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Apollo Twin X

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Apollo Twin X

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D. Rodriguez

May 1, 2021

The best investment and best interface for home recording

I previously owned a Focusrite, which I was content with but I had to updated. I also wanted to step up my sound recording. My Apollo Twin X definitely stepped my sound recording. I love the plugins too. best plugins...

H. Warmels

April 29, 2021

I love this one!

Being a guitar and bass player, I mostly play at home in my little "studio". I used to play over a scarlet 4i4 into a DAW and was always struggling with latency, and poor headphone amplification as well. After some hesitations (money) I finally decided to go for the Apollo.
What a nice piece of equipment that is!!
Latency is really absent, and the sound quality is truly amazing. I decided to go for Luna as well. As you would expect the Apollo and Luna work together very fine, and I'm now in the proces of discovering and exploring the plugins. The guitar and bass amp's are great, especially directly in Unison.
Thanx a lot UAD!

R. Readio

April 29, 2021

Bad for Windows 10

I purchased the thunderbolt version. I am sure it works flawlessly on a Mac. It did not work on my pc laptop. There was a crackling sound over all my recordings. This is a very common complaint in the forums, and after trying all the solutions except for installing third party software to either rewrite my audio codecs or software to suppress my cpu, I decided to return it. The three stars are for the company making a claim that the product is compatible with Windows and not disclaiming there are adjustments you may have to make to get it to work. The interface controls are easy to operate (other than windows issues with recording properly), intuitive, and the software was great.

h. kamal

April 28, 2021

universal Audio is Excellent

universal Audio is Excellent

J. Ledy

April 27, 2021

Killer for a home studio

I upgraded to an Apollo from an older mbox—wow, the improvement is vast. The preamps, plugins, and latency free recording are game changing to my workflow. Only bummer is there’s no midi input, but regardless this is a powerhouse interface.

C. Li

April 27, 2021

Best interface for home recording

Good sound & easy to use

J. Wolff

April 26, 2021

HUGE upgrade

I noticed a HUGE difference in the quality of my tracks instantly even without any of the plug-ins. Once I added some of the unison preamps I was in love! The twin x produced Pro level quality for me without much effort.

J. Gamage

April 26, 2021

Quality of the Apollo twin X

After I installed the Apollo twin X my studio sound quality became better than before. Another special feature of this hardware is that we can insert plug-ins through pro tools without connecting to the play back engine and this feature is very helpful for my computer’s CPU power.This is a fantastic hardware unit.

G. Claggett

April 23, 2021

Super convenient!

I own an Apollo x8 and satellite quad that sits beside my recording desk, but I didn't realize just how much I would use the Twin X until I got it. My primary intention was to have it as part of a mobile rig with my MacBook Pro, but I love having all the functionality at my fingertips on my desk. It seems to make my workflow even more efficient. Quality is excellent and ease of use is exceptional. Getting the free plugins was an added bonus.

C. Morillo

April 22, 2021

Best Purchase I Made

I previously owned a Focusrite, which I was content with but I had outgrown it. I also wanted to step up my recording game. My Apollo Twin X definitely stepped my game. I love the plugins too.

M. Milz

April 18, 2021

The best investment!

I’m super happy I decided to get my first Apollo Twin X.
To be honest I didn’t had the time to test the inputs / recording yet but already the plugins blew my mind. There is nothing comparable to this quality.
It took me a long time to decide if I want to go with uad or other Interfaces - but trust me - you will never go wrong with UA.

C. Nevels

April 17, 2021

Great Interface, Not really made for Windows tho.

For the brief moment this interface worked on my computer the sound was amazing but that was short lived. They just aren't windows friendly. But in the meantime i'm waiting for some sort of upgrade that will allow this thing to work on my PC one day seeing how i'm stuck with it. Not bad mouthing the brand at all however I just wish I knew how serious the incompatibility issues were before I spent about a thousand bucks.

D. Burn

April 16, 2021


I love this interface, it was design for greatness

M. Hui

April 15, 2021

Great Product

Researching a new recording system is always fun and anyone who claims that UAD DSP is just a money grab is wrong. They are miles ahead of any company by just having dedicated DSP and basing their plugin engineering with their hardware. The Twin X Duo is the perfect entry level interface for any project studio that has this budget range, and is also thinking forward in terms of scalability. The idea that I can expand my system as required without having to drop thousands just to break the barrier of entry on high quality recording systems, and scale as I see fit, while getting top level hardware, A/D conversion, and the best plugins on the market. It was a no brainer. The Twin X duo has just enough DSP to record what I need, and with my new octo accelerator coming both my recording and mixing needs will be met. The unison mic pres through plugins sound great, and with the Luna DAW I can now sideline the console software and use Luna seamlessly with my UAD hardware and plugins. Coming from a analog recording background, I’m waiting for the day that Console 1 knobs and faders can work with Luna and I’ll have the perfect system for my needs. If you have the budget get the Twin X duo or quad you’ll regret buying the cheaper alternative when you realize that your native plugins just don’t sound right.

K. Broady

April 15, 2021

Awesome Device

Amazing sound quality, effortless integration and use. Worth every cent. Awesome Product.

L. Xiong

April 15, 2021

Quality sound and product.. subpar customer service

Unison Enabled plugins and high quality sound delivers professional studio mixes. Luna is a memory/CPU hog compare to Logic Pro on my 2018 Macbook Pro running Catalina. Fans are constantly spinning. I purchased it within 30 days of a promotion and UA Audio would not honor it.

J. Dzambas

April 15, 2021

Apollo Twin X


J. Dzambas

April 15, 2021

Apollo Twin X


J. Vierra

April 14, 2021


A slight learning curve, but nothing intimidating. This device delivers pristine audio. The included plug-ins make the Twin X a must-have for musicians requiring high-quality recordings.


April 13, 2021

Produit Tip Top Tres Tres Pro !!!!!!!!

Ben comment dire c'est pour moi mon interface de voyage, Pro. Et qui fait une extension de mon studio, parce que je possède ses grandes soeurs, donc pour moi c'est le top dans ma façon penser l'enregistrement, d'aujourd'hui !!!!!!!!

81-100 of 576 Results