Tulin

January 31, 2020

Very impressed!

I was looking for a Thunderbolt 3 interface for my new MacBook Pro, and realized that such are not thick on the ground at this point. I bit the bullet and bought the Apollo Twin X, thinking, ‘gosh this is spendy, but....’. Best under-researched purchase EVER. Love the design, appreciate the included plug-ins and that they run on the Twin itself during tracking! I wasn’t necessarily looking for a warm old analog sound, but I like. UA videos are well-done and at the right level for one who recorded through analog gear back when it was somebody else turning the dials. Kudos, and highly recommended for the home recordist!

D. Cheick Oumar Diallo

January 31, 2020

Amazing !!!!!!!

Sehr gute klang , wurde ich nochmal kaufen

s. yang

January 26, 2020

Highly recommended for all musicians.

uad is very satisfying for all musicians.
The new Apollo Twin x plays a big part in that satisfaction.

I have an arrow.
The Apollo Twin X is also satisfying.

The design is also pretty.
Personally, I hope the next model will have a lcd.

The upcoming luna daw is also very exciting.
I want universal audio to go even further.

V. Konstantinovskii

January 24, 2020


s. avramov

January 21, 2020

The best in the market

This little creature changed my life for the better, easy to work and comfortable. And the sound .... The sound is just crazy, the most virtuous virtual tools and close to the analog tools I've ever heard. And the Unison is the best there is. Hi end product

A. O'Brien

January 18, 2020

I can't seem to get this to connect and I've had constant issues trying to get support

For some reason I have major issues connecting this to my new Mac, I've tried different cables, different ways of turning it on etc and it just constantly gives me grief. Might have to return this, which is unfortunate because I've heard it's an amazing piece of hardware

d. golding

January 14, 2020


life changing piece of kit made my christmas

J. Johnson

January 13, 2020

Apollo Twin Quad X

This is the best bang for your buck. I thoroughly enjoy this piece of equipment. I don’t know why I did make the upgrade sooner and I am glad I did. I am so thankful for the team at Universal Audio this will change my mixing experience for sure!!


January 13, 2020

Blown away with quality and ease of use

Just perfect for our studio, very practical and easy to use with a sturdy construction. We make use of every i/o including optical for max channel use. Really glad we took the step forward in the UA envirnment.

M. Garrido-Lecca

January 13, 2020

Apollo Twin X is fantastic!

Amazing depth, definition and character! Closest thing to analog I've ever heard!

D. Melnik

January 13, 2020


I use my Apollo Twin X less more then a month and I'm very excited. Awesome sound. Amazing preamps.Stable work.

J. Hendrix

January 11, 2020

Blown away

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in recording studios over the years. I did not however, really put much into my home studio due to lack of need. When the need to be able to record from home recently came about, it was clear that my current setup was no longer... well... current. I reached out to some people to ask opinions on what to buy and the answers were all pretty unanimous. When my Apollo arrived, I wasted no time setting it up. I admit I’ve never really considered myself much of an engineer (I turn knobs until it sounds good) and the racks upon racks of gear in studios have always seemed to overwhelm me. However, the Apollo has changed that for me. It is so easy to use everything and the plugins are really as good as everyone says they are. UA has changed the game for not only home studios, but for the big boy studios as well.

If you’re trying to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment... I will tell you, it is.

G. Diaz

January 10, 2020

Audio Quality

I imagined that there will be a noticiable difference between this and my old apollo usb (silver), when the "X" was installed and running, sound quality in my playback was more clear, I could hear subtle differences in volume, panning and tone in sounds. When recording also a great change, Its hard to explain, it isn't brightness or compression, its like the vocals and instruments feel more alive, you can really listen the changes in volume even if they are minimal, theres also a richness in the LOW-MIDS that makes your captures (recording-takes) sound "with more information", a kind of warmth.

TIP: Recording with UNISON plugins is what makes the difference in this audio interfaces, so ALWAYS record using them!

Finally, really happy with the "X" it worth 100% the upgrade! Thanks UAD!

K. Bauman

January 4, 2020


Not only was the Twin X a great deal during the end of year promotion, it’s a great time for Pro Audio. Necessarily bad-sounding, “prosumer” digital recording is, for all intents and purposes, a thing of the past.

I came for the Arrow, stayed for the Twin. Coming from the newest Duet, the Twin X is a step up - the Arrow had more “vibe” and better AD than the Duet, but noticeably worse DA (i.e. hazy and less dynamic range in comparison). The pro versions of the plugin classics (1176 et. al) are obviously better, and the originals are still very useful. Ultimately, the Twin X is wonderfully neutral device to color how you like with UA’s great circuit modeling - the best I can imagine for ITB recording these days. The build quality of Twin also appears to be outstanding. It’s a brick, with nicely balanced wheel, and the connector hardware is burly.

The only complaints I have are a couple of realities that I’ve learned post-purchase: While you can mute the monitors via physical switch, you cannot mute the headphones without toggling them off in the Console software. For me, this sucks - if I forget to mute (or turn the headphones down) and they’re close to me, I’m mixing with that in room. The other issue is that there’s no option to bypass the preamps in line input mode. I don’t know how much those amps may color the sound, and I haven’t found any statement from UA about it. I can only speculate that the device is narrowly designed to replace external preamps. Still, it’d be nice to use my external pres - neither of which is modeled by UA - without wondering if I’m changing the sound of them. All that said, it’s sounding great, and that’s probably enough.

I love Console - cool routing options, recallable, and so far, rock solid.

I’m over the moon with the Apollo Twin X. Had I not bought during the promotion, I might consider other interfaces and native plugins (that have also come a long, long way...Acustica, Softube, and Slate come to mind though I think there are others). I’m glad that I didn’t have to though - the Twin really does feel like Christmas.

781-800 of 850 Results